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The updated 2018-2019 Ford EcoSport year – what has changed

Recently, at the Geneva Motor Show was presented the updated version of the 2018-2019 Ford EcoSport. The updated model is more economical diesel engine and the first car produced without the spare wheel in the trunk.

Restyling 2018-2019 Ford EkoSport year

Spare wheel and mounting of it still attached, but only in the form of additional equipment.
Car ID was moved from the bumper to the rear tailgate. And the door itself is now able to open up in a confined space.

Design 2018-2019 Ford EcoSport year

The design of the updated 2018-2019 Ford Eco Sport feel the brightness and strength of character. This model impresses with its bright appearance and originality.
Chrome-plated and highly located grille blends perfectly with protective – decorative bodywork.

2018-2019 Ford Eco Sport , front view

Relief on the hood of their outlines directs the eye to the front desk.
Located at the front and rear bumper moldings on silver, having a protective function, perfectly emphasize the car’s features.
Sloping side plates give the car more elegance and catchiness.

New Eco Sport , rear view, removed the trunk spare tire, number plate with bumper moved to the back door

Wheel arches are rounded surface. This gives the car design, power and strength.
The line connecting the front and rear of the car, make the car complete.

Salon updated 2018-2019 Ford EcoSport

The updated interior and dashboard. It has been changed the system of recognition of color and chrome edge at the wells. The buttons to control the raising of the glass door also finished in chrome.
2018-2019 Ford Eco Sport, became the first in its class in terms of convenience, it served, and the interior height and space in the legs.
Sheathe the car interior in one of two options. The first – is the skin. The second – the fabric.
Interior formed the most successful variations of cars Fiesta and B – Max.

Salon, dashboard 2018-2019 Ford EkoSport

The updated interior entered multifunction display.
The steering wheel, which includes its basic functions crossover control system 2018-2019 Ford Eco Sport .
Obtyanuli the skin gear lever and handbrake lever, part of which was a chrome-plated button.
Basic control panel, which is present on the 12 volt socket, as well as USB and AUX jacks 3.5 mm.
A good word is worth mentioning soundproofing interior updated 2018-2019 Ford Eco Sport. Noise has become much better by reducing the external noise from the oncoming airflow, engine noise operation, as well as noise, which are formed by the interaction of the wheels and the road surface.

Front row seat 2018-2019 Ford Eco Sport year

An excellent interior insulation has become thanks to a special, multi-layer, an acoustic windshield.
Additional sound insulation is achieved by using special materials packed around the cabin. Particular attention is given to the front panel and the door.
This reduces the noise level and the optimal choice of tires, which are that – somewhere between stability and controllability.

Roof 2018-2019 Ford EkoSport , seats fold 60:40

EkoSport new rack has the ability to accommodate loads 1027 mm wide and 880 mm high. Outside the back door has a handle, which was mounted in the right taillight.

Dimensions 2018-2019 Ford EcoSport

The size of our compact crossover Eco Sport will be:

  • The car length 3998 mm;
  • The width of 1765 mm. 2057 mm with unfolded mirrors;
  • Height 1696 mm;
  • Wheelbase 2521 mm;
  • The ground clearance of 190 mm, 200 mm instead of the previous version of the car.
    But the mass of the updated version of the car will depend on the configuration and the engine installed. It will vary from 1228 to 1297 kg.

Competitors EkoSport do not sit on the ground, releasing new products and updating the model Mazda CX-3 , the Subaru the XV Crosstrek , the Honda the HR, the V , the Fiat 500X .

2018-2019 Ford EkoSport year, a side view, with no new spare wheel has become shorter

Options 2018-2019 Ford EcoSport

The package will include the updated 2018-2019 Ford EcoSport basic air-conditioning, access to a car without the keys – 2018-2019 Ford Power, and as well as:

  • The rear chamber;
  • 6 airbags;
  • The electric power steering;
  • ABS and ESP;
  • Hill Launch Assist – helping to start up the hill ;.
  • And other nice features;

Specifications EkoSport – change

Technical features of the updated version of the crossover was the improved steering characteristics. Manufacturer reduced clearance between the car and the road from 200 to 190 mm, modified suspension, put new springs and dampers revised electric power. This has affected well in handling cars, but permeability became worse.
By the choice will be made available two transmissions: 5 MCP and automatic on 6 stages.

The engine of the new EcoSport

The engine will be in three variants: one diesel and two petrol.
Petrol variants are as follows:

1. The three-cylinder turbocharged 1.0 – liter, 125 hp;
2. The four-cylinder 1.5 – liter, 110 hp;

And Diesel:

1. 1.5 – liter, 90 hp;

Price 2018-2019 Ford EkoSport

According to preliminary data base model 2018-2019 Ford EcoSport year can be purchased for 699 thousand rubles. While the version of the very “oily” complete set will cost 900,000 rubles.
Video test-drive a new 2018-2019 Ford EkoSport year:

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