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The new sports coupe BMW 2-Series 2018-2019

German car manufacturer BMW 2018-2019 has declassified a compact two-door coupe 2-Series in autumn 2013..
Since then, the car had several presentations at various exhibitions and has recently released some information about the Russian version of the new coupe.
Despite the fact that the Germans are positioning novelty as an independent model, it is difficult to refrain from mentioning the BMW 1-series, which, in fact, replaced by a new “2-door.”
the first series of the model is on the line with the 2007 year, and over time has managed to acquire a considerable army of fans.
And now to continue the glorious traditions of automobiles will have 2-Series, which initially will be available only in coupe and cabriolet will appear over time.

When you look at the BMW 2-Series 2018-2019 in a head climb thoughts about dynamics, traditions and sports.
It looks really dynamic coupe, sports and modern, and most importantly, the machine is easily recognizable thanks to the traditional contours of the BMW.
In comparison with the model of the first series of the new coupe has slightly increased in size.
Its length is 443.2 centimeters (7.2 cm), width of the body excluding the external mirrors is 177.4 centimeters (3.2 cm), but the car’s height has decreased to 141.8 cm (-0.5 cm ).
wheelbase length is also increased by 3 centimeters, and now stands at 269 cm. The width of the front track is now 152.1 cm (4.1 cm), the rear track increased to 155.6 cm (4.3 cm).
The basic version of equipment unladen vehicle weight is 1375 kg.

Inside, BMW 2-Series buyers will see rich equipment, the familiar style of interior design, finishing materials of high quality and high-grade sporting spirit.
By increasing the size of the car, the new product compared to the first series coupes got more space.
Also, the capacity of the luggage compartment has increased slightly, which is now able to accommodate 390 liters of luggage, and the back rear seats can be folded in a ratio 20h40h20 that will provide additional volume.
The motor range of the new BMW 2-Series will include five power units, however, will be available in Russia only three of them – two petrol turbo engine and one diesel engine.

Coupe in the base 220i modifications will receive gasoline 4-cylinder 2-liter engine TwinPower Turbo, which develops 184 horsepower power and 270 Newton meters of maximum torque.
This engine is equipped with a manual 6-band transmission, or 8-step “automatic» ZF.
In both cases, the acceleration from zero to 100 kilometers per hour it takes no more than 7 seconds and a top speed of 235 kilometers per hour.
The new BMW 2-Series in 220d receives modifications diesel 4-cylinder 2-liter turbocharged engine with the same power as gasoline – 184 horsepower, but the maximum torque has a higher – 380 Newton-meters.

The maximum speed here is 230 km / h and to accelerate from zero to the first “hundreds” takes 7.1 seconds with the “automatic” or 7.2 seconds with the “mechanics”.
In the combined cycle, this unit consumes no more than 4.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.
The flagship for the Russian market version of the M235i will be equipped with gasoline 6-cylinder 3-liter turbocharged engine producing 326 horsepower.
torque peak is the mark of 450 Newton meters, which provides acceleration to 100 km / h in 5 seconds with the “mechanics” and 4.8 seconds with the “automatic”.
Here, the maximum speed of the coupe BMW 2-Series engine electronics limits to 250 km / h.

Note that the two diesel engines with the same volume of 2 liters will not get into Russia, but with different capacity – 143 and 218 horsepower.
At the heart of the new coupe is a modernized platform of the second generation of BMW’s first series.
In front of the machine is set independent suspension type pillars “McPherson” with stabilizer bar and aft news received independent multi-link design that has passed since the previous generation BMW fifth series.
All of the car wheels are equipped with disc brakes, front ventilated.
At first, the model will be available only in rear-wheel drive modifications, and eventually, perhaps, will appear and the system xDrive all-wheel drive.

In the Russian market the new BMW 2-Series will be available in three trim levels Standart, Modern Line and Sport Line.
A detailed list of the options that they will, the German company will announce only on the eve of sales.
We now know that in the basic equipment of the machine includes 16-inch wheels, adaptive optics front, cruise control, iDrive multimedia system with access to the Internet and display of 6.5 inches, and rear view camera.
Buyers will be offered 13 Body color options and options packages M Performance and M Sport.

In Russian dealerships selling new coupe BMW 2-Series will start in March 2018-2019 year.
Minimum 220i version costs 1,242,000 rubles, modification 220d will cost customers a minimum of 1.312 million rubles, and the flagship version of the M235i domestic motorists will have to pay about 1.868 million rubles.

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