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Wagon Audi RS6 Avant 2018-2019

Traditionally, the most powerful and fastest version of the Audi models are RS designation.
Over the past two decades in the sports division of Quattro released a string of such vehicles.
Since 2011, the year debuted a new generation of Audi A6, now it’s time for his charged modification RS6.

And it is not surprising that first debuted not a sedan and station wagon.
“Hot” five-door Audi are no less popular than the sedan, and the first car with the RS designation was also versatile.
New Audi RS6 Avant 2018-2019 – practical, versatile for any household needs with the character of the car of Formula 1.
It is lighter and more efficient than the previous generation, and, as usual, even more powerful.

New Audi RS6 Avant 2018-2019 looks not so catchy as its predecessor.
From a distance, it is quite possible to take as the standard A6 wagon.
He had the same elongated profile with a long hood and a large angle of the rear roof pillars.
Save and elongated headlights with LED formidable curved and rectangular lights.
However, the distinguishing features from Audi RS6 Avant 2018-2019 is also missing.

Front striking wide “mouth” trapezoidal grille decorated Quattro inscription.
The front bumper added two air intake, while the lower edge of it appeared a thin splitter.
Wheel arches slightly swollen, but not as pronounced as that of the previous generation model.

They see the 20-inch alloy wheels, and available for a fee and 21-inch wheels.
Clearance is reduced by 20 millimeters.
Mirrors rearview silver, regardless of color wagon.
On the thresholds established aerodynamic covers, a roof – a big spoiler.
Because carbon rear diffuser look out two oval exhaust tips.

Of course, a rather big car: its length – 4979 mm, wheelbase – 2915 mm, width – 1936 millimeters.
That is, it has grown in size, but it has become easier due to the wide use in the construction of aluminum alloys.
Weight wagon Audi RS6 Avant 2018-2019 has been reduced by about 90 kilograms – up to 2010 kg.
The best weight distribution relative to the power positive impact on drivability and fuel consumption.

Cabin is the same as that of the A6, but improved materials and finishes.
Thus, the front panel is trimmed in leather in the basic version.
Inside were more aluminum and lacquered surfaces, and for a fee proposed the insertion of real carbon.
On the pedals – metal plates, and sills are equipped with LED backlight.

The new steering wheel rim a flat bottom and is trimmed with perforated leather.
Several modified and instrument dials.
The large speedometer and tachometer combined with a few pointers remaining fuel in the tank and the engine temperature.
In the center – a color screen on-board computer, complete with new features such as display of pressure turbo or time of passage of the racing laps on the racetrack.

By the way, the readings can be projected on the windshield.
Central panel wagon Audi RS6 Avant 2018-2019 is turned slightly towards the driver.
On top of it is placed a sliding 8-inch multimedia complex MMI.
Navigating through the menu by using the joystick round, but can be ordered for a fee and a touchpad that recognizes letters inscribed finger.

Bucket racing seats are comfortable and well-kept back.
They are equipped with electric adjustment and heating.
Available as an option softer seats with ventilation and massage function.
Driver and front passenger shares the high transmission tunnel with wide armrests, which is placed inside the box for small luggage.

The buyer can choose the configuration of the second row – two individual seats or a three-seater sofa.
Behind the wagon in the space for the legs and over his head more than enough even for tall people.
A very decent and the trunk: 565 liters in the normal state and 1680 liters – with folded rear seats.
RS Index in Audi models is the most powerful versions, as well as involve the Quattro permanent all-wheel drive, refined handling and uncompromising appearance.
Touring in the model line 6 is no exception.

The “heart” of the new Audi RS6 Avant 2018-2019 model year was the 4.0-liter V8 engine with Twin Turbo technology, which debuted last year.
In its entirety in 3993 cubic centimeters engine develops crazy 560 horsepower in the range 5700 – 6700 rpm and a torque of 700 Newton meter, available between 1750 and 5500 rev / min.

The engine is surprisingly quiet, even with the optional sports exhaust system its sound becomes loud and juicy.
The motor is incredibly responsive, flexible, and provides a large wagon phenomenal dynamics: 3.9 seconds from zero to the first hundred on the speedometer – this will impress even the sports car owner.

Top speed is limited to traditional Electronics of 250 kilometers per hour.
If you order the optional package of the Dynamic, the “collar” can move up to 280-kilometers / h, and with Dynamic Plus – to 305-ty.
Passport fuel consumption of 9.8 liters (by as much as 40 percent less than its predecessor) is unlikely to be as perfect in life, despite the presence of fuel-efficient systems such as Start-Stop, etc.

On the wagon Audi RS6 Avant 2018-2019 for the first time for the model system is set off of the cylinders in situations where the car is traveling in a quiet mode – in these cases, do not work the second, third, fifth and eighth cylinders.
Thus, the 4.0-liter four-cylinder engine gets – until the driver presses the gas.

Wagon is equipped with 8-step “automatic machine”, as familiar from the A6 transmission with two clutches simply can not withstand the huge torque.
Gearshift occur smoothly and faster than you might expect.
The car kept and corporate permanent four-wheel drive, but now it complemented the self-locking center and rear differentials sports.

Because even in the normal state 60 percent of the thrust is transmitted to the rear axle, so the Audi RS6 Avant 2018-2019 retains lightweight rear-drive bias.
Excessive understeer there, but wreck the car into a skid difficult even with the disconnected system of stabilization.
Grip – is beyond praise.
“The Nose” is now easier, allowing two-ton wagon to feel more confident on winding roads.

Audi shows enviable agility that few expect from the car of its size.
Rudder precise and sharp, but due to the new electromechanical power, he essentially lost in the information content.
With the Audi Drive Select system, you can change the force on it, as well as the transmission characteristics and the accelerator pedal.

The standard brakes are well manifest themselves.
Brake disc diameter of 390 mm have a black slide, but if you wish for a fee you can set the red, and even as an option available carboxylic-ceramic discs with a diameter of 420 mm, painted in gray color.
They provide lightning slowing while the force on the pedal is easy to dose, which is very handy when moving around the city.
The choice of two types of suspension are available.

By default, it is air, which provides a very smooth ride in comfort mode and little body roll – in sports.
The sport suspension without Pneumoelements metal springs installed.
But added adaptive dampers connected to honey a diagonal tubes.
In turn thereon fluid flows to the wheel, which is located at the outer radius, which increases rigidity and hence reduces unwanted movement of the body.

As the flagship of the A6, the car is richly equipped with: A system is available without a key, Bi-Xenon, LED tail lights, threshold lights, four-zone climate control, power accessories, parking autopilot, navigation system, light sensor and rain, the connection Bluetooth, audio system with 10 speakers , a rearview camera, adaptive cruise control with the function of movement in traffic jams.

Also required are six airbags and stability control.
The options list includes a panoramic roof, LED front lights, ceramic brakes, power steering, 1300-watt audio system Bang & Olufsen, a hard drive with 60 GB, Wi-Fi internet access.

In addition, you can select a set of electronic “assistants” – night vision systems, compliance lanes, road signs recognition, tracking the “blind” zones and automatic emergency deceleration.

Wagon Audi RS6 Avant 2018-2019 – an example of a pragmatic approach to the creation of a sports model.
It is powerful and fast, but at the same time practical and nice fit for everyday use.
The car went on sale in the summer, and its price in Europe will start from 107 900 euros.

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