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We meet the Toyota GT 86, at Russia

Toyota the GT 86 or rear wheel drive Japanese sports car – so it is characterized by the engineers of Toyota and Subaru. For those who do not know, adding that the development of sports Toyota GT86 model year worked together experts of these companies.

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The result of their labors was the hero of our review of the new Toyota GT86 and its twin sister the Subaru the BRZ .
Official presentation of the global Toyota Ji Ti 86 was held at the home of Tokyo Motor Show in late November . Before this concept was shown in Europe at the Geneva Motor Show .

Body – design

From any angle and at different angles news Toyota body looks amazing. It is not difficult to assess, even on presentation photo Toyota GT 86. The front part captivates the eye with its sculpted bumper with a large “mouth” air intake and the original two-piece units protivotumanok.

One half of the unit is designed for the turn signal, the second entered the “gun” fog. Beautiful headlamps with complex filling (bi-xenon lamps and LED strips) its external roundness give impetus to the blow-up of the wheel arches. It continues a visual overview of the bumper fairing, which seems to have many hours spent in the wind tunnel – so competently and clearly the relief face, smooth lines and aerodynamic elements.

Profile of cars is like a wave, its beginning – the front wheel arches and the sloping hood, through the cluttered front stand wave rises to a domed roof, and a powerful stream of monumental forms the back of the body.

Fry feed – with Illumination (LED bulbs), solved in the same manner with the headlamps, trunk lid trim, on which is placed a mandatory attribute of a sports car – spoiler, simulating the tail unit of the aircraft. Rear bumper – with integrated diffuser and exhaust nozzles “adult” diameter. The image of the sports car Toyota GT 86 complement the exterior mirrors on the legs, vyshtampovki on the hood, roof and space panes, low-profile tires on alloy clad R17-R18 wheels.

  • External dimensions of the Toyota GT 86 are as follows: length – 4240 mm, width – 1775 mm, height – 1,285 mm, base – 2570 mm.
  • Ground clearance (clearance) – 130 mm.
  • Roof Toyota GT86 has a volume of just 286 liters, as the joke Japanese “enough for two helmets.”

Do not be amiss to say that the car is almost perfect weight distribution – 53% front and 47% at the rear. Drag coefficient Cx resistance – 0.27 and a low weight of 1240 – 1260 kg depending on the applied transmission. Yes, the body figures with the application for sportiness, see what’s at the Toyota GT86 in the cabin and itself in the engine compartment.

Interior: ergonomics and quality trim

Open the door … is this interior Japanese Toyota. The seats of the first row profiled almost perfectly, taking buckets rider in his arms, and is recorded as “native”, they are set low, even lower than in the Porsche Cayman.

The steering wheel with perforated leather inserts in the grip areas pleasure lies in your hands. Instrument panel comprising three radii. Main and respectively centrally located tachometer (red zone starts after about 7500 / min). Analog speedometer richly marked up to 260 km / h, there is also digital, neatly arranged in a plate tachometer (it is more informative and easier to read). Front dash rustic rectangular shape, but it originally was attached ducts “on the head”, decorated with plastic insert for carbon. The central console is crowned with a color display (6.1 inches for the base coupe GT86 sold in Russia), below the block climate control, you toggle switches and an aviation-themed.
On a high and powerful transmission tunnel in the right place the gear lever, handbrake handle just below the hand. In which case the police turn to do it will be convenient. The interior of the Toyota GT86 in the “Prestige” and equipment “Lux” with leather trim. Stylish red line decorates all visible space in the cabin, from the steering wheel and seats to the dashboard and door cards.

The second row includes space for shopping bags, children can only sit in a child seat (ISOFIX attachments are available).

trim materials from 86th – textured plastics and leather. GT 86 for Russia in the starting configuration “Elegance” will be dual-zone climate control, light sensor, 7 airbags, keyless access and starting motor button (Smart Entry & Push Start), a color 6.1-inch touch screen navigation, music from CD, MP3, AUX, USB and a six-speaker, bi-xenon, stabilization system, limited slip differential, cruise control, alloy wheels on tires 215/45 R17.

Specifications and test-drive

The engine for the Toyota GT 86 has one, but some – petrol boxer 2.0-liter, 200 hp issuing Specifications Toyota Jeet 86: two gearboxes, automatic and mechanics, both CAT 6 speeds. The machine is equipped with paddle shifters for easy shifting in manual mode. Front suspension on McPherson struts, rear on the two levers – a fully independent.
Brake disc diameter of 294 mm front and 290 mm at the rear. Because electronic systems and assistants present: ABC with EBD, Brake Assist (BAS), Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), rear limited slip differential (LSD), traction control (TRC) elektrousilitelrulevogo control with variable characteristics.
Here at last we have reached the most important thing – a car endowed with a stylish aerodynamic body with the correct seats and “donut”, supported by modern engine and gearbox, feels on the road. This machine is designed to ride along the winding paths and tracks closed. Steering Toyota GT86 (2,5 turns from lock to lock) demonstrates a phenomenal informative value and sensitivity, at the entrance to turn the pilot feels like fingertips trajectory. Suspension Ji Ti 86 set hard, it is tuned for aggressive driving to the passage bends under the squeal of rubber rolls minimum. It has not been in the market of cars, test drive which gives so much positive emotions.
Engine sports car provides if not a hurricane dynamics (acceleration in 7.6 seconds with the mechanics and 8.2 seconds with the automatic), but it happens with the children’s enthusiasm and a smile on the face of the driver. With disconnected stabilization system is easy to pass the rotation fan, precisely dosing the engine speed and adjusts the trajectory of the wheel. Toyota GT 86 Test makes it clear that it is a machine for the weekend on weekdays to stand in traffic and move across the tram tracks – not her destiny.

Complete set and the price in Russia and Ukraine for year

Price GT86 in Russia announced on the official website, you can make a request to purchase a car. But to buy the coveted coupe will have to wait until the autumn of . The cost of the Toyota GT86 starts from 1,353,000 rubles for the start, but quite rich packaging 2.0 (200 hp) 6 PCR “Elegance”.
Components 2.0 (200 hp) 6 MCP with leather interior “Prestige” will cost 1.412 million rubles, the price of the 2.0 (200 hp) “Suite” (for it is offered 6 AKP) order 1.143 million rubles.
In Ukraine, the dealers offer Japanese coupe Toyota GT 86 in three trim levels with supply since June : Sport, Premium, Aeropack. The initial version of the 2.0 (200 hp) 6 INC «Sport» worth 42,200 US dollars, a top Jeet 86 2.0 (200 hp) 6 AKP «Aeropack» with leather interior to pull 48600 American money.

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