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2018-2019 The British introduced Aston Martin Rapide S

British carmaker Aston Martin Rapide made ​​a restyled model, to which were added the title index S.
The car became more powerful, it equipped the new atmospheric 12-cylinder 5.9-liter petrol unit AM11.
The same engine model is equipped with the DB9.
By design, it is similar to the predecessor engine, although it has improved the cylinder block and head of the variable valve timing.
In addition, the motor is now set about 2 centimeters below.
Power Aston Martin Rapide S increased by 81 horsepower and 558 is power and maximum torque increased by 20 Newton-meters – up to 620 Nm ti.
From zero to 100 km / h Aston Martin Rapide S accelerates in 4.9 seconds, before it was 5.3 seconds.

Its top speed is now 309 km / h, which is 6 km / h more than it was before.
In addition, engineers were able to improve fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
It is also worth noting the adaptive suspension, which has a new Aston Martin Rapide S. It has 3 modes Normal, Sport and the Track, and is able to automatically adjust to different driving conditions.
Speaking about the appearance of the machine, you can select a new radiator grille and rear spoiler a little changed.
In the car there were inlays of ebony and folding rear seats, due to which a luggage compartment capacity can be increased to 900 liters.

Video Aston Martin Rapide S

In Europe, sales of the new Aston Martin Rapide S will begin in February of this year, at the same time, as stated by the manufacturer, the cost of the machine will not change, even though the update.
Recall that in Russia the previous “Rapid” was offered by 10.4 million rubles.

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