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Urban dude 2018-2019 Mini Countryman

The iconic 2018-2019 Mini Countryman has undergone a slight restyling the fall of . In this review, we recall the dimensions of the body and the clearance, look for changes in the design of the exterior and interior, new colors will appreciate, admire drawings wheels, evaluate the technical characteristics and fuel consumption, talk about the price of the new 2018-2019 Mini Countryman in Russia.

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British crossover is available already earned a reputation as though expensive, but stylish and comfortable car with the engine selection, transmission and drive type 2010 and two-plus years.

Physical test “British” can cause a lot of controversy and rumors, like a vehicle motorists do not like the other. As the saying goes, “the taste and color of comrades there,” but … “countryman” (as translated model) looks first original and stylish, and secondly in full compliance with the familial similarity with all 2018-2019 Mini car company. After the restyling of the new 2018-2019 Mini Kantrimen received other registration of a forward part of a body, the changes are minimal. A new lined grille and lower air intake, a smaller steel fog. We will not describe the long crossover appearance, as they say better to see once. Readers will be able to evaluate the appearance of the car on the materials in the photo gallery and video, are traditionally placed at the end of the review.
As promised we recall the dimensions of the body five-door crossover with the British Isles, but specify that cars 2018-2019 Mini Countryman produced in Graz, Austria at one of the company BMW, which owns the brand and 2018-2019 Mini.

  • External body dimensions One Countryman (Cooper S Countryman) are: 4097 mm (4110 mm) long, 1789 mm wide, 1993 mm (1996mm) wide mirrors, 1,561 mm in height, 2595 mm wheelbase, 145-149 mm ground clearance (Countryman clearance depends on the size of the set of wheels).
  • The curb weight of the crossover ranges from 1265 kg to 1405 kg and depends on the installed engine and the availability of additional equipment.
  • Taking into account the wishes of the assembly and a potential owner of the car is equipped with tires 195/60 R16 and 205/55 R17, the optional 225/45 R18 and 225/40 R19. Starting equipment 2018-2019 Mini Countryman includes the installation of 16 steel discs the size of the other versions on the alloy wheels. The range of optional wheels and tires is very wide, there are plenty to choose.
  • The color palette of enamels for painting the body expanded, and to the usual options Light Coffee color (brown), Light White (white), Absolute Black Metallic (Black), Cosmic Blue Metallic (blue), Crystal Silver Metallic (silver), Oxford Green Metallic ( green), Royal Grey Metallic (dark gray), True blue Metallic (blue), added Brilliant Copper (bronze) and Blazing red (red).

Changes inside immediately noticeable – there are new internal door handles with comfortable armrests, electric window buttons moved to the driver’s door (previously on the central tunnel). Converts the front panel and air vents, the center console has received a stylish frame. Rings ventilation vents now black, as an option for carbon. The rest of the front of the cabin 2018-2019 Mini Countryman , all the usual: a large “plate” of the speedometer in the center, grip the steering wheel, a comfortable seating area with a weak lateral support.
In the second row is now the default full sofa, twin seats can be ordered for a fee. The three will work closely, it is better to stay two of the passengers. Shop stylish, but … not cozy, decoration materials do not correspond to the status and the price of the car. Starting equipment includes ABS, CBS with Brake Assist, Dynamic DCS control system, height-adjustable steering wheel with electric power, air conditioning (climate control option for 24500 rubles), 2018-2019 Mini CD radio and other trifles.
For individualization 2018-2019 Mini Countryman offers plenty of interior and exterior options crossover, and there are basic packages:

  • Salt for 27,500 rubles (heated front seats, washer nozzles and mirrors, alarm system, on-board computer, lift the driver’s seat),
  • Pepper = Salt + for 67400 rubles adds climate control, rain sensor, fog lights,
  • Chili = Pepper + 165400 rubles for an additional xenon, sport seats, leather trim and other chips.

But even in the richest package does not include music 2018-2019 Mini Visual Boost with a color screen (optional for 71300 rubles) and the navigator (for 36800 rubles). The new “brother” can boast the volume of the luggage compartment from 350 liters with five people in the cabin to 1,170 liters with the seats folded second row.

Specifications 2018-2019 Mini Countryman : update did not affect changes in a technical stuffing crossover will be sold in Russia with front and all-wheel drive, petrol and diesel engines, manual and automatic transmissions on the 6-Th stages (option 74500 rubles).

  • One Countryman front-drive 1.6-liter petrol (98 hp) with a 6 speed manual accelerates to 100 mph in 11.9 seconds and allow to dial 173 mph top speed. Fuel consumption of 5.2 liters on the highway and 7.4 liters in the city.
  • 2018-2019 Mini Cooper Countryman with a drive to the front axle and 1.6 petrol engine (122 hp) with 6 INC reach the first hundred in 11.6 seconds, top speed – 182 mph. Consumption in the country of 5.2 liters, 7.4 liters in the city.
  • Four-wheel drive Cooper S All4 Countryman with a turbocharged petrol 1.6 liter (184 hp) with 6 INC shoots up to 100 mph in 8.3 seconds and a top speed overcomes the threshold of 205 mph. Fuel consumption declared by the manufacturer 5.4 liters with little traffic on the highway and 7.5 liters in the city.
  • Diesel Cooper SD All4 Countryman with the engine running on heavy fuel oil with 2.0 liters (143 hp) with 6 PCR reaches a top speed of 198 mph, 100 mph mark in 9.3 seconds is overcome. Average diesel consumption of 4.6 liters.

Special attention is deserved MINI John Cooper Works Countryman – a hurricane crossover with all-wheel drive ALL4, lowered by 10 mm suspension and highly forced petrol engine of 1.6 liters (218 hp) with a 6 speed manual (or automatic transmissions Automatic transmission 6) – up to 100 mph for 7 seconds, top speed 225 (223) mph, fuel consumption of 6.2 liters on the highway to 10.7 liters in the city. Car exclusive and expensive – to buy it, you need to pay the cost of 1675000 rubles. In fact, this high-speed car with all-wheel drive transmission, giving confidence even on slippery road.
Test-drive 2018-2019 Mini Countryman suggests a remarkable controllability and enviable for many crossovers exchange rate stability, but there are also disadvantages. Tough, korotkohodnaya suspension, lack of initial power of the petrol engine, high fuel consumption is almost 2 times the manufacturer’s data (Cooper S All4 Countryman uses mixed-mode about 13 liters), the high cost of the car, expensive options, and maintenance cost.

How much is in Russia: new 2018-2019 Mini Countryman crossover will appear in the spring goda. The manufacturer assures that the sale will be made at a price dorestaylingovoy machines. It should be for Russians 2018-2019 Mini One Countryman from 870,000 rubles, 2018-2019 Mini Cooper Countryman from 940,000 ruble, Cooper S All4 of 1,280,000 rubles, well, the most expensive diesel Cooper SD All4 of 1350000 rubles.

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