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The Bavarians have created a second-generation 2018-2019 BMW X6

2018-2019 BMW Group has presented one of its new products – the new 2018-2019 BMW X6 (F16), which belongs to the second generation SUV.

The car officially appeared on the Internet with all the relevant photos and videos. The next step – its full representation of a wide range of Russian buyers in August, . The premiere is to be held at the Moscow International Motor Show, which will be presented all the novelties of the year. In the sale of a model and will arrive in December this year.

Price trends

The price of the basic 2018-2019 BMW X6 complete set with the engine in 258l / s, running on diesel will be 65,650 euros. Improved vehicle equipment will cost 87,300 euros, and a powerful engine on gasoline with a torque of 450l / s will cost at least 82,500 euros. It is planned that the first machines will be sold in Germany. They also designed and price.

From previous models 2018-2019 BMW X6, in the first place, different dome-shaped body. Oddly enough, the first generation of a new version of the car found a quarter of a million customers throughout the world, what did not count even sellers – too extravagant look is cars. Another controversial moment of the first-generation 2018-2019 BMW X6 – interior and its practicality.

The second generation of 2018-2019 BMW X6 received prefix (F16) and try to outshine its predecessor. So, the creators radically changed body, increased the size of the car, while reducing its weight. So, the summer car “dropped” the extra 50 kg and is ready to demonstrate to all the beaches of the world.

Car design has changed, not only outside but also inside. Salon has become more practical interior itself – interesting, and of course added an incredible amount of gadgets that help in driving. Car decided to please absolutely everyone – and the defense of nature and want to save. Thus, the second generation model requires a smaller amount of petrol per 100 km – 22% from its predecessor and meets eco-Euro-6. Motor vehicle, regardless of configuration, equipped with start-stop system.
New car 2018-2019 BMW X6 (F16) has impressive dimensions:

  • 4.9 meters in length;
  • almost 2 meters in width;
  • 1.7 meters in height;
  • wheel base of the car – 2.9 meters;
  • distance ride height – 21 cm, which corresponds to the first-generation 2018-2019 BMW X6.

Photos and videos of the new car is already officially available online. This gives the opportunity for everyone to fully evaluate the car, try it for yourself and decide if it is suitable for everyone.
Looking at the car, we can see that the designers have focused on his appearance. They tried to make the car the most sporty and elegant at the same time. Max, what a 2018-2019 BMW.


The first catches the eye bumper – a large, solid, streamlined. You may notice a lot of wind holes and decorative, whimsical features. Worth mentioning that the foglights were designed in classic style 2018-2019 BMW – round and is located directly beside the headlamps. The main lights create a sense of narrowed eyes, framed by a chain of LED rings. Above the lights running lights artfully create a feeling of eyebrows above the eye. Lights shine xenon light or made entirely of LEDs – the second option should be ordered separately. Front grille complements the image made in the shape of ovals and a raised hood of a car, which is invariably long.

Relief goes to the hood and the side surface of the car. This design shows that the car is designed for active recreation. Special relief has side doors, as it were separated from the rest of the car. Auto has a wide rear arches and original made wings. Another feature of the new 2018-2019 BMW X6 – the roof with a small bulge that most resembles a sports car. The high window-sill shedding equipped with small windows in chrome rim.
Bumper develop more streamlined shape, diffuser and trapezoidal tips on integrated tailpipes. Basically the car is remarkable array tailgate, which has a small size and the corresponding glass. This discrepancy looks quite original, if not to take into account that it greatly complicates the possibility of reversing that provides advance – in this situation, are active cameras mounted in the car and turn on the parking assistant. So what can be considered a small glass as another fad car design.
But lighting is not cried out the overall design and pleases customers with their large size. Lights installed in the baggage of the car, on the side surfaces of the body. LIGHTING decided to equip the car with LED lights, so the car is bright even light at any time of the day. This also contribute triangular L-shaped segments.

For alloy wheels used tire radius of 19 inches and tires 255/50 R19, for improved versions – tire length was 20 inches and tires 275 / 40R20 was ideal for the functional purpose vehicles.
The car body is made of steel, aluminum for the hood was used, car fenders are made of plastic. The front body panel is made with the addition of magnesium. This composition of materials used for the construction of the new 2018-2019 BMW X6 and the 2018-2019 BMW X6 M year , significantly changed the power frame.

X6 interior design

Interior design of the new car got from the previous model X5 – F15. As in her car seat reserved for the driver, which has remained a convenient, economical and multi-functional. Before the driver turned around and instrument panel, on which the easy-to-10.25-inch screen. Adapted to travel in different fields and the steering wheel.
The most comfortable car makers have tried to make chairs for passengers are equipped with lateral support, have a central console and interconnected tunnel.

If desired, the machine can be installed a special screen that displays the information you need on the windshield of the car, set the night vision system, install the touchscreen, chetyrehsezonnuyu climate control system, order Leather seats, which can include the necessary inserts, made of aluminum or tree. On the front seats can be installed heating, ventilation and massage.


The car is well equipped, taking into account the safety of passengers – it is an active bonnet, which automatically begins to rise at a collision with a pedestrian, parking assistant, which controls the steering wheel, brake pedal, has access to the accelerator. The car mounted camera that can rotate 720 degrees, set on a collision warning system and braking to a full stop. The driver can also use the tool in a traffic jam, cruise control, blind spot monitoring system.

Roof X6

If you fold the rear seats of the car, the luggage capacity increased threefold. For passengers in the back seat, for an additional fee, you can install multiple color screens, DVD-player.
The trunk in the car was a standard – high altitude, a small angle of inclination of the glass and a rather narrow opening. Nevertheless, it enhanced capabilities Operating boot – with an electronic drive opening tailgate glass. You can open it without even using your hands – just enough to make the swing foot under the bumper.


In technical terms, 2018-2019 BMW X6 is equipped with independent suspension, two-lever system in the front and multi-link rear. In addition, the car can be equipped with optional shock absorbers, install air support on the rear suspension that provides a standard ride height independent of the vehicle loading. In addition, established and stabilizers.
2018-2019 BMW X6 is equipped with disc brakes with discs 385 mm and 34 mm at the front and rear respectively. The steering wheel has electromechanical power, all-wheel drive. Additionally, you can set the active rear differential, which changes the thrust vector.
To buy a car, since December , you can either with two petrol engines, or with three diesel motor, which are equipped with an intelligent control system that controls the flow of fuel.


The two petrol versions and presents a three-liter four and a half liter six- and eight-cylinder engines with a torque of 306 l / s 400 nm and 450 l / s 650 Nm respectively. The car can accelerate to 100 km in 4.8 seconds or 6.4 seconds. The maximum speed reaches 250 km / h, and the fuel consumption, according to the embodiment of the motor vehicle, it can be from 9.7 to 8.5 liters.
The three diesel versions are represented three-liter engine, the torque ranges from 258 hp / 560 and NOR to 381 l / s and 740 Nm. The maximum speed of these cars – 240 km / h. Thus, they are accelerated from 5.8 seconds to 6.7 seconds per 100 km. Fuel consumption ranges from 6 – 6.6 liters.
Each car can be ordered exactly the same time the engine variant, which like most. engine size and fuel on which it runs, is more focused on vehicle complexion – basic, enhanced, or sport, rather than the personal wishes of car owners. What should also be taken into account when buying a car. In addition, you can book a car at any komplektatsii- base, with additions in the interior design, with fixed or with additional features and systems.
If you wish to be one of the first owners should immediately execute an order to buy a car in Germany in December .

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