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The fastest Bugatti 2018-2019

Veyron model is a cross between a plane and a car because the speeds that are able to develop the Bugatti 2018-2019 is the fastest, at speeds comparable to modern aircraft and the technologies used to manage this extraordinary means of transportation are taken from aircraft.

Veyron got its name after the French driver Pierre Veyron from Bugatti team 30s;
contrary to popular belief, stress in the model name (and the names of the legendary pilot) placed on the first vowel.
Assembling the vehicle starts with the delivery of parts and components, with each of them separately packaged the same way as packaged jewelry.

By Veyron assembly may be specially prepared by the highly qualified team of workers, while the installation is in an enclosed workplace, where there is no unauthorized access.
This is dictated not only by aesthetic considerations of labor, but also security concerns: despite the fact that the Bugatti Veyron 2018-2019 is quite popular, many of the technologies that are hidden under its combined carboxylic aluminum body, still form the corporate know-how.

It may seem surprising, but the car is capable of speeds above 430 km / h, going from a two-part special on the slipway – a team of skilled workers neatly shifts the two halves of the Veyron so as to connect them together.
Carbon double “capsule” for the driver and the passenger is connected to the engine compartment just ten bolts made of titanium: The cost of each is $ 100.
The process of connecting parts is similar to the assembly of parts of the spacecraft – the slightest error in the force when tightening bolts may result in the death of the car and the people.

Engine Bugatti Veyron – two of the V8 engine is coupled to one super-powerful powertrain, capable of delivering 1001 horsepower.
But this – the official data, which can usually be seen in the promotional booklet;
Veyron real power passes the mark in 1030 “horses”.
Computerized gearbox features two clutch switches on each subsequent transfer of 0.2 seconds: when this scheme the even transfer the output of one section of the gearbox and have their grip and the odd – the other section, and also with its own clutch.

When you go to the next or previous transfer switch is required only clutch as desired transmit ready and do not need to spend time on it to switch.
In reality, the transition from transmission to transmission occurs almost instantaneously – much faster than a normal blink.

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