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Wagon 2018-2019 Opel Insignia Sports Tourer 4X4

With the current variety of makes and models of passenger cars, to test each virtually impossible.
For the test was taken in the station wagon 2018-2019 Opel Insignia Sport equipment, with supporting options, two hundred thousand, four-wheel drive, two-liter engine and a 6-band automatic transmission.

2018-2019 Opel Insignia looks convincingly and without excessive bulkiness.
Beveled and arched amphitheater feed, adds solidity without spoiling dynamic touring band.
Trim and seats – leather, 2-zone climate control, power driver’s seat, equipped with heating and ventilation.
The integrated multimedia system, the roof is made of glass, a sunroof, and a lot of different desired settings for the driver’s car business class.

Much attention in any wagon, is given – the trunk.
In our case it is more than 40 l., Than the sedan trunks.
It is equipped with plenty of devices for securing luggage.
In stock and nominal mesh that separates the passenger compartment from the luggage compartment.
Broad and powerful back door, climb on the sides of the body, like a «AudiQ7», equipped with electric drive, is now opening and closing process will be able to perform any woman.
Easy access to the boot: clearance at full length and height of the passenger compartment, and a raised floor level with high bumper.

On the interior the manufacturer has not stinted, he made out of first class, quality materials.
Insignia is a true rapid “tricks”, emphasizing its own prefix «Sports Tourer» – «a sports wagon.”
In cars available excellent feedback steering system which allows you to accurately fit into corners.
Treats from driving adds «Flex Ride» package that allows you to change options undercarriage of an automatic transmission.

When «Sport» mode, the adaptive suspension obtains sufficient hardness and gives a great affectation of the steering wheel.
A more convenient mode – «Tour».
What happens is the voltage on the steering wheel, on the other hand reduced the suspension takes gentleness and automatic transmission chooses the cost.

On the rear seats quite freely and comfortably, in fact, as in cars «F» class.
The car is equipped with inter-axle clutch «Haldex».
In version «Sport» in the presence of self-locking rear differential, which can increase driving stability «Insignia» on a slippery road.

The current flagship of the «2018-2019 Opel» gone far ahead of the «Vectra» and «Omega» in comparison of features such as: management, configuration set, decoration and design.
And it causes only admiration.
At the moment, until the model number of the popular German brand will be no more than the best model that would fully meet the standards of the executive class, it will fulfill the duties «Insignia».
Release Insignia in a difficult era for 2018-2019 Opel, probably merit.
Meanwhile nemenee came out really noble and competitive car.
This wagon is not bad to add to the list of the modifications.
This version is required to warm up the interests of the masses to the model as a whole.

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