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The updated crossover Cadillac SRX 2018-2019

The last few years, the crossover Cadillac SRX 2018-2019 is the most sold model of the American automaker, and is very popular both in the United States and on the European continent.

In the past year, the company General Motors announced its plans in the spring on the restyling of the current, second generation Cadillac SRX 2018-2019 and a year later at the auto show in New York, was presented an updated version of the crossover.
Prettier car first went on the market in North America, and then appeared in the Russian dealer showrooms.

The first crossover was introduced in 2004-th year, becoming immediately a bestseller in the United States.
Then, three years in a row model was part of the top five best premium crossover class and has twice been a contender for the title of “Car of the Year». Cadillac SRX lasted 5 years on the assembly line, and then there was a change of generations.
Second-generation crossover is based on a conceptual model Provoq with all-wheel drive GM Theta Premium platform.

And last spring, General Motors expressed a desire to expose their restyling the most popular crossover, and in March of this year, motorists saw the Cadillac SRX  2018-2019 model year th.

Outside the updated car has not undergone major changes and is still characterized by aggressive traits and solidity.
GM engineers have redesigned the upper and lower false radiator grille, headlights slightly altered pattern that got absolutely other “stuffing”, corrected roof rails and air intakes, and have built in lighting are on the wings of the side inlets.
Transformations in the rear of the machine are very small.

Dimensions of the car, it can be said, we have remained unchanged, only here and there were added 3 – 4 mm.
The length of the updated Cadillac SRX 2018-2019 reached 483.4 centimeters in width – 191 cm in height – 166.9 cm.
Size wheelbase car is 280.7 cm.
Curb weight is 2520 kg.
Fuel tank capacity is about 76 liters ti.

In the salon, which changed more dramatically than the exterior remains the same 5 -place arrangement according to the scheme 2 + 3.
Here, a host of innovations that have a positive impact on the comfort level.
The passenger compartment has an improved sound insulation with unique technology of active noise reduction.
Also worth noting is the new chair, which is already in the basic version are equipped with heating, ventilation and electroresettings with memory settings.

But the main innovation of the updated interior Cadillac SRX has become information-entertainment complex CUE (Cadillac User Experience) with the voice control function, gesture recognition and touch screen with a diagonal of 8 inches.
This multimedia system, which appeared not so long ago, includes all the electronics of the machine, allowing you to quickly and easily manage a huge number of all kinds of functions.
In short, do not be to equip the CUE crossover complex, space for buttons and keys on the center console is simply not enough.

For those who want more, the American engineers offer an optional panoramic roof called UltraView, get 2 for the electric sun blind and hatch.
In addition, special function adjusts the volume of the music system of the car depending on how open the door, so that the quality of surround sound is not lost.

It remains to say a few words about the luggage compartment.
Its volume in the normal state is 844 liters, but if the second row seats folded capacity increases to 1730 liters ti.

On the Russian market the updated crossover Cadillac SRX 2013 th model year is available with two powertrains to choose from.
The base is a 6-cylinder 3-liter V-SIDI DOHC VVT engine capacity of 270 horsepower available at 7,000 rpm.
Peak torque of 301 Newton meters is reached at 3,200 rpm, which provides models rather rapid acceleration.
Note that the same engine equipped with dorestaylingovoy and Cadillac SRX.

True, after the modernization of small 3-liter unit differs is now more cost-effective and less susceptibility to domestic fuel is not always of good quality.
In urban driving conditions, fuel consumption is about 13.6 liters, the countryside, the figure is 8.6 liters, and the combined cycle engine consumes about 11.2 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.
The maximum crossover speed here is 210 kilometers per hour and to accelerate from standstill to the first “hundreds” of 8.5 seconds is necessary.

The second proposed a gasoline V-6 engine also has a cylinder, but its volume is already 3.6 liters.
This unit series VVT V6 DI Direct Injection crossover Cadillac SRX received the first time.
They will only be equipped with a top grade.
The power of this engine reaches 318 ti horsepower at 6800 rpm and maximum torque of the unit is 360 Newton-meters at 2,400 rpm.

Dynamic performance of the machine is simply impressive.
Weighing 2.5 tonnes model with this engine accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 8.1 seconds and top speed is limited at around 220 km / h.

About the fuel consumption can be said that the increased volume and power demand and more gasoline.
The city mode at 100 kilometers must be 16.3 liters of fuel, on the highway – 8.8 liters, and in combined mode – about 11.5 liters.

The couple have received only two motors 6 A range automatic transmission 6T70.
“Automatic” adaptive, has a special Sport mode and manual shifting function.

Updated Cadillac SRX AWD system is equipped with a new torque distribution technology.
Vehicle Suspension during the last restyling of the scale has not changed.
Ahead still installed “MacPherson” strut and aft – “mnogoryichazhka”.
It should be noted that the suspension the car is completely independent from the adaptation function of the quality of the road surface and to the driving speed, the ability to stabilize the crossover during sharp turns.

All wheels installed disc brakes with ventilation function, Auto-Dry drying drives and warning breakdowns Ready Brake Alert.

Cars packed with premium-class systems responsible for safety, and Cadillac SRX are no exception.
Here in the presence of the anti-lock braking system ABS, the system Emergency Brake Assist Brake Assist, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution EBD, ESP stabilization system, traction control ASR, front and side airbags, curtain airbags, 3 -point safety belts, programmable door locks and attachment for child seats.

In addition, in the “base” updated Cadillac SRX is equipped with systems such as the monitoring of “dead” zones and detection of vehicles coming from behind the cross rate (very useful when leaving a parking space in reverse).

The most expensive car is equipped with a complete set of control systems tiering movements and warnings of the possibility of collision with the vehicle ahead.

In the Russian market Cadillac SRX is available in two versions Base and Top.
The equipment Base model is equipped with front and rear fog lights, adaptive bi-xenon headlights, LED stern lights, turn signal LED, washer headlamps, electric boot lid, electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors, full power accessories, audio system Bose Premium 8 speakers, Bluetooth, USB IR port, chrome roof rails, 2-zone climate control, rear-view camera, alloy wheels 20 inches in diameter, anti-theft system PASS-Key III +, heated front-row seats, as well as light sensors, rain, temperature and humidity in the cabin.

At the top-end variant equipment Top crossover Cadillac SRX received audio system Bose 5.1 Cabin Surround 10 speakers, navigation system in Russian, Smart-Key system, entertainment system for rear passengers, heated and ventilated front row seats, heated rear seats and three-zone climate control.

For updated Cadillac SRX in the basic version of the Russian motorists have to shell out a minimum of 1,949,000 rubles.
Crossover in the top version with 3-liter unit is from 2.359 million rubles, with 3.6-liter engine will cost domestic customers not less than 2,439,000 rubles.

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