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Touring 2018-2019 Honda Civic Tourer

In September of this year at the Frankfurt International Motor Show Japanese car company 2018-2019 Honda introduced the new Civic wagon with the prefix Tourer.
Like many models in the station wagon, 2018-2019 Honda Civic Tourer is made ​​in sports style – sloping roofline spoiler with a small, slightly littered rack windshield, a rising belt line, sloping hood, large wheels arches and sharp-angled headlights.

In addition, to hide the heaviness of the Japanese company car designers have hidden rear door handles in the stands, thus creating the illusion of dynamic two-door body, similar in nature to the sports coupe.
new car salon is practically no different from the hatchback – all very convenient, safe and practical.
However, given the expressive exterior design of the car, the cabin 2018-2019 Honda Civic Tourer would like to see the same elegance, and it is somewhat deflating.

But the volume of the luggage compartment is quite impressive – 1668 liters, but, most importantly, the rear seats are equipped with a system that allows a single motion to remove and lift the seat.
In the normal position of the rear seats the boot capacity is 624 liters.
In the main competition Skoda Octavia Combi and the Volkswagen Golf Variant – this figure rises to 610-ti-ti and 605 liters respectively.

Given the high capacity luggage compartment, the 2018-2019 Honda’s engineers have equipped rear suspension Civic Tourer wagon system Adaptive Damper System (ADS), which allows to adjust the stiffness of the shock absorbers, by selecting one of three modes Comfort, Normal and Dynamic.
The model will only drive on the front axle, at least for now, on the system of all-wheel drive is not known.

Gamma engines offered in the vehicle will consist of two power units – four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine i-DTEC family Earth Dreams 1.6-liter volume capacity of 120 horsepower and 4-cylinder petrol atmospheric engine i-VTEC 1.8-liter volume capacity of 142 hp force.
The diesel unit is emitted into the atmosphere of CO2 at the level of 99 grams per kilometer, is already familiar to motorists on the crossover CR-V and the hatchback Civic.
It is equipped with a manual 6 -speed manual transmission.
In a couple of petrol engine offers a choice of 6 A range “mechanics” or 5 A range automatic transmission.

To make the car will be the factory of the Japanese car manufacturer in the UK.
The sale wagon 2018-2019 Honda Civic Tourer will arrive early next year.
But the price of the car, according to forecasts, will be about fifteen hundred dollars more than the cost model in the hatchback.
Note that the wagon 2018-2019 Honda Civic Tourer was designed specifically for the European market, in this case is not yet known whether a definition of “European market” Russia belongs.

And if all the car will arrive in our country, it will be only a modification of the gasoline is likely the sole gearbox as 5 A range of “automatic machine”.
Options for equipment and the exact prices on wagon 2018-2019 Honda Civic Tourer Japanese automaker promises a sound closer to the top of sales.

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