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The new 2018-2019 Ford Focus 3 hatchback, sedan, wagon

The world premiere of “global” 2018-2019 Ford Focus 3-generation took place in January 2010 at the North American Auto Show (Detroit). In the US, the Detroit exhibition visitors saw two body performance innovations – the new 2018-2019 Ford Focus 3 Hatchback and sedan. Presentation of 3 2018-2019 Ford Focus wagon took place a little later, at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2010.

3 2018-2019 Ford Focus sedan, hatchback, station wagon

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New 2018-2019 Ford Focus 3 will be at least five factories of the company 2018-2019 Ford: Saarlius (Germany), Wayne Michigan (USA), Chongqing (China), Rayong (Thailand) and Vsevolozhsk (Russia) and sold in 130 countries around the world.

Design and dimensions

As it is logical to assume, review the 2018-2019 Ford Focus 3 shows the front part of the same in all three body styles (sedan, hatchback, station wagon). Almond-shaped headlights, in the expensive models with xenon and LED daytime running lights. Sporty bumper with the grave situation the size of the air intake and “guns” protivotumanok. Bumper-cowl attracts the eye to the front of the updated model. It is located on the duct is divided into three vertical webs, down goes a pronounced aerodynamic skirt.

2018-2019 Ford Focus 3 Hatchback

Jumpers, soaring up, go to the hood with ribs. Body 2018-2019 Ford Focus with a highly laden with 3-pillars looks swiftness. Notable elements of the sidewalls are fashionable nowadays edges at the top of the door and the sample-vyshtampovki on the bottom.

2018-2019 Ford Focus 3 Saloon

Excellent verified enlarged wheel arches do not spoil a new harmonious silhouette. Body hatchback 2018-2019 Ford Focus 3 – with a dome-shaped roof. Version station wagon 2018-2019 Ford Focus issue – with a traditional flat roof line, but the window line all models rises towards the stern.

3 2018-2019 Ford Focus Wagon

The rear part, perhaps the most beautiful in the hatchback, the original complex form of a narrow overall ceiling splash come on the wings. Accurate tailgate is bordered at the bottom of the bumper, in the expensive versions with diffuser. Focus Sedan 3 different stern with large chandeliers and dimensions, are not devoid of originality and style – highly placed small boot lid, rear bumper powerful, solid swollen rear fenders and wheel arches. The new 2018-2019 Ford Focus wagon 3 generations back is certainly not a masterpiece of design, but all in their places. Large, nearly vertical tailgate, cute sidelights.

All bodies 2018-2019 Ford Focus 3 new traced image of the Iosis Max concept with its kinetic design.
Description of the third focus will of course be incomplete without specifying dimensions in all body variants. NEW grown in size:

  • Exterior dimensions 2018-2019 Ford Focus 3 hatchback, sedan, wagon are: length – 4358, 4534, 4556 mm width for all body types is 1823 mm (2010 mm mirrors), height – 1484, 1484, 1505 mm, the size of the base 2648 mm .
  • Ground clearance (clearance) 2018-2019 Ford Focus 3 – 140 mm (for the Russian version of clearance increased to 165 mm).
  • The coefficient of aerodynamic drag Cx – 0.274 – 0.295 (the lowest in the new Focus sedan).

Interior: ergonomics, quality materials and trim

The third-generation Focus welcomes its passengers inside kinetic design, interior 2018-2019 Ford Focus 3 is decorated with quality materials, different meticulous ergonomics and high-level assembly. The steering wheel on the four-spoke with characteristic tides in the grip area, optimum form (steering wheel adjustable for height and depth). Behind the wheel just nice to take the mass function control buttons are located on the “steering wheel” logical and simple. Instrument cluster with two deep wells and the original configuration of the onboard computer display device and color graphics are impressive.
The front dashboard and center console massive form with complex lines and bends. Deflectors large ventilation systems, rectangular shape. Gearshift lever into the verified place for sports in the vicinity of the pilot located the parking brake knob (for it is not necessary to reach).

Front seats with an excellent profile, moderately tight packing and excellent lateral support. A large center console scares lots of buttons, interior Focus 3 shows a number of electronics, like a mini space ship (expensive equipment). The tunnel between the front seats high and wide, even drivers of medium build feel squeezed between him and the door. Front cabin like in a sports car, all the authorities responsible for the control hint at a rally Focus WRC. Passengers sit in the second row salon inconvenient (narrow doorway and a high threshold), the back row can comfortably accommodate two people only.
Roof 2018-2019 Ford Focus 3 Hatchback has from 277 to 1062 liters of usable volume.

Roof 2018-2019 Ford Focus 3 Saloon

Cargo Volume 3 Focus sedan is designed to migrate 372 liters of cargo, and versatile luggage compartment boasts 476 liters by folding the rear row obtain 1502 liters.

Trunk 3 2018-2019 Ford Focus Wagon

Technical and performance characteristics

In the new Focus 3, sold in Russia, set four petrol and one diesel engine.

  • Petrol engines: 1.6 liters. (85 hp) with 5 fur. PPC
  • and 1.6 liters. (105 hp) – 1.6 liters. (125 hp) – 2.0 liters. (150 hp) with 5 speed manual or automatic box 6 steps PowerShift.
  • Diesel 2.0 liters. (140 hp) with 6 PowerShift automatic transmission.

Front and rear independent suspension, front MacPherson strut and rear mnogoryichazhka with the system «Torque Vectoring Control» (brakes the inside rear wheel for better entry into the turn). Disc brakes, power steering and weight of electronic assistants, but go only as options.
The new 2018-2019 Ford Focus 3, . Release on the road behaves consistently and predictably, the test demonstrates the acute and short-steering (2.6 turns). Comfortable suspension is indifferent to poor road surfaces, sometimes do not have enough energy intensity (knocks on the big pits and potholes). The car shot down and one-piece, you can quickly take turns with no risk to fly out of the way, holding the line on five points. Experience 2018-2019 Ford WRC racing team was not in vain, and is embodied in the civil Focus , which is considered one of the best deals in the European C-class. We do not recommend taking 3 Focus with weak engines of 1.6 liters. (85 hp and 105 hp), the owners of the reviews say that they are not always happy with your choice, note problems with the dynamics and weak acceleration. The optimal choice – 1.6 liters. (125 hp) with a 5 speed manual.

Configurations of the year

The modest initial configuration 3 2018-2019 Ford Focus Ambiente even air conditioning regular radio tape recorder CD MP3 with USB and 6 speakers, monochrome display of 3.5 inches on the dashboard, ESP (Electronic Stability System), EBA (emergency braking assistant), Torgue Vectoring Control (electronic lock simulator differential) and the side airbags are available for an extra charge. The base 2018-2019 Ford Focus 3 Ambiente has power mirrors, ABC with EBD, the system refueling 2018-2019 Ford Easy Fuel (without filler caps), front electric windows, lift the driver’s seat, telescopic steering column, two pillows, central castle and iron wheels of 16 inches.
Equipped with a really rich version of Titanium: disk size – alloy R16, light and rain sensors, interior lighting LED lamps, dual-zone climate control, engine start button, the assistant when starting uphill, adjustable lumbar support on front sports seats with heating, alarm system with sensors volume and perimeter. But even the most expensive equipment is not got rid of the paid options: electric driver’s seat, Xenon lights and LED running lights, LCD displays on the dashboard and center console (4.2 and 5 inches), cruise control, navigation, rear view camera, automatic valet and much more.

The price for the year

Year by year, increasing the prices of new cars even without updates. How much is a 2018-2019 Ford Focus 3 release? Cost hatchback in Russia will start from 532,000 rubles for the “naked” packaging Ambiente 1,6 l. (85 hp) with 5 speed manual. Price sedan Ambiente – 10,000 rubles more. Universal Edition Titanium 2,0 l. (150 hp) with 6 PowerShift automatic transmission with a full range of additional options (leather interior, R17 wheels, lots of electronic assistants) pull 1 million-plus rubles.

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