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The new 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz SLK – everything you expect from a roadster

Roadster 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz SLK 3rd generation (factory index R172 model) was presented to the fans of speed and drive at the Geneva Motor Show in spring . For the podium of the Frankfurt Auto Show in the autumn of the same year, the German manufacturer has prepared the fastest version of the 2018-2019 Mercedes SLK 55 AMG. In our review article carefully consider body design and a new generation of interior architecture of the two-seater sports car 2018-2019 Mercedes SLK, specify the full specifications, external dimensions, offered to install the tires and wheels, options enamel color, configuration and saturation of comfort functions, safety and entertainment. Carry out a test drive, find out the actual fuel consumption, we estimate the degree of comfort offered to the driver and passenger, the quality of materials used for interior decoration, find out the price for which you can buy a 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz SLK sample year in Russia, and the price of the proposed additional equipment and accessories . Our sketch of the SLK roadster will add photos and videos, analysis reviews the owners will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the car.

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German roadster hardtop body has dimensions comparable with the representatives of the European compact B-Class. But unlike them – the interior of the vehicle with one row of seats for the driver and his companion. Mal spool the SLK, and not only expensive (price of 2.29 million. Rubles), but also handsome, charismatic and temperamental.

  • Body dimensions 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz SLK are: 4134 mm long, 1810 mm (with mirrors 2006 mm) in width, 1301 mm in height (with the top up), 2430 mm wheelbase, 870 mm length of the front overhang, 834 mm rear overhang length 112 mm ground clearance (clearance). Drag coefficient of aerodynamic drag 0,30 Cx body.

Depending on the version of the roadster, and for them there are three Russian motorists, it is assumed installation of tires and disks of different sizes:

  • 2018-2019 Mercedes SLK 250 for tires 205/55 R16 alloy wheels to 16 range, you can order tires and wheels 17 or 18 size;
  • for 2018-2019 Mercedes SLK 350 is installed on the front axle tires 225/45 R17, while the rear axle 245/40 R17 wheels, and of course only 17 light-alloy size as an option on the large 18-inch wheels;
  • hurricane version Merce SLK 55 AMG are shod with tires 235/40 R18 for the front axle and 255/35 R18 for the rear, wheels 18 the size of the AMG three varieties from the basic five-spoke up option mnogospitsevye – titanium gray almost 35 thousand rubles, or black matt for 69 thousand rubles.

A quick glance in the direction of roadster 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz SLK, in order to catch the resemblance model with their older and more expensive brothers 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz SL and SLS AMG. Family style car with three-beam star on the wall grille is present in every line and edge vyshtampovki body double compact roadster.

Accurate bi-xenon (Intelligent Light System) headlamps, long bonnet forming a transition in a stylish protruding nose grille, bumper visually easy with a huge section of the lower air intake and stylish LED daytime running lights rays – so we can see the car from the front.

Soft lines and harmonious proportions of the body when viewed from the side create a smooth surface transitions hood framed windscreen, perfect dome roof flowing to compact aft with exquisitely enlarged wings. Fit harmoniously into the front fenders ducts transmit energy escaping air streams on the sidewalls of the door, leaving a characteristic touches themselves a surface barely perceptible inflated and crowned external mirrors on the legs. No matter, raised or lowered hardtop sports two-seater, every detail exterior demonstrates discipline and dedication to high-speed performance. The dynamics, speed, excitement and with any aggression, the car seemed very sure of his high potential and does not want to once again put on display his muscles.

The back of the body with a perfectly well developed surfaces pontoon fenders, spherical boot lid, original lighting elements of the overall lighting with LED filling, bumper with inscribed into its surface trapezoidal orifices of the exhaust pipes looks like a powerful hurricane swept all the excess, leaving a perfect surface with minimal aerodynamic chips. This part of the body and see mostly motorists when SLK stops at a red light or rapidly removed, overtaking another car in the stream.

When making a voyage around the compact body of the German cars do not arise randomly three characteristics: stylish, bright and cool. 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz SLK 3rd generation really looks great.

  • Complement a vivid appearance of the car twelve different enamel colors: three base not metallic – white calcite, fire opal and black, for metallics – silver diamond silver iridium, silver, palladium, silver galena, gray indium gray tenor, blue kavansit or obsidian black should pay about 43,000 rubles, elegant color white diamond worth 85,500 rubles.

Ending physical description can only mention that 2018-2019 Mercedes SLK 55 AMG is different in appearance from the versions with less powerful engines other aerodynamic body kit (front and rear bumper with more pronounced skirts and diffuser, door sills, a pair of twin nozzles silencers).

Let’s start with the roadster ability to transform into a compartment and vice versa. Sophisticated electro-hydraulic convertible top mechanism capable of 20 seconds to raise or lower the roof dome. Perform operation possible in a static position or cars at speeds up to 15 mph.

The very roof is available in three versions: standard metal, panorama roof, tinted glass with a transparent middle section, and an advanced panoramic glass roof that can adjust the degree of transparency (Magic Sky Control). The mechanism works fine, and many owners before the trip, like children, played by opening and closing the roof.

The trunk with raised roof can accommodate 335 liters, with its addition of a useful amount of luggage will be reduced to 225 liters.

Interior of the new SLK makes a good impression not only by sports seats with heating, Power, anatomic profile and bright lateral support, but also by heating the neck region of the system (Airs Carf) in the basic configuration. Material finishes premium, only the skin on the seats may not like it slippery. And yet another incident in the present expensive Merce. Pushing the chair all the way back the driver to face the fact that the rear part of the back will abut the rear panel, while emitting a constant creaking (not inspected German ergonomics experts).

The driver’s seat provides a low athletic fit. Even with the passage of “pins” of lateral support rollers carefully hug the body, providing a full body contact with the pilot’s seat. The steering wheel with distinctive tides near the right grip, stylish instrument panel with the circular radii of the speedometer and tachometer, multi-function display in the center – a great informative value. Ergonomic placement of controls is worthy of special praise, the buttons are responsible for tuning the multimedia system, climate control, auxiliary vehicle functions operate with a pleasant and reconciling force.

Potential Russian owners roadster when ordering cars packed their purchase additional options that called the eyeballs. A vast range of additional equipment, and the like buying a car for more than two million rubles to indulge in multi-function steering wheel with wood trim for 34,000 rubles, Online Comand system (color screen diagonal of 17.8 cm, navigation, internet browser, DVD-changer) over 201 thousand. rubles and kopecks, acoustics Harman Kardon for 48285 rubles, the system keyless entry Keyless-Go, a package of driver assistance for 134,420 rubles, which includes active cruise control with auto brake, blind Spot monitoring system and crossing marking strip, elektroskladyvaemyh rearview mirror with dimming function, dual zone climate control for the 47-odd thousand, does not.

Thus when ordering dopov cost version SLK 250 easily passes for 3 !!! million rubles -. here’s a compact roadster.

Specifications 2018-2019 Mercedes SLK years: independent suspension – MacPherson strut front, mnogoryichazhka rear disc brakes, rear-wheel drive, hydraulic power steering. Security responsible ABS c BAS, ESP and ASR. Additionally, you can order a sports underestimated on 10 mm suspension or package Dynamic Handling (adaptive shock absorbers, brake system Torque Vectoring Brake – simulates differential lock, steering rack with variable steps teeth – wheel sharper and to turn from lock to lock you need 25% less speed the steering wheel).
In Russia, the new SLK is offered with three petrol engines:

  • SLK 250 with a four-cylinder 1.8-liter (204 hp) are working in tandem with automatic 7G-Tronic Plus, the engine provides a mass of 1500 kg roadster dynamics of up to 100 mph in 6.6 seconds and a top speed of 243 mph.

Fuel consumption according to the manufacturer from 5.4 liters on the highway up to 8.7 liters in the city, in the combined cycle engine is content with 6.6 liters.

  • 2018-2019 Mercedes SLK 350 with a six-cylinder 3.5-liter (306 hp) in tandem with the automatic transmission 7G-Tronic Plus transmission is able to deliver cars weight from 1540 kg to the first hundred in 5.6 seconds, the electronics will not allow to be dispersed rapidly to 250 mph.

Fuel consumption on the passport from 5.5 liters in the country to 9.9 liters in city traffic, at a value in the combined mode, 7.1 liter. Both engines are equipped with a package of Blue Efficiency (start-stop system and other chips in order to save a total of 10% to 15% of fuel in comparison to cars without this innovation).

  • Hurricane SLK 55 AMG with eight-cylinder 5.5-liter (421 hp) is aggregated
  • 7AKPP (AMG Speed ​​shift Plus 7G-Tronic). Roadster weighing 1610 kg engine fires up to a hundred in 4.6 seconds, top speed of 250 (electronically limited), deactivating the auto limiter easily overcomes abroad a top speed of 300 mph.

Fuel according to the manufacturer’s factory engine from AMG drinks from 6.2 liters on the suburban route to 12 liters when driving in city mode.

Analysis of the few owners of reviews (which is rarely condescend so far as to share joyful experiences from owning their cars to other motorists) suggests that fuel consumption in the SLK, depending on driving style is very uneven. Roadster SLK 250 consumes in mixed mode, though, at least 8-9 liters of gasoline and SLK 350 requires a minimum of 10-12 liters. Motor SLK 55 AMG is different modest appetite and consumes an average of not less than 15-18 liters.

Test drive the new 2018-2019 Mercedes SLK: even with an initial 204-horsepower roadster SLK – real wolf in sheep’s clothing. It looks calm and power, but it is necessary to start the engine, as the character of the car changes. The dynamics of the super machine obedient and predictable at any speed modes, stabilization system allows bullies, intervening only in case of emergency. An automatic transmission as two-faced, in economy mode, the machine switches to a higher gear for fuel economy, the sport mode is able to jump three or four steps down, providing the perfect torque. On a straight road behind the wheel of the youngest two-seater sports roadster from 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz to drive can be very fast, but not interesting. Another thing is to drive through the winding roads of the mass turns – buzz car like poured into the rotation on the steering wheel effort is given a pleasant weight in his hand, the machine selects the gear, and at the exit of turn opening the fuel supply enjoy noble baritone, came from the exhaust system.
But !, even at such a phenomenal car has disadvantages (as for our road actually) – a paltry value of ride height and stiffer suspension.

How much is the price in Russia on the status 2018-2019 Mercedes SLK year will start from 2.29 million rubles for the 2018-2019 Mercedes SLK 250. Buy in showrooms of authorized dealers can SLK 350 from 2.57 million rubles… Cost of sales SLK 55 AMG soars to 3.25 million. Rubles. It should be added to the cost of the car price expensive options and accessories, because even such a trifle as the mats in the interior are, unfortunately, a lot.

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