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Touring 2018-2019 Porsche Panamera Shooting Brake

The German company 2018-2019 Porsche is going to introduce the concept of a new wagon.
A model called Panamera Shooting Brake will be first shown at the Paris Motor Show in September of 2012.
However, on the conveyor car sent to the first half of the previous 2015 year.
Gamma powertrain is projected to change not receive.
Touring 2018-2019 Porsche Panamera Shooting Brake will be equipped with 6-cylinder 3-liter petrol engine with two turbines.
This unit has an output of 420 horsepower.

Also, the market may appear and diesel version of the new car.
We are talking about a version with a turbocharged diesel engine V8 TDI is powered by the Audi .
The novelty will be on the market in direct competition with the new wagon the Mercedes-Benz the CLS .
In addition, 2018-2019 Porsche Panamera Shooting Brake, probably will consider external changes, which will get updated version of the Panamera coupe, which will premiere at the Shanghai auto show in April 2013..

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