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Van 2018-2019 Peugeot Boxer

Brand 2018-2019 Peugeot consonance and model lineup for most Russians associate with the word “dude.”
Not everyone knows that the company also produces commercial vehicles, in particular – Boxer van in many different versions.

Outside Boxer’a traditional brand “dude.”
From its utilitarian competitors it is different like Cinderella at the ball before him.
It’s nice, but for commercial appearance of the car – not the most important, so it’s time to climb into the cockpit.

Climb falls relatively high, but there were no problems landing does not cause – the relative position of the doors, seats, steering wheel and steps make this an extremely simple procedure.
Review of the driver’s seat – both from the balcony: “highly I sit, far I look.”
This makes driving in the city, due to which Boxer gets an advantage over other vans (to them in the way you look from top to bottom).

Browse ago “van” with deaf bulkhead, in theory, must be bad.
However, this does not happen – save the exterior mirrors.
They are not only large, but also two-section, and the “pier-glass table” also has electric adjustment.
In this way possible to “build” an overview of the rear hemisphere with minimal blind zones.

About the level of cabin equipment can only say one thing – it is very high.
One example: the standard equipment includes folding “music stand” for papers on the front panel – on the go forwarder can not knee folder and comfortable to work with documents.

The range of adjustment seat and steering wheel in no inferior to the parameters of car seats.
That is except for a “pickup truck” movement of the seat back is restricted bulkhead between the cab and the compartment payload.
If my 175 cm is not a problem – quite enough space.
Perhaps there will be no such comfort for the tall drivers – but Boxer (including freight) for its intended purpose yet is designed for short trips within the city with often out of the car and warm up the legs (and sometimes back).
So limit stroke seat back does not look like anything serious.

But the parking brake lever to the fortunes of designers Boxer’a not carry.
To free space between the seats (on the right in the cockpit is a double bed) “hammer” moved under his left arm.
It is a bit unusual – but no more.
But in order to move the lever down as much as possible, the driver should have the complexion, for example, the orangutan – too low is necessary to lower the arm.
It’s good that are “hammer” is usually not too often.
However, we hope that this ergonomic problem will be solved in future versions Boxer’a.
In the end, you can put on the car “electric” parking brake – it is very convenient.

Continuing the theme of defects, certain issues cause the exhaust pipe design.
It appears to the left under the bottom, and the length is approximately midway between the axles.
This arrangement creates a risk to catch “exhaust” of the surface roughness, which is enough for our roads.
High curbs or sharp bend relief can cause trouble.
From this point of view it would be more logical location closer to the exhaust pipe of the wheel housing.

But back to the cabin.
Excluding the “hammer” to other governments claim there.
The steering wheel is suitable reactive force on it quite informative.
The pedals are relatively mild (the city is a clear plus), the vehicle response to their pressing quite predictable.

In conjunction with “logicality” controls, stability and controllability Boxer’a will quickly get used to it, even the driver who does not have “large” car driving experience.
And his agility at the first acquaintance with her surprised.
Take a short trip “back and forth”, to turn on a narrow road I chose the area with the adjacent dirt road on the left.

“Driving the computer” in my head instantly calculated “unfolds, the nose of the machine goes over there, and then rent a couple of meters back and quietly go out back on the track.”
To my surprise, did not need to take back: Boxer literally “spun around the tail.”
For a city such flexibility – exactly what you need.

If we add to the good maneuverability high-torque diesel engine, you get something openly provoking an aggressive riding style.
Boxer such is even the weakest of the proposed engine – a 100-horsepower turbocharged 2.2-liter HDi volume.
The fact that this engine has an impressive torque – 250 nm, with 80% of the time with a mark already issued 1700 rev / min.
Even with the “ballast” in the form of four 200-liter drums filled with water (about 960 kg) test Boxer “saffron” color showed a good momentum and steadily pulled uphill.
And after the ballast has been removed, impressive in size van on the streets of Minsk moved with agility, the envy of many drivers’ cars are. ”
One can only imagine what will happen to the nimble Boxer 3.0 HDi 160 engine (157 hp and 400 Nm).

By the way, the engines of displacement 2.2 – the result of joint development of Ford Motor and PSA 2018-2019 Peugeot Citroen.
In addition to the cars of these companies, they are installed on the new Fiat Ducato.

Brake the vehicle dynamics is consistent with the dynamics of dispersal.
In the extreme case of the standard equipment includes not only “anti-lock” brake, but AFU – system of emergency braking assistance.
Fortunately, we did not have to use it.

Four barrels in the back of the test Boxer’a were not accidental.

The fact that the company 2018-2019 Peugeot has built on the basis of the length and width of the body, carrying capacity and engine power a whole range of commercial versions.
And if the maximum load is 4 tons (body volume – 15 cubic meters), the least – just a ton.

Certification according to the maximum permissible weight of below 3.5 tonnes, at first, it makes the smallest Boxer available to the driver with the rights of “B” category (personnel officers trucking companies will appreciate it).
Second, it allows a massive wagon does not fall under the restrictions on the movement of freight transport.
For example, in the center of Moscow on such a car you can call in without special permission from the traffic police.

The movement and the cargo and “combi” options tough enough – affects leaf spring suspension rear axle.
However, this depreciation is better keeps the load on the Russian roads, not differing evenness.

Certain advantages does Boxer’u and front-wheel drive (they have not all wagons in this class).
He gives all terrain (reverse – does not count), as well as improved handling on how many roads, which is more than actual for Russia.

Boxer’a greatest strength, apart from technology, you need to recognize the value.
The starting price of the yellow “boxes” in which we went to Minsk is 647 thousand. Rubles (with a very solid base set).

For comparison, a metal van “Gazelle” is now worth 378 thousand rubles..
However, this cost version with petrol engine ( “Gazelle” with diesel is simply not found in nature) with capacity 107 hp
In addition, this version of “bare”.
To get a 124-horsepower engine and power steering, you have to pay 426 thousand. Rubles.
As you can see, the price gap is not so great (especially if you relate it with the quality and range of equipment).

Naturally, the competitor Boxer’a is still not a “Gazelle” and the Ford Transit and the Fiat Ducato, as well as two models of Renault – the Master and the Traffic, and “double” Citroen Jumper .
Production of Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen already belongs to a different price class.

The third generation of the model 2018-2019 Peugeot Boxer Fourgon (2018-2019 Peugeot Boxer Van) surpasses its predecessors in durability and conveniences.
Doors and hinges were reinforced bumpers have been strengthened to bear heavy loads, while the cabin is equipped with comfortable new components.

From the beginning, 2018-2019 Peugeot Boxer Fourgon was developed with the idea of ​​maximum driver and passenger comfort.
Do not forget the developers and the usability.
Added many functional elements of the cockpit and at the same time significantly improved seating.

The future owner can choose the perfect packaging van 2018-2019 Peugeot Boxer for specific tasks and operating conditions.
In the basic configuration the cabin and the load compartment are connected together in one volume.
It separates them only a small roll cage located behind the driver’s seat.
This design is rational, if required constant monitoring of the cargo or the access to it at any time.
If you want to share hermetically the cabin and cargo compartment into two volumes, it is available as an option rigid metal partition between the cab and cargo compartment.

In cars 2018-2019 Peugeot Boxer Fourgon used the best developments in the chassis.
All cars are equipped with a range type of McPherson front suspension with triangular arms and stabilizer bars.

rear suspension design allows you to shift the axis of the rear wheels, providing a low loading height.
Equipment longitudinal single-sheet springs causes a decent level of comfort, both physically and in terms of the acoustic.

Thus, in combination with 15 or 16 inch wheels chassis vans Boxer simultaneously provides comfort, security and dynamic stability in all road conditions and any payload, of course, within the allowable value for the vehicle.

If you add to a coherent pricing policy for the traditional French automakers attractive loan programs, it becomes clear why the case at the Boxer vehicle sellers go to the mountain in a falling market.
For example, in the first half it has been sold 718 of these machines in different trim levels (+ 12% compared to the previous year with a decrease in the market by 56%).

According to unofficial information (sales statistics in the Russian commercial vehicle is still “classified»), Boxer dealt a telling blow to competitors and became a leader in its class for the last couple of months.
Judging by the impressions of the car, the success he deserved.

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