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Touring 2018-2019 Mercedes C-Class

In late May of this year in the German city of Bremen, which is one of the plants of the 2018-2019 Mercedes group, an official show of the new generation C-Class station wagon.

Novelty has a lot in common with the sedan 2018-2019 Mercedes C-Class W205, debuted in, the year, but also has a number of features of its own, capable of providing new wagon leadership in its segment.
We offer to meet with the German innovation in more detail.

So, for the new wagon 2018-2019 Mercedes C-Class (as well as for the sedan) offered two options design the front of the body for the top and base versions, respectively.
In this case the aft part of the car has received a modified bumper, as well as other lights.

Well, thanks to the fact that the German engineers have changed the window sills line wagon looks more dynamic.

The car body by approximately 49 per cent is made of aluminum, thus curb weight of the base variant of equipment decreased by almost 65 kilograms compared to its predecessor.
And this despite the fact that the new generation of models has increased in size – 9.6 cm in length and 4 centimeters wide.

More specifically, the length of the station wagon 2018-2019 Mercedes C-Class now stands at 470.2 cm, width increased to 181 cm and a wheelbase length has increased to 284 cm.

Salon versatile new generation of completely copied from the previously presented sedan.

It should only be noted that by increasing the wheelbase by German engineers were able to provide an increase in the space of 4.5 centimeters at the feet of the second-row passengers, so the planting of the new product a little more convenient compared with the sedan, especially if equipped with the second-row seats with electric adjustments, which are offered in as an option.

Also worth noting a slight increase in the luggage compartment volume grew to 490 liters as standard.
In addition, to further increase the useful volume of the luggage compartment can be using the backs of the rear seats, which are formed in a ratio of 40:20:40, so cargo space increases to approximately 1510 liters minute.

Motor gamma wagon 2018-2019 Mercedes C-Class is also borrowed from the eponymous sedan.
In the European market model will be available with diesel and petrol turbo engines, as well as two types of hybrid power plant.

Diesel units for four new items proposed.
Two younger, created with the participation of French company Renault, have the same working volume of 1.6 liters, but the maximum power they have different – 115 and 136 horsepower.
This is followed by a 2.2-liter 170-horsepower engine, and closes the diesel range of 204-hp engine.

The petrol range of the new 2018-2019 Mercedes C-Class will be represented by a 1.6-liter engine with 156 horsepower and two 2-liter unit, developing 184 and 211 horsepower.
Over time, these three petrol motors will join 333-horsepower flagship engine.

In a couple of all motors will be offered a manual 6-band transmission or 7-step “automatic”.
Speaking of hybrids, the petrol-electric version of the 2018-2019 Mercedes C-Class will be able to develop 279 horsepower and a diesel-electric slightly less – 230 forces.

At the heart of the versatile 2018-2019 Mercedes C-Class model year is a modular platform MRA.
The front part of the car received a double wishbone independent suspension and independent multi-link design feed.
The base car is equipped with drive to the rear axle, but as an option (as well as in top-end equipment) will be available all-wheel drive 4Matic with the inter-axle clutch.

In addition, as an option for the 2018-2019 Mercedes C-Class will be offered a new generation of air suspension with self leveling AirMatic trim body.

List and composition of the complete sets for the versatile 2018-2019 Mercedes C-Class will be a little different from the eponymous sedan is already sold.
In the European market the novelty will presumably German in September 2014. and later will reach model and to our country.
The cost of the new station wagon is not disclosed and will be announced closer to the start of sales.

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