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Wagon 2018-2019 Ford Focus Wagon III Titanium

Following the hatchback and sedan in Russia began to produce “tricks” -universaly third generation.
The Balkan country chain of brand-new test cars attracted attention.
Still, after all the basis of the fleet is up twenty-year veteran of German manufacture.
“Volkswagen Golf” second generation “2018-2019 Ford Sierra” – are we almost never occur.
Many roads and “outposts” has the Yugoslav production.
So there is the usual for Russia “tricks” – a very presentable cars.
Compared with the previous generation of the new wagon is slightly longer and higher, it looks more solid and harmonious.

Despite the increase in size 2018-2019 Ford Focus, the boot capacity, according to the manufacturer, decreased slightly – from 486 to 482 liters.
Agree, not a great loss.
Hardly noticeable reduced capacity in the version with folded rear sofa – instead of 1525 became 1502 l.
However, the 23 “lost” liters also not fundamental, to feel sorry for them in the real operation, most likely, will not have to.
More importantly, it has a wide opening trunk, smooth walls and low loading height.
Bags and bags can be hung on sturdy hooks, there is a socket.
Curtain useful: she collapses, should put pressure on the edge.
Second case.
I liked the fact that the inside on the fifth door was a place just for two uhvatistyh handles – such attention to detail pleases.
If all this is not enough, you can order the electric retractable tow hitch , fastening for bicycles and a grid that separates the luggage compartment from the passenger compartment.
Until a complete happiness is not enough unless the movable telescopic rails for fixing luggage.
But the more serious claim: under the floor is not a full spare wheel, like a hatchback or sedan, and dokatka.
When our bad roads and large distances is a clear disadvantage.

In Serbia, the roads better.
A Any asphalt occurs but rarely.
And serious irregularities and all without exception.
One of them, however, I came across – at full speed and flew into the lateral sulcus depth of five centimeters.
Thought is bad, but the suspension 2018-2019 Ford Focus Wagon swallowed it and did not even coughed.

Once again, convinced that the smooth running of the vehicle is not in vain is considered one of the best in the class.
But to evaluate the handling 2018-2019 Ford Focus Wagon III Titanium is not fully turned (here, however, nothing wagon should not differ from us already tested the sedan and hatchback) – local ride is surprisingly quiet, foolhardiness is a public reprimand.
Exceeding the speed limit by 10 km / h – the ceiling.
Close to schools as one slows down to thirty.
We would be so …

Tested 2018-2019 Ford Focus Wagon III Titanium with 140-horsepower turbodiesel and PowerShift transmission.
Excellent power unit!
Smooth, linear, but it is very nimble acceleration given to him without apparent effort.
The noise level is surprisingly low, as well as fuel consumption.
After the 150-kilometer trip is unusual to see on the screen bortkompyutera 760 km – not sickly such reserve.
By the way, this year for the “Focus” offers a new, more modest base engine (85 hp).
Another news – the 1.6-liter 105-strong version is now available with the PowerShift gearbox (formerly offered exclusively mechanics).

But this is not going to stop fordovtsy.
It is planned, for example, in the second half of the year to present sporting rendition of “Focus-ST» capacity of 250 hp
And this will be in the embodiment wagon (in this class hot models with economic body no manufacturer offers).

Specifications 2018-2019 Ford Focus Wagon III Titanium:

Dimensions: length × width × height, mm – 4556 × 1823 × 1505

Wheelbase, mm – 2649

Track front / rear, mm – 1554/1544

Cargo Volume, L – 476-1502

Curb / gross weight kg – 929/1290

Acceleration from 0-100 km / h, with – 9.7

Maximum speed km / h – 205

Fuel / fuel supply, L – DT / 60

Fuel consumption: city / country / combined cycle, l / 100 km – 6.8 / 4.4 / 5.3

Engine: Diesel, P4, 16 valve, 2.0 liter, 103 kW / 140 hp
at 3750 rev / min, 320 Nm at 1750-2750 rev / min.

Drivetrain: front-wheel;

Chassis: Suspension – “McPherson” / independent multi-link;
brakes – ventilated disc / disc;
tires – 215 / 50R17.

PRICE: 1,040,900 rubles.

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