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The new BMW-7 2018-2019

The new BMW-7  2018-2019developed from scratch.
And it seems that this time the designers have taken into account the wishes of fans of the Bavarian car, the new generation has become more harmonious.
As if feeling for a rich heritage, the car has got even more solidity.
The unique appearance demonstrates typical BMW sportiness products – in the most elegant manner.

Dynamic proportions, elongated silhouette, sculpted surface, branded grille – the design elements form the individual nature of the model.
interior decoration, also corresponds to the nature of car.
Design and technical equipment – all for the comfort of the driver and passengers.
Interior color horizontally divided into two zones.
Materials for finishing choices.
They will help to create a classic, sporty, elegant or representative interior.
Even the smallest details in the interior are made of quality materials and with a jeweler’s precision.
The central console is turned towards the driver.
As befits a luxury sedan, the rear seats in the BMW 7-more like a comfortable sofa than on car seats.
They have a lot of settings, the massage function and ventilation.

Also, the rear has its own climate control and multimedia system.
BMW-7 is equipped with four modes of complex settings – Comfort, Normal, Sport and Sport +.
In the Sport + mode, you can separately adjust the operation of the engine and chassis.
In Comfort mode, the suspension is smooth, undulating stretches of road in the car, even slightly shakes.

This photo shows the chromed silencers, as the BMW-7 was equipped with 8-cylinder gasoline engine 4.4-liter twin-turbo and 407 horsepower capacity.
The torque reaches 600 Nm even before the tachometer needle will reach the mark of 2000 rpm.
It manages the distribution of horsepower, 6-speed automatic transmission.

For the BMW 7-2 offers more updated powertrains. 3-liter 6-cylinder petrol turbocharged 326 hp.
and 3-liter diesel – 245 hp.
Sedan is equipped with systems that are responsible for the comfort and safety.
DSC – dynamic stabilization function has additional options, such as ABS, ASC, braking control during cornering, as well as auxiliary braking in emergency situations Price BMW-7 starts from 110 thousand dollars..

* Length – 5039 mm.

* Width – 1902 mm.

* Height – 1491 mm.

* Ground clearance – 120 mm.

* Wheelbase – 2990 mm.

* Curb weight – 1970 kg.

* The volume of the fuel tank – 88 liters.

* The volume of the luggage compartment – 500 liters.

* Drive – rear.

* Brakes – ventilated disc.

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