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The new 2018-2019 Audi RS 3 Sportback –

New powerful model 2018-2019 Audi RS3 Sportback is already ready for series production and is likely to modern design will be presented officially in in the Geneva Motor Show .

New 2018-2019 Audi RS3 year

New 2018-2019 Audi PC3 declared by the manufacturer, as the most powerful, dynamic and fast car in its class. Compared with the outgoing S3, 2018-2019 Audi PC3 is equipped with an improved engine, and various visual changes, both internally and externally. With a strong five-cylinder turbo engine, five-door car can accelerate from 0 – 100 km per hour in just 4.3 seconds and top speed can be increased to 280 km per hour on request.

2018-2019 Audi RS3 Design

2018-2019 Audi Model PC3 around resembles a sports version of the 2018-2019 Audi the A3 , but differs from the base model sporting aerodynamic bodywork.

2018-2019 Audi Sportback PC3 , front view

Exterior 2018-2019 Audi RS3 Sportback adorns the racing suspension, wheels and cars has a new exhaust system with four tailpipes. The new RS3 characterize large front air intakes, mirrors and rear spoiler.
New car 2018-2019 Audi RS3 design is significantly different from the previous model.

2018-2019 Audi_RS3_Sportback , rear view

At the rear of the car can be seen on the roof of a solid spoiler, bumper, having Blending and there are several pipes of the exhaust system. A holistic view of the car create a large 19-inch. drives that are dressed in special tires in size 235 * 35.

Salon 2018-2019 Audi RS3 Sportback

Inside the cabin the new 2018-2019 Audi has 7-inch screen and the MMI navigation, television, ventilation and comfortable seats, a sports steering wheel function.

The instrument panel of the new 2018-2019 Audi RS3 Sportback

Sports seats are covered with fine Nappa leather with contrasting stitching. Small details add to the atmosphere. The pedals and footrest are made of stainless steel; door trim – Alcantara inserts. As it is typical for the RS model, door openers. Possible models also include sports seats with a diamond pattern, embossed logos and optionally light upholstery, and for the first time in the compact segment with the new seat side airbags and carbon seat shell, which is seven kilograms lighter than the basic sport seats.

Salon 2018-2019 Audi RS3 Sportbek

Another attractive option RS 3 – Interior design with red accents, there are knee pads, vents, floor mats and seat belts.

Dimensions 2018-2019 Audi PC3 Sportbek

Dimensions following new items:

  • wide car – 1794 mm;
  • length – 4302 mm;
  • Height -1402 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2578 mm;
  • tank – 60 l .;
  • the amount of luggage – 320 liters.

Note that in this segment of the upgraded competitors Peugeot 308 GTi , the Honda the Civic the Type the R .

Configurations 2018-2019 Audi RS3

The stock of modern design a set of branded equipment from 2018-2019 Audi: 7-speed mechanized box Stronic, having two clutch disc; advanced Quattro drive system. Quattro – is characteristic control system with thrust vector-based program designed for comfortable driving. In a low coefficient of friction road surfaces, drivers can even perform controlled drifts, if desired; upgraded Modularen QuerBaukasten platform freestyle suspension – front McPherson, Rear – 4 linkage technique, adaptive springs 2018-2019 Audi Magnetic Ride as a function; disc brakes – 370mm front discs, 310 mm Zadi, at extra charge. pay offer uglerodokeramichesky brake; control with variable ratio;
Vehicles equipped with the system allows to modify and build on his mind the characteristics of the motor operation, gearbox, suspension, control, stabilization system.

The common configuration in the information system available boost pressure gauge, timer lines laps and oil temperature gauge. And yet as standard integrated audio system, Xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights, dual-zone climate control. Infotainment system and driver support system of the A3, comprises MMI navigation. Comfort package comprises features such as electric adjustment, heated front seats, 4-way lumbar support, auto-dimming exterior mirrors, rain sensor also.

Specifications 2018-2019 Audi RS3

The 2018-2019 Audi RS3 set an unusual engine, which has a 2.5-liter turbo., Five-cylinder TFSI with an efficiency of 367 hp and torque limit of 465 Nm is available from 1625-5550 crankshaft. Gearbox seven-speed – S tronic. Motor length 49 centime. and a weight of 180 kg hand-built 2018-2019 Audi employees in an industrial environment in Hungary.

Engine 2018-2019 Audi RS3 Sportback

Chassis dynamics complements unmatched box. It is guided by the steering wheel, a new car 2018-2019 Audi RS 3 own sensitivity perceives all kinds of corners quickly and firmly. Turbocharger that develops up to 1.3 bar of boost pressure, has a theoretical capacity of 1100 kilograms of air per hour, and the intercooler reduces the temperature of compressed air. A combination turbocharger and direct injection provides high 10.0: 1 compression ratio and thus a good efficiency.

Price 2018-2019 Audi RS3 Sportback

According to unofficial results of the 2018-2019 Audi RS3 will already be implemented at a cost of about 50 000 dollars in the domestic market. The main contenders for this sport sedan, it will be a European model – BMW 135is and Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG. Information on the cost for the US market is not yet available, but it is expected that the price will be higher than US $ 55,000 in . European deliveries will begin in the summer of next year.


Manufacturers of the new model have assured that the development of innovative 2018-2019 Audi Sportback PC3 can deliver the pleasure of operating a motor vehicle, not only on the track but also in the daily operation of the punishment on ordinary city streets. The new 2018-2019 Audi – it’s a great car in all: fast, stylish, powerful, with extraordinary handling and a perfect drive, elegant exterior and a full set of equipment. In , 2018-2019 Audi will be available in Europe soon after its debut in Switzerland, and the first deliveries are scheduled for next summer.

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