Cars 2021

The new Chrysler Town & Country

Chrysler has introduced the motorists court new model of minivan Chrysler Town & Country.
The most important thing that the developers have changed in the  2018-2019 model – a new engine Pentastar V6, whose power is 283 horsepower.
This power unit is equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission that switches smoothly speed, which in turn affects even on fuel savings.


New Chrysler has such features that this model is standard equipment – a rain-sensitive wipers, automatic folding seats, rear and side doors are fitted with a mechanical drive, and there is a rear-view camera with sensors blind zone.
And all this for such a car price is only 29,995 dollars!


As for the interior, it is convenient and practical lounge – which is the main indicator for the minivan, as bought it mainly for the transportation of passengers or a large family.
The steering wheel and the seat, but only the front, heated, open windows using Windows, even the rear.

The new engine minivan Chrysler Town & Country does show good results, while its power does not affect fuel economy.
Flow Indicators in city driving – 13.84 l / 100 km and 9.41 – on a flat and smooth highway.
In the new Chrysler put on 16-inch wheels and all-season tires 235 / 60R16 BSW, which is perfectly maintained high-speed maneuvers.

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