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The new 3-door hatchback 2018-2019 Hyundai i30

At the Paris Motor Show 2012 took place the presentation of the new 2018-2019 Hyundai i30 hatchback in the 3 -door version.
Stands 2018-2019 Hyundai and Kia Korean companies at the Motor Show in Paris should definitely attract a lot of fans 3 -door car with sporty looks.
Since Kia showed an updated pro Ceed, 2018-2019 Hyundai and demonstrates to visitors the new i30.
From its five-door “relative” machine differs somewhat modified radiator grille, other “foglights”, as well as other bumpers front and rear.
In addition, the model is equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels preassembled.

Motor gamma new 3 -door hatchback i30 consists of a 6-ti power units – three diesel and three petrol.
But, of course, in different regions of the world will be different set of engines.
Power power units ranging from 90 to 135 horsepower ti.
It is worth paying attention to the 126-strong 1.6-liter diesel, which is a new 3 -door hatchback 2018-2019 Hyundai i30 emit CO2 into the atmosphere only 97 g / km.
The motors are equipped with a manual or automatic transmission 6-speed.

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