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VW Touareg Royal GT 470

2018-2019 Volkswagen Touareg Royal GT 470 – a car which has worked over the design studio Hofele Design, which is offered for the German SUV a “Royal option” tuning.
The new model was called the Royal GT 470. Studio specialists and designers have modernized not only the interior and exterior of cars, but also the chassis and engine.

SUV Touareg Royal has become more aesthetic and athletic after undergone several updates, and it has been extended arch fenders over the wheels, updated bumpers and side skirts, a new patch on the hood, and was mounted rear diffuser with 4 pipes for the exhaust system.
The changes also appear on the list of the new 22-inch wheels for the wheels, which are endowed with powerful brakes and radiator grille has also acquired a new look.

The diesel V6 engine, due to the modernized management system, has increased its capacity from 240 to 275 horsepower and peak torque was raised from 500 Nm to 580 Nm.
As a result, newly-Touareg Royal GT 470 accelerates to “hundreds” of 6.9 seconds.
To improve manageability, specialists from Hofele Design have reduced the ride height by 40 mm after the installation of new springs and improved balancing module pneumatic suspension.

Interior is decorated in black and white style using quality leather and aluminum cladding.
Buyers updated performance SUV from Germany Touareg Royal GT 470 have an opportunity with the purchase order line items of auto changes.
For example, aerodynamic body kit has a price of 5000 euros, and the upgraded engine – 1.5 thousand.

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