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The legendary series Mecedes – Benz G Professional 2018-2019

The legendary series Mecedes – Benz G Professional 2018-2019.
Surprising their capabilities new – old Gelaendewagen, has survived thirtieth anniversary.
This is no ordinary city dignitary.
G – Professional class – an experienced and reliable ace on the roads, and even on the road gives odds to many rivals.
Only at the end of last year vehicles G – Professional began to arrive in free sale.
Before that they were made only in order for the various military establishments.
If there is a money machine that version can buy right now.

In Germany, G -Professional price of 75600 euros.
We have for a sum you can take about five – six UAZ Patriot.
G-Professional – is a converted military under civilian needs Gelaendewagen 461 body.
It is equipped with reliable and high-quality the V6 turbodiesel engine, a volume of 2.8 liters capacity of 183 hp
The torque of 400 Nm.
It is also equipped with permanent all-wheel drive.
Electric drive and equipped with heated exterior mirrors.
air conditioner power is adjusted by turning the knob on the right side.

The instrument panel is protected from moisture.
This is the only production car equipped with three fully lockable differentials.
The rear seats for two passengers only, they do not add up, but to increase the volume of the luggage compartment are moved to the front seats.
G-Professional is equipped with a device towed sights weighing up to 3500 kg.
The car has an excellent combination of accelerating dynamics and traction.
It is equipped with leaf spring suspension with shock absorbers and a sturdy metal bumpers.
Rear brake drum.
During a stop on a steep slope, but they can keep the car on the handbrake.
At the G-Professional installed turbo diesel engine Common Rail.
Gearbox automatic 5 – speed.

On the roads to the aid of relatively high ground clearance 213mm.
and a reduction gear in the transmission.
And there is nothing superfluous in the cabin.
Paul covered durable lacquer and anti-corrosion treated material, is equipped with special holes with plugs to drain the water after the passage of water hazards.
G-Professional is climbing a slope of 80% and has a lateral resistance of up to 54%.
The depth of the passage of the water obstacles up to 60 cm. The engine runs very well even at 35 degrees below zero.
Mecedes – Benz G-Professional is available in four versions.
Classic car 1020 kg load capacity.
Van – load capacity 975 kg, as well as chassis and pickup.

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