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Testing of the entire 2018-2019 Jeep line of SUVs

Initially, testing the entire 2018-2019 Jeep line of SUVs, it was planned in the sort variant Light – the sun was shining in the sky, and clay on the track under its beneficial effects, not inferior to the hardness of the asphalt. Of course, there were also steep hill, and space for diagonal display, but to overcome the add is not necessary to have seven rocket scientist, especially near the instructor, and beneath you the best SUVs in the world. But our group was lucky. Suddenly the rain began, and the entire route into a swamp, flavored with steep slippery slopes and lifts. Event organizers do not plan participant disabled, so before releasing the machine in the field, trainers ride on it themselves.

I had a chance to test his time almost the entire lineup of 2018-2019 Jeep division and I can say that all models produced exclusively skated a good impression on me. Hands did not reach only to explicit crossovers – Liberty and of Compass, was simply not very interesting test nedovnedorozhniki, and even under such well-known brand. Now this gap is closed and, moreover, to pass on a previously unavailable versions of Grand Cherokee with a three-liter diesel engine and Wrangler Rubicon with stunning Pentastar V6 engine capacity of 3.6 liters, borrowed from “Grand”.

To this material carrying a theoretical value, I decided not particularly zanudstvuya, tell us about razdatke 2018-2019 Jeep vehicles shipped to Russia, since Russian-language official website found some confusion in terms, due, apparently, inaccurate translation.

Let’s start with the monster: 2018-2019 Jeep Unlimited Rubicon. Where not pass this car, vehicles do nothing, because the system Rock-Trac all-wheel drive is inherently unique. Reduction number then 4: 1, apparently so razdatka and has this name because the Wrangler it is quite able to climb the mountains. Rear-wheel drive SUV, no clutch, no differential there is between the axles, front axle is connected rigidly, and this should be done on the roads or ice.

Very common distributing box standing on Cherokee, a Selec-Trac II title is very similar to it, and Quadra-Trac II, standing on the Grand Cherokee Limited. Between the axes of the friction clutch, and has a number of step-down ratio of 2.72: 1.

The most advanced and honest, but expensive mechanism, called Quadra-Drive II, lets you drive a car on the asphalt in the mode of permanent all-wheel drive, without any “connections when slippage” as a center differential. It is set on the Grand Cherokee in picking Overland, with the Hemi engines 5,7 and 3,0 TD. Reduction number of standard – 2.72: 1. A similar mission has from Mitsubishi called Super Select.

The most lightweight version, this Freedom-Drive I, standing on the Liberty and Compass. Decreases the number there at slip clutch connects the rear axle. Fortunately, the clutch locking function is not forgotten, so that the Compass and Liberty let you ride on moderate off-road.

My arrival began with the magnificent Grand Cherokee Overland, with a diesel engine. However, the car is good in any configuration, it is a pity that in Russia it is twice as expensive than at home. Motor is quiet on heavy fuel and traction, suspension allows you to maintain a fairly high speed on the roads, and security, not something stupid, although they are only mud addition to common sense, however, as on the pavement, if the speed is too high.

Classic Cherokee less comfortable, it feels right, but the potential is asphalt and his “big brother” is about the same. The car will try not to roll over or just a novice to get bogged down, just need time to use the necessary systems – help on the descent / ascent, not bad also activate the lock-down and a number of transmission. As for all the “jeep” is available hand-automatic mode, I recommend to use it, because often it is really needed.

The most «passenger» 2018-2019 Jeep – it is of Compass . Firstly, it is too hard for rough terrain, and secondly overhangs him more even than that of Liberty. Arrivals at the Compass on the field, hardly a comfortable movement in space, a steep climb it also does not overpower, in the absence of a number down, if only acceleration, but will not be dispersed everywhere. Well, that continuously variable transmission “Compass”, you can cool the fixed gear in particular problem areas. But still, the place of this machine more in the city than in the countryside. However, even on the Compass, I never dug, though it was close to it.

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