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The new 2018-2019 Honda Jazz (Fit) – not just for the girls

Japanese compact hatchback 2018-2019 Honda Jazz second generation debuted in 2007, four years later in , the car has undergone restyling. Another name for the model, which represents the car in the western markets, 2018-2019 Honda Fit. A second named 2018-2019 Honda Fit, it is often called in Russia. In our review, we consider the new 2018-2019 Honda Jazz (Fit) year, we estimate the body design, learn the external dimensions, pick up the color of enamel and tires with disks, specify the exact specifications, try to comfortably accommodate the driver and passenger seats, take a look in the trunk, find out the number of complete sets for the Russian car owners and their content, to assess the quality of materials used for interior trim and, of course, we indicate the price at which you can buy new hatchback 2018-2019 Honda Jazz in Russia, as well as accessories for cars. Actual fuel consumption will help us learn the analysis reviews the owners, drive test car also will not remain without our attention. For a complete visual experience of our assistants will be photo and video materials.

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The five-door hatchback 2018-2019 Honda Jazz, despite its compact external dimensions of the body: 3900 mm long, 1695 mm (with mirrors 2029 mm) wide, 1525 mm tall and 2500 mm wheelbase, 147 mm ground clearance (clearance), looks sort of minivan. A little tiny bonnet, strongly littered with windshield frame with a large area of ​​the windshield, flat roofline with a barely perceptible reduction in the rear, wide doorways to ensure a comfortable fit on the front and rear seats and fry feed with vertical tailgate.

The front of the 2018-2019 Honda Fit is solved, on the contrary, with a hint of a sports hatchback, a stylish drop large headlamps, compact grille with the 2018-2019 Honda logo and original chrome strip in the form of an airplane wing. Neat small hood with ribs beautiful, powerful body enlarged front bumper bright aerodynamic chips slotted lower air intake and ovals protivotumanok. Excitedly, energetic, dynamic looks Japanese compact hatchback front, as befits a car from 2018-2019 Honda.

Foods with downright huge tailgate, compact lanterns overall lighting and modest-sized rear bumper. In reviewing rear guess the desire of designers to make a stern new 2018-2019 Honda Jazz I most practical, and they succeeded.

Here he is a hero of our review, with sporting overtones appearance, coupled with maximum functionality interior and trunk.

  • Bright appearance is impossible to imagine without the paint color enamel, and for 2018-2019 Honda Jazz range offers exterior colors make think of the potential buyer: Taffeta White (white), Alabaster silver (silver), Polished Metal (dark gray), Azure Blue (light blue ), deep Sapphire blue (dark blue), Milano red (red), Ionised bronze (bronze), Urban Titanium (brown) and crystal black Pearl (crystal black).
  • Depending on the trim level hatchback 2018-2019 Honda Jazz is equipped with tires 175/65 R15 on steel or alloy wheels 15 range. As an option you can order tires 185/55 R16 alloy wheels to 16 range. The size of the wheel arches allows you to install wider wheels and 195/50 R16 or 205/45 R16 for the individualization of the bright, stable behavior at high speed and cornering.

The first thing you notice entering the interior of the updated 2018-2019 Honda Jazz – is unusual for members of the European B-class large size of the cabin. The compact engine compartment in front of the front axle, the wheels of the body placed along the perimeter provide ample interior space not only for the driver and front passenger, but also for the second-row occupants.

With the rear seats and start the review of the interior of the new 2018-2019 Honda Jazz the sample of . To sit down on the second row of seats is convenient, doors open 80 degrees. Legroom over the head with an enviable stock of a tunnel on the floor and a minimum height will allow the center to stay sitting comfortably. Seats can easily be transformed into a flat floor luggage compartment and in the presence of the driver and passenger in the cabin volume of the luggage compartment is 883 liters. In the stowed state with five passengers trunk can accommodate 335 liters of luggage. There is an opportunity to raise the separate seat cushion upwardly and load luggage through the side door.

Chairs of the driver and passenger – with the correct anatomical profile of the backrest and side bolsters typical support do provide convenient and comfortable fit. The driver with exemplary ergonomics placing controls adjusts for dynamic driving.

Comfortable steering wheel with audio control buttons is adjustable in height and depth, stylish and strict instruments in the three wells supplemented by on-board computer display in the center of the radius of the speedometer, powerful front panel with a relief of additional shelves and containers for storing small things, the center console with the original placement Hi-Fi radio (CD MP3 and connectors for AUX USB and iPOD) and large handles control air-conditioning system (convenient and pleasant to manage).

Nestled behind the wheel of the updated 2018-2019 Honda Jazz will not be difficult, not only fragile girl, but the big man with the growth of more than 185 cm Interior qualitatively collected from sturdy materials -. Fabric seat. At the top of the range Executive leather steering wheel and gear box knob, plastic materials, however, rigid. interior elements in motion makes no noise, and tactilely pleasant to the touch.

For Russian buyers of 2018-2019 Honda Jazz is available in three trim levels, starting Comfort is equipped with a very decent by the standards of the compact class – air conditioning, electric adjustment and folding mirrors with heating, audio system with 2 speakers, central locking, electric windows on all doors, adjustable steering column four directions, lift the driver’s seat, a trip computer, an 8-NIL airbags, ABS with EBD and VSA (stability control), the LEDs in the rear lights. Elegance version supplemented with 4 speakers, climate control, heated front seats. Maximum grade packed 2018-2019 Honda Jazz Fit Executive as a supplement will receive 6 points be sound, rain and light sensors, cruise control, anti-theft alarm system, fog lights front, alloy wheels, glass roof.

Specifications 2018-2019 Honda Jazz model years: hatchback built on a front-wheel drive platform, independent front suspension with MacPherson struts classic, rear torsion beam with semi-dependent, disc brakes (262 mm front discs and 239 mm rear), mounted electric power steering (effort on the steering wheel controls the electronics, depending on the speed and angle of rotation of the wheels).
The engine for the Russian motorists provided one petrol four-cylinder 1.4-liter i-VTEC (100 hp) mated to a 5 speed manual (or as an automatic box machine – 6-speed CVT i-Shift).

  • Motor with gearbox mated to a car can accelerate weight 1050-1140 kg to 100 mph for 11.4 (12.8) seconds, and top speed is 182 (175) mph. The manufacturer claims a fuel consumption of 4.8 (4.6) liters on the highway to 6.6 (6.7) liters in the city.

In real operating conditions fuel consumption is really acceptable, analysis reviews the owners shows that the country is enough engine to 6-7 liters and in urban environments 8-9 liters of gasoline.

Test Drive: 2018-2019 Honda Jazz on the move will appreciate the sharp steering, the sharpness is not lost with increasing speed. So nice to feel a connection and steering wheel in a turn, especially at speeds under 120 mph. The engine with a modest herd of 100 horses responsive, readily turns into the red zone and recklessly scatters compact hatchback. Suspension collected, at times even harsh, but not furious. Before the wells of large and medium-sized better advance slow speed, good braking the 2018-2019 Honda Fit with tenacious informative pedal stroke.
Running loves quality road surface, on the broken roads of the driver and passengers will feel unpleasant blows to the body (suspension breaks in the pits). The modern car is designed for normal road and are able to give children the excitement of bright manageability.
That he was so bright and charismatic with a large and comfortable lounge, clockwork motor, excellent suspension – compact hatchback 2018-2019 Honda Jazz.

How much is: buy a 2018-2019 Honda Fit Jazz in Russia it is possible for the cost of 629 thousand rubles for the basic equipment Comfort. Price sale in showrooms 2018-2019 Honda Jazz Executive official dealers of 789,000 rubles. The car is not cheap, and technically difficult. So we recommend maintenance and repair trust experts branded stations 2018-2019 Honda. In case of malfunction spare parts can be purchased at online stores, but as accessories. On typical breakdowns nothing much to say, because of the phenomenal product reliability 2018-2019 Honda company. The engine is able to withstand the 500-600 thousand kilometers. Do not believe me, buy and make.

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