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Volvo S90 Excellence 2018-2019 – luxury class for China

New sedan Volvo S90 Excellence 2018-2019 – photo and video, price and equipment, specifications of the extended version of the Volvo S90 L in luxury Excellence. The official premiere of the luxury sedan Volvo S90 Perfection (if translated into Russian Excellence) is scheduled for the Guangzhou Motor Show in 2016 in China (November 19-27). But without waiting for the official ceremony, the leadership of Geely Auto Group decided to demonstrate the novelty a little earlier, on November 2 at a special event in Shanghai. The production of luxury sedan is already established in China, the launch of sales of Volvo S90 Excellence, intended exclusively for the Chinese market.

What is so interesting in the new Volvo sedan that we decided to devote a full review to it.
First, we have an extended version – the Volvo S90 L, which differs from the usual four-door Volvo C90 sedan with a 120 mm wheelbase size and, of course, a larger overall body length.

Secondly, the novelty is offered exclusively with three separate seats – a driver’s seat and two seats for passengers at the rear of the cabin. The passenger seat in the first row is reserved for the original Lounge Console system.

Third, the luxury sedan from Volvo in the performance of Excellence promises a fantastic level of comfort due to the presence of a huge number of options.
Fourthly, the chic sedan is equipped not only with powerful 249 and 320 strong petrol engines, but also with a 407-strong hybrid power unit.

So we have a real Swedish perfection.

  • The exterior dimensions of the body of the Volvo S90 Excellence of the year are 5083 mm in length, 1879 mm in width, 1450 mm in height, with 3,061 mm of wheelbase.

Increasing the distance between the axles by 12 cm compared to the standard sedan allowed to significantly increase the amount of free space for passengers of the second row in the cabin of the extended version. Visually distinguish the same Volvo S90 with the prefix L from a conventional sedan can only be seen from the side, carefully assessing the size of the rear doors.

The elongated Volvo S90 L, with the word, is available for purchase and with a usual five-seater saloon, but we are interested in a richly equipped Volvo S90 Excellence in a three-seater version with a chip in the face of Lounge Console.

This console is installed in place of the front passenger seat and is a multifunctional equipment: a footrest with a hidden niche for storing replaceable shoes, and on the bracket is attached a multimedia system with a large monitor and keyboard.

As a standard equipment, the chic sedan impresses with the presence of all kinds of chips: all chairs with electric adjustment, heating, ventilation and massage function, coasters with cooling and heating, a huge panoramic roof area of ​​more than one and a half square meters, a refrigerator, Nappa leather trim with decorative inserts from natural Wood, a multimedia complex with a color 9.5-inch touchscreen Sensus Connect (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto).

Of course, the digital dashboard, four-zone climate control, adaptive cruise control, a set of City Safety safety systems with emergency braking and pedestrian, bicycle and animal detection, the Queue Assist system for driving in the opposite direction (stop-and -go cruise control), a run-off road protection system that detects the beginning of the car’s departure from the road and helps to neutralize the danger. There is also Park Assist, an assistant for reversing maneuvers, a 360-degree view camera and Pilot Assist.

Technical specifications of the Volvo S90 Excellence 2018-2019.
For a large sedan two gasoline turbocharged engines of the Drive-E series are offered, and a hybrid version of the model will appear, a transmission of 8 automatic transmissions.

Petrol versions:

  • Volvo S90 Excellence T5 with 2.0-liter 250-horsepower engine.
  • Volvo S90 Excellence T6 with a 2.0-liter 320-horsepower engine.

Hybrid version of the Volvo S90 Excellence T8 with a hybrid power plant with a total capacity of more than 400 forces (petrol 320-hp 2.0 Twin Engine and an electric motor with a capacity of more than 80 horses).

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