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The BMW 6 Series 2018-2019

Finally, BMW introduced the new coupe sixth series. BMW 6 Series  2018-2019 appeared for the first time to the public in 1976.
Even then it was a very progressive car.
It was built on the basis of the seventh series, but the platform seriously being finalized, as the new coupe has been focused for the most part, to the US market, where more stringent vehicle safety rules acted in those days.
In the future, the European and American versions were slightly different.
Although identical in the working volume of engines for the US market powertrains derated to keep within environmental regulations.
Bumpers American versions were bigger, a little spoiled appearance, but in the collision were less likely to break the pedestrian legs.

The main thing in this car – design.
For a typical “front” with reverse tilt radiator grille model nicknamed the “shark”.
And this new design is very predatory buyers like on both sides of the Atlantic, and therefore further model for many years to come use this style.
The next generation of the sixth series appeared in 2004, with a year later presented and convertible.
At this time of the appearance of the BMW posted Chris Bengl – the most controversial designer brand in the history of BMW.

The new BMW 6 Series  2018-2019 has also been designed under his supervision, but the creators managed to retain the “shark” exterior.
The next generation of models received the engines from three liter six-cylinder power unit capacity of 258 hp
the V10 to the five-liter, issuing 507 hp .. And then, finally, there was the third generation of the legendary BMW 6 Series.
So, what’s changed, what’s new and what has disappeared in the BMW 6 Series 2011 in the back of F12 / F13?
Firstly, is now working volume of engines does not match the nameplate on the trunk lid.
For example, it is known that the new product will initially be equipped with two petrol powerplants volume 3.0 and 4.4 liters, and will mark accordingly, 640i and 650i.

Both basic vehicle will be equipped with eight-speed transmission.
Of course, the system will ustanovlny saving and energy recovery, such as the Auto Start-Stop and ECO PRO.
Standard and optional buyers will be offered a wide variety of systems to facilitate the work of the driver.
For example, a 6-series is not only a rear-view camera, Surround View and the function of demand, output to display a panoramic image around the vehicle.

In the dark night vision system “make out” pedestrians on the road for a hundred meters and displays the image on the instrument panel, highlighting the human red.
The camera on the windscreen “sees” and recognizes road signs and warns the driver to change the speed limit.
It will be able to deduce the main indications directly on the windshield thanks to a proprietary feature Head-Up Display.

In general, the car resembles the latest Bavarian “five” – ​​like the hood lines and fenders.
But if you look closely, the radiator grille serving in similar frown wrinkles faces of the hood, in a calm and “fisheye” headlights read hidden aggression.
The new BMW 6-series as it recalls that in Munich to lose face in front of rivals such as the Mercedes-Benz CL and Jaguar XK.
“Shark” is still dangerous.


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