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The premiere of the new 2018-2019 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG

At the International Motor Show in New York, the official premiere of “charged” sedan 2018-2019 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG.

New 4 -door car equipped with a turbocharged 4-cylinder 2-liter power unit, which is assembled by hand, a robot 7 A range gearbox and drive on all wheels 4MATIC.
The engine has an output of 360 horsepower and produces 450 Newton meters of maximum torque.
With this unit 2018-2019 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG consumes the combined cycle of 6.9 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.
From zero to the first “hundred” new sedan is capable to be dispersed for 4,5 seconds.
The maximum speed of the vehicle electronics limited to 250 km / h.
For comparison, the “charged” modification of the hatchback A-Class, which is equipped with the same engine, accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers an hour slightly slower – 4.6 seconds.
The rest of the technical equipment of the sedan 2018-2019 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG is almost identical to the “stuffing” the most powerful version of hatchback A-Class.
4 -door car has received an upgraded steering, sport exhaust system, lowered suspension, powerful braking system and stabilization system for three modes of operation.

On the North American market the sedan 2018-2019 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG will be available later this spring.
Buyers will have to pay for a model at least 47 450 dollars.

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