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New Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2019 – restyled Japanese SUV

The Toyota company, within the framework of the Frankfurt Motor Show, introduced the renewed SUV Land Cruiser Prado 2019-2020. The current restyling is not the first for the car in the body of the J150 – a serious upgrade of the model was already made in 2013 , and a couple of years later, the engine scale was revised. Now, in the technology of changes at least, but the novelty can boast of a new exterior design and improved interior with unprecedented hitherto equipment. In Japan, SUVs in the new body have already started to go off the assembly line, which indicates an early start of sales of the restyling model. It is assumed that the car will enter the Russian market before the end of 2019. Photos, complete sets and the prices, technical characteristics of new Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2019-2020 you will find in our today’s review.

At once we will remind that the big frame off-road car Prado is realized in the markets of 190 countries and is the present best seller in the segment. It is surprising, but the model is perfectly sold in Europe, traditionally obsessed with economy and gravitating towards small machines. That’s the presentation of the updated version of the Toyota Prado 150 Japanese were not started somewhere, but in the heart of the Old World, in Frankfurt.

In the Russian market, an SUV from the Land of the Rising Sun has always been out of the competition, and this despite the fact that the price of the Prado is often not more attractive than the cost of classmates. For one only in 2019 we sold 14516 copies of the model, in the first half of 2019 – another 5,288 copies. All this, of course, can not but warm up interest in the restyling version of the car, we will immediately begin acquaintance with it.

Design of the new Toyota Land Cruiser Prado body

In the exterior appearance of the 2019 model year, compared to the previous Land Cruiser Prado , a lot of new details appeared. First of all, we note a thoroughly redrawn nose part, designed from now on in the style of the older Land Cruiser 200 . This means that the bumper has become more angular, the grille has become hexagonal, the hood has acquired a new expressive relief. Naturally, the revision touched headlights, which received a completely new configuration with stylish strokes of LED navigation lights.
Photos of Land Cruiser Prado 2019-2020

At the stern of innovation is not so much – the lights are slightly corrected, the rear bumper and tailgate are slightly modified. In the profile of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado retained unambiguous recognition, provided by the company silhouette and remained in its former form of side glazing. Not disappeared and the square arches of wheels, ready to take 17 or 18-inch wheels with a new design.

Feed new items

After modernization, the Japanese SUV added a length of 60 mm, taking into account which the distance between the edges of the bumpers is now 4840 mm. The geometric patency of the car is still good, if you close your eyes to a slight decrease in the angle of entry, now equal to 31 degrees (before it was 32). The angle of the ramp and the congress remained unchanged – 22 and 25 degrees, respectively. The manufacturer focuses attention on the fact that all the most important parts of the machine are protected, thanks to which the new Prado is ready to overcome areas with the most complex terrain and water obstacles up to 700 mm deep. By the way, the ground clearance of the SUV has remained at an impressive 215 mm.

Interior and equipment

Salon Prado 150 during the restyling received a lot of updates, significantly refreshed the interior, but not fundamentally changed the well-proven pre-reform architecture. Among the most notable innovations include a new instrument panel with a 4.2-inch color display (the dials are now devoid of wells), a new four-spoke steering wheel, an upgraded version of the Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system with an 8.0-inch touchscreen and enriched functionality. In the center console, other control unit blocks appeared – the climate control panel acquired a different configuration with a revised set of buttons, and the switches responsible for the all-wheel drive settings were also updated.

Updated Salon

The list of equipment available for the new model decently expanded. It includes all-LED optics, three-zone climate control, front-seat ventilation, landing zone illumination, an advanced all-round vision system (allows you to look through the hood), side mirrors with automatic tilt change function when reversing. Restyling SUV, like its predecessor, is equipped with an exhaustive set of “winter” options, including heated mirrors, both rows of seats, steering wheel, windshield, nozzles of washers. Also in the asset there is an electric heater of the passenger compartment, and for diesel versions a pre-heater is provided.

Like all the latest innovations of the Japanese brand, the new Land Cruiser Prado became the owner of the Toyota Safety Sense safety system, which includes automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, tracking dead zones, and holding in the lane.

Specifications of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2019-2020 year

The Prado engine line remained untouched. In Europe, the model will be offered with three well-known units:

  • Gasoline atmospheric “quartet” 2.7 VVT-i (index 2TR-FE) with a return of 163 hp and 246 Nm;
  • The petrol “six” 4.0 VVT-i (1GR-FE) with a capacity of 282 hp. (387 Nm);
  • Turbo Diesel 2.8 D-4D (1GD-FTV) with a return of 177 hp and a torque of 420 Nm (6MKPP) or 450 Nm (6AKPP).

Gearboxes – 5- and 6-speed “mechanics”, 6-band “automatic”.

In the Russian market, probably, all the above-mentioned power plants will be presented. However, the top-end V6 gasoline engine will also obtain a deferred option, taxed at a lower tax. This version has an output of 249 hp. and 381 Nm.

The standard layout of the Toyota Prado 150 suspension, as before, assumes the presence of a front two-link and a rear axle-free bridge on the springs. As an option, adaptive shock absorbers and rear pneumatic pores are available. Their installation is accompanied by the appearance of two new modes of operation of the onboard electronics Sport S and Sport S +, which are added to the three already existing modes Eco, Normal and Sport. In this case, in addition to changing the settings of the engine, transmission and steering, the adaptive suspension is adjusted.

The modernization was not expected to affect the Japanese all-terrain vehicle’s all-wheel drive scheme. It is still constant with a downshift and forced locking of the differentials. But it was not without innovations at all: the electronic system Multi-terrain Select, which is the prerogative of expensive model bundles, received another, sixth, MTS-AUTO mode.

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