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The Germans presented a new BMW X5 2018-2019

Press service of BMW declassified official information about the new BMW X5.
Externally, the third generation of the iconic Bavarian crossover changed too much.

Car with factory index F15 was an evolutionary design – in particular, it is possible to note some of the elements in the spirit of the new 3-Series, and the overall shape of the SUV has become stylistically closer to the “younger” the X3 and X1.
The third generation model built on a new, lighter BMW platform, which will also serve as the basis for the next X6.
As a result, the X5 2018-2019 model year by about 150 kg lighter than its predecessor.
SUV engine range includes an improved version of the units used in the current generation model.
The base engine for all-wheel drive version of the rear-wheel drive and xDrive 35i sDrive 35i will turbo inline “six” working volume of 3 liters and 300 hp
Due to sagging curb weight of up to 100 km / h so the X5 accelerates in 6.2 s – two hundredths faster than ever.
By the way, all versions of the X5 will get 8 -step machines.
And quickly became the xDrive 50i with a gasoline 4.4-liter V8, giving out 445 hp
– Makes this a hundred for 4.9 seconds instead of the previous 5.3 seconds.
Of course, we have not gone away diesels, wide customization of interior and the most complete set of electronic active safety equipment.
Well, of course we look forward to the most charged and M-Version.
Officially the world premiere of the third-generation BMW X5 will be held at the Frankfurt Motor Show that starts in September.
Home sales scheduled for October.

X5 for the first time appeared in the model line of the company back in 1999-th, instantly become a global bestseller.
The first two generations of the prestigious and expensive crossover dispersed around the world circulation of nearly 1.3 million copies.

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