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The crossover Honda CR-V 2018-2019

The 2014 CR-V crossover from the Japanese company 2018-2019 Honda was able to win several titles rather curious.
For example, a popular edition of Motor Trend awarded the crossover title “Car of the Year “, and from a reputable association IIHS new 2018-2019 Honda CR-V  model year received the highest score in all 5 crash tests.

In addition, in our country, CR-V was awarded the title of “most stolen car of the Year”, ahead of traditional leaders of the “rating” – the Mazda model .
And recently, the Japanese automaker has declassified version of the updated European 2018-2019 Honda CR-V.

Conquering the Russian expanses crossover fourth generation began at the end of 2012, and since then the machine uses our motorists very popular, not only because of their technical equipment, but also because of attractive appearance.

During the last restyling of 2018-2019 Honda CR-V  has received the refined front portion with a slightly mutated headlights, a new grille and a false radiator bumper.
Furthermore, small appreciable conversion and aft.
Indicators crossover dimensions remain the same.

The length of the car reaches 457 mi centimeters, width rests on a mark of 182 centimeters and a height of 168.5 centimeters.
The distance between the axes of the model does not exceed 262 x centimeters and a height of ground clearance depending on equipment version is 18.7 or 17 centimeters.
Machine weight in running order (also taking into account the specification) can be from 1535 th to 1580 kilos.

Inside, the crossover 2018-2019 Honda CR-V in  received the traditional layout of five seats and a decent amount of storage space both front and rear.
Both rows of seats provide passengers with a comfortable fit.
Driver’s seat has good visibility in all directions.

Making the center console and the entire front panel is made in accordance with modern standards of ergonomics, and therefore manage all existing on-board systems can be without any problems.

During the last renovation salon 2018-2019 Honda CR-V 2015 large-scale changes are received.
Engineers only used finishing materials of higher quality, which almost no scratches, as well as increased the number of chrome-plated decorative details in the cabin top options of equipment.

In addition, the Japanese have changed slightly the front parts layout, replace the gears and placed on the center console touch screen 7-inch screen of the new multimedia complex 2018-2019 Honda Connect.

Also worth noting is that instead of the standard cruise control came new technology called Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, which duty is not only to maintain the desired speed and distance control to the vehicle in front (that in our time is no surprise), but and control all the cars moving around.

More precisely, this system is able to determine the likely trajectory of the movement of the machine (for example, if this car is overtaking you want to squeeze between you and the vehicle in front) and fix speed mode, connecting, braking system, if necessary.

As for luggage 2018-2019 Honda CR-V 2015 in the standard state, it is able to absorb up to 590 liters of luggage, but with folded rear couch boot volume reaches 1670 liters minute, while the floor is obtained smooth.
In addition, there is a hidden niche subfields in which a complete set of tools and “reserve” are located in the luggage compartment.

Now on the Russian market crossover 2018-2019 Honda CR-V fourth generation is available with two petrol engines to choose from.
One of them – a 2.0-liter (1997 cm / cc) inline four-cylinder unit with and sixteen valves.

His return is around 150 horsepower at 6000 rev / min and about 190 Newton meters of maximum torque at 4300 rev / min.
This power unit can be paired with a mechanical 6-band transmission, and an automatic five-speed transmission.

In the first case, the engine accelerates the crossover from the ground up to the first “hundred” on the speedometer in 10.4 seconds and top speed of the car reaches 190 kilometers per hour.
In the case of an automatic transmission car accelerates to 100 km / h, a little longer – for 12.8 seconds, while its top speed is reduced to 182 kilometers per hour.

If we talk about fuel consumption, the version with the “mechanics” uses in a mixed mode of movement of the order of 7.9 liters of gasoline, and a modification to the “automatic” consumes about 7.7 liters per 100 kilometers.

Note that the 2-liter unit before fully consistent with environmental standards Euro-5, but after the restyling, according to the automaker, he became fit Euro-6 standards.

The second unit is at the current 2018-2019 Honda CR-V fourth generation – is the inline 4-cylinder engine with a displacement of 2.4 liters.
It is able to develop about 190 horsepower at a maximum power of 7000 rev / min and about 220 Newton-meters of torque limit at 4300 rev / min.

This flagship unit completed exclusively automatic 5-speed transmission that allows you to overclock the car from zero to 100 km / h in about 10.7 seconds.
Here, the maximum speed of the Japanese car reaches 184 kilometers per hour, and the consumption of gasoline in the mixed mode of motion is about 8.4 liters per “hundred” run.

According to some reports, in the arsenal of 2018-2019 Honda CR-V 2015 is not the first of this engine model year, it will replace the new Earth Dreams series motor with the same power and the same working volume, but its maximum torque make already 245 Newton-meters.

In addition, the engine will receive direct injection of fuel, and instead of an automatic transmission will be equipped with stepless variator.

In addition, in some markets for the crossover 2018-2019 Honda CR-V 2015 is available turbocharged diesel unit with a displacement of 1.6 liters, giving out about 160 horsepower and about 350 Newton-meters of torque.

With him in a pair of runs in the automatic transmission 9 stages.
Moreover, the new version with front-wheel drive will be offered to the European market.

Autonovelties Suspension during the upgrade has not changed since the transition has been upgraded model from the third to the fourth generation.
The front part of the crossover is still equipped with independent suspension at the head of the traditional pillars “McPherson”, and a multi-link design is mounted under the stern.
And the rear, and the front suspension have at their disposal the anti-roll bars.

The wheels on both axles crossover 2018-2019 Honda CR-V 2015 received disc brakes, with the front mechanisms are equipped with ventilation function.
Note that in the most expensive top-end trim to get the motor ventilation and the rear brakes.
The front wheels of the machine brake discs have a diameter of 29.3 centimeters in diameter rear discs slightly more – 30.2 centimeters.

Novelty is equipped with electric power steering with variable force.
In our market, 2018-2019 Honda CR-V fourth generation is available with all-wheel drive system called Intellectual Real Time 4WD, which includes the rear axle when wheel slip at the front axle via an electronically locking center coupling.

In the Russian market crossover 2018-2019 Honda CR-V 2015 will be available in two trim levels for options with 2-liter engine and four trim levels for the version with the top unit.

The list of basic crossover equipment includes roof rails, rims made of light alloys with a diameter of 18 inches, halogen headlamps with washers, daytime running lights on the LED elements, dual-zone climate control, heated and electrically adjusting door mirrors, immobilizer, central locking, heated seats first row, electric driver’s seat adjustment, cruise control, a music system with 4 speakers USB ports and the AUX, as well as the electronic assistant at the start of the hill, tire pressure sensor, and just eight airbags.

Presumably, the updated 2018-2019 Honda CR-V will be in the domestic market in the second quarter of 2015 year, while the same will be known and its value.
And the price of an option dorestaylingovoy Japanese crossover, we recall, in our country, starting with 1.33 million rubles.

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