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Voiced by the Russian price 2018-2019 Ferrari F12berlinetta

Italian automaker 2018-2019 Ferrari announced the start of the reception Russian orders for the new sports car F12berlinetta.
Buyers model will appear from December 26 th.
The initial cost of the car will be 16.85 million rubles.
Sportscar 2018-2019 Ferrari F12berlinetta has become the most powerful machine in the history of the Italian company.
The maximum speed of the model according to the manufacturer up to 340 kilometers per hour.
The new car was 12-cylinder 6-liter V-power unit, equipped with the latest components and control parts, which has an output of 740 horsepower.

To model could “cope” with such a powerful engine, designed for her special drivetrain and suspension designs.
In addition, engineers have reduced the length of the wheelbase sports car and lowered the height of the motor, so the center of gravity down and moved to the back of the chassis.
Draft new frame body structure and chassis designed by Italian Scaglietti Bureau.
Work undertaken has allowed to reduce the total weight of the 2018-2019 Ferrari F12berlinetta one and a half tons, with 54 per cent of the weight rests on the rear axle.

Note that the official 2018-2019 Ferrari F12berlinetta debuted at the Geneva International Motor Show this spring.
Then sports car appeared before the public in a new red body color Rosso Berlinetta, named in his honor.

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