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Universal 2018-2019 Seat Leon ST

New 2018-2019 Seat Leon ST model year – is extremely fast-paced wagon shape.
It is unlikely that someone will turn the language to call the car heavy or inharmonious.
The new-look brand – Unconditional merit of the head of the design department of the Spanish company Alejandro Mezonero-Romanos.

“The Spaniard” will be difficult.
Even a fresh breeze of sales growth, amid a general downturn in the past year and a half filled the sails were bowed by the Spanish company, will save nearly flawless Leon ST.
Do not save on the Volkswagen Golf Variant and of Skoda the Octavia the Combi , who ruthlessly consistent image of the ideal of European wagon.

Incidentally, 2018-2019 Seat Leon ST largest wheelbase exceeds Variant, but inferior Combi.
At home in Barcelona 2018-2019 Seat say that distinguish them from other vehicles in the family Volkswagen easier to feel than to see.

The current company designer 2018-2019 Seat concept is described as very successful and reflecting the real value of the Spanish.
Yes, elegant body and hides under a well-known German units, but why not?
These units are effective and up to date, and the suspension setting from the Volkswagen model many believe.

But this new “seatovsky” design – the key to brand success.
As Spain goes a huge number of brands of cars of 2018-2019 Seat .
Of course, so I have something to compare, not all of them are the most recent years of release.
Frankly, the old model looks at least strange.
Apparently, you can get used to this fact.

However, judging by the number of “2018-2019 Seat” in Russia, our people get used to design frills “Spanish” is not sought.
Now, it seems, the situation fractures stamp shows steady sales growth even during the crisis.

And it is clear why.
Externally wagon 2018-2019 Seat Leon ST – lovely and spectacular car.
Decisive rib hood and rear roof pillars, struggling forward fast ice, make it look snooty.

Look at this carefully sculpted body, aggressive incision headlights emphasize the “reflection” protivotumanok in the front bumper, which itself is made in the same angular-sensual manner!

I would like to ask: “Where were you before, gentlemen designers, when the brand has brought some losses?”.
Or it was necessary that the Koreans showed the world how important the appearance of the car, having bought a couple of leading European stylists?
But the attractive appearance of the car according to statistics almost always the first place to the buyer, and only then all the rest.

The interior of the wagon 2018-2019 Seat Leon ST 2014 all German logical and Spanish in style, but easy depression “folksvagenovskogo” salon there.

“Sport” adds dashboard with red, vertically-oriented speedometer and tachometer.
Between the large dials there is also a bar on-board computer, which can be displayed are interested in at the moment the data – for example, the consumption of gasoline or even a working temperature of the oil.
If packed itinerary in the navigator, there comes a clue when and where to turn.

2018-2019 Seats predictably harsh.
Behind the place unexpectedly a lot, especially if we remember that the wheelbase five-door hatchback and wagon is identical.
Particularly pleased with the gap between the rear passenger knees and backs of the front seats.

Despite the rapid appearance and littered with the line of the roof, 2018-2019 Seat Leon ST 2014 – record in its class on the internal volume of the luggage compartment from 587 to 1,470 liters.

Any delight and the possibility of transformation of interior.
Rear sofa, naturally decomposes and completely in parts, but it is worth noting separately folding forward the front right seat that allows transportation in wagon loads of up to three meters.

However, the raised floor at the same Octavia Combi implies more configurations.
And in general, very similar.
And at the height of comfort.
The trunk has removable pockets, lights, socket, luggage hooks and levers for folding the backrest of the sofa.

TSI series motors are well known to domestic motorists, they have a very good performance, consume moderate amounts of fuel, but it is quite demanding on the quality of it.

Ruler powertrain offers the well-known 1,2 TSI, and in derated to 86-year-horsepower version.
It is not in Russia.
More powerful 1,2 TSI 105 “horses” is known for the Volkswagen Polo and Skoda Yeti and, in my opinion, for the wagon is still weak.

Next option – one of the most used concern VAG 1,4 TSI, by 122 and 140 horsepower.
The top engine has a working volume of 1.8 liters and power of 180 horsepower.
It is already known to Russians on the version of Leon FR.

“Dry” seven-speed DSG will be available only with two engines – the base 1.2 TSI and the top-end 1.8 TSI.
All other modifications – on the “mechanics”.

Short-stick 6-step “mechanics” different scenes of mild strokes and precise fixation on the transfer, but the grip – the most real “folksvagenovsky”, with a huge stroke, however, easy and transparent to the driver.
For the “ring” such configuration, of course, unacceptable, but for the most traffic in the city then.

PCR allows to feel the blast of acceleration in the lower gears, when the twist motor to cut-off.
“Robot” these moments still smoothes.
Since the 2018-2019 Seat Leon ST – one of the lightest wagons (curb weight of just 1355 kg), drayverskih losses associated with the type of body, it is not felt.
No wonder the ST stands for Sport Tourer.

The front part of the wagon received a traditional rack “McPherson”, but for the stern two options suspension.
Multi-link independent suspension comes only a 180-horsepower version, the rest will have to confine Semi torsion beam.
But I do not think that in everyday use someone will feel a significant difference between the beam and mnogoryichazhka.

2018-2019 Seat Leon ST in on the steep mountain serpentines calligraphic correctly draws the arc: at search speed goes from the outside is screwed in turn by the gas discharge.
And it’s all so predictable and transparent that every bend brings a palpable pleasure and desire podbavit “gazku”.
Banks are small chair confidently hold the body in the lateral acceleration, what else is needed?

In general, the Spaniards all turned out well: the machine is now the brand 2018-2019 Seat will not only be escorted to the mind, but also to meet on clothes.
Let’s see what will come out with the car in Russia.
Said wagon market in the world is growing, but we have our own mentality and its own priorities.
Another delicate point – the price, which starts at the level of 700 thousand rubles.

However, as an independent unit of the market, “the Spaniard” looks very decent.
We must recognize that in the compact class so successful symbiosis of sportiness and functionality can boast not every wagon.

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