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The new 2018-2019 BMW i8 – German sports car hybrid

The hybrid sports car 2018-2019 BMW i8, presented in serial form at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the autumn of , in the spring of reached dealers in North America and Europe. The novelty in the face ai 2018-2019 BMW 8 are available in the US at a price of 135,700 dollars, the home of the Bavarian manufacturer in Germany the cost of the hybrid 2018-2019 BMW i8 coupe starts from 126 thousand euros. Russian fans Beamer, thought about buying a new sports coupe 2018-2019 BMW I8 with a hybrid power plant, it is necessary to wait until the autumn of , it was then that the two 2018-2019 BMW dealerships in Moscow and St. Petersburg will be a new sports car.

We provide not wait for the fall, and get acquainted with the new car from 2018-2019 BMW now. The good information about the technical characteristics, the level of the chip filling providing comfort and safety, photo and video materials is sufficient.
The new 2018-2019 BMW i8 , the car unusual, however, as the brother of the revolutionary use of technical innovations hatchback the i3 the 2018-2019 BMW . That’s only 2018-2019 BMW ay3 full electric car, and a sports coupe 2018-2019 BMW ay8 tandem hybrid gasoline and electric engines. On the technology later, but we start with the exterior and interior.

  • External dimensions of the body, the 2018-2019 BMW i8 amount to 4689 mm long, 1942 mm wide, 1298 mm high, 2800 mm wheelbase, 115 mm ground clearance (clearance) with the standard set by tires in size 195/50 R20 front and 215 / 45 R20 on the rear alloy wheels 20th radius with five wide spokes. As an option available alloy, forged and even carbon fiber wheels with tires 215/45 R20 R20 for the front axle and 245/40 R20 for the rear. Front track – 1644 mm, rear track – 1712 mm.

Exterior Design 2018-2019 BMW body ah 8 impresses with its revolutionary spirit and courage, for serial cars. Looks German hybrid i8 sports car like a manta ray (fish family stingrays) – wide and low body sprawled on the road surface, the door wings, fins and look to start synchronously flap.
The front end sports coupe from Bavaria with firm nostrils falshradiatoronoy lattice, so only they snag, because under the hood, front mounted electric motor that does not require refrigeration. Futuristic headlamps with LEDs (dipped and main beam, daytime running lights), no less than the original bumper and bonnet ideal plane with outlandish aerodynamic elements, drops the rear-view mirror on the legs. As an option for the car for the first time in the world offers innovative laser lights (light intensity is 1.7 times greater than that of light-emitting diode).

Side of the body of the new 2018-2019 BMW i8 looks fantastic alien from the future. The sloped hood, tiny doors that open up an exquisite dome roof, ideal radii of the wheel arches, body sills with innovative air ducts, stylish food with unusual cuts over hyped powerful wings.

Rear striking extravaganza of design solutions, providing the one hand the phenomenal appearance, and on the other side of the correct distribution of the air flow for cooling of the petrol engine and increase downforce. All the stern closes the huge size of the bumper with diffuser and stylish, contrasting insert. Overall lighting fixtures original forms with LED filling eloquently emphasizes the aerodynamic grooves on the ledges of the wings, ends the composition large boomerangs, flowing down from the roof over the main landing.

This unusual body shape with low roof and a great variety of air ducts, spoilers, diffusers allowed developers to achieve low drag coefficient of 0.26 airflow Cx figure worthy of respect.
Exterior Design 2018-2019 BMW I8 overtaken by time and will be relevant in the coming 15-20 years. Beauty, and only, but in the outer wrapper hides no less interesting things.

New Bavarian 2018-2019 BMW i8 in the body structure uses the LifeDrive architecture, consisting of two modules. The first lower module is an aluminum platform, which is attached to the internal combustion engine and an electric motor, battery pack, power electronics, transmission, two of them, and suspension components. The second upper unit – passenger compartment capsule with the landing formula 2 + 2, made of reinforced carbon fiber, side door with the inside of the carbon fiber and aluminum exterior. The use of the bodywork and chassis 2018-2019 BMW i8 CFRP material (Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer) and aluminum led to a low curb weight for hybrid cars to 1490 kg, as well as ensure the safety of the driver and passengers at a high level.

The interior of the new sports coupe with a hybrid powerplant from 2018-2019 BMW i8 match for the exterior of the body – a stylish, original, and in some places and fantastic. That’s just to get in hybrid sports car interior is quite problematic. “Gull-wing” doors rise up slightly and shifted forward, providing a wide but low doorway. In order to get into the bucket seat of the first row, you need to jump over high and wide threshold, which is not so simple.

But the rear seats in the best case will be able to get the children of primary school age, and to sit in the second row is not comfortable, the stock of available space is minimal in all directions. Also little space in the trunk, just 154 liters, but still not everyone can put the luggage, because the luggage compartment is located on the engine and it is very hot.

So, as befits a sports car i8 hospitable to two of the people, the driver and his companion. Sitting comfortably in front, legroom is sufficient landing in sports is low, the steering wheel is mounted horizontally. Despite the unusual architecture of the front panel, center console and tunnel in each interior, down to the last button, traced the spirit and style of 2018-2019 BMW. All well-placed what is called a hand and before the eyes of the driver – convenient, functional and ergonomic.

Multi-function steering wheel with three spokes and a puffy rim, Head-Up Display and a digital instrument panel with three operating modes and screen color (Comfort – blue, Sport – orange, Eco Pro – blue plus Economy mode tachometer plate) before the eyes of the driver. At the top of the dash 8.8-inch color screen multimedia system is able to recognize handwritten text (navigation, on-board computer with extended functions, an audio system with USB and the AUX, HDD 20 GB, 7 speakers and even show pictures of the work of the drive system and eDrive circular chambers review), controlled by iDrive Touch Controller located on the center console. Available as dual-zone climate control, front and side airbags for the driver and front passenger and curtain for both rows, an electromechanical handbrake, rain sensor and light, the LED backlight interior, electric adjustment and heated front seats, combined trim seats and cabin skin and tissue.

Specifications of the new sports coupe 2018-2019 BMW i8 year can surprise not only ordinary motorists, and advanced automotive technology specialists.
The front wheels are driven by electric motors eDrive power of 96 kW (131 hp 250 Nm), with the rear meets the 3 ex-cylinder 1.5-liter 2018-2019 BMW TwinPower Turbo (231 hp 320 Nm), the total power of the hybrid power plant makes 362 hp 570 Nm !!!
Available 96 Battery capacity 5.2 kW / h, capable of providing run only on electric traction in the 35 km at a maximum speed of 120 mph.
Tandem electric and gasoline engines allow to accelerate to 100 mph in 4.4 seconds, top speed limited to 250 mph at the turn. The manufacturer claims that fuel consumption in the combined cycle is only 2.5 liters – fantastic for sports car.

The hybrid i8 is equipped with two transmissions, the first 2-speed for the electric motor, and the second 6 automatic transmission Steptronic for the gasoline engine. Approvals of engines and gearboxes in charge of electronic intelligence system.
Suspension is fully independent with two wishbones at the front and five-link rear circuit. Available electric power steering, disc brakes on all wheels, shock absorbers, electronically controlled Dynamic Damper Control and a long list of safety systems – ABS, DSC, CBC, DBC, Brake Standby, Brake Assist, Brake Drying function, Start-Off Assistant, Fading Compensation …

That such a device turned specialists from 2018-2019 BMW. Stylish, with fantastic design, comfortable interior and advanced technology … the price is high, no doubt, but for the exclusive necessary to pay.

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