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Test the updated 2018-2019 Seat Ibiza


Ibiza is available since, so holding the restyling is now quite natural. What’s New? Most eye-catching lights. After upgrading to Ibiza available 2 types of head optics and 2 types of rear lights. This variety of lighting due to the fact that now for a fee it might sparkle trendy diodes. We can not say that the car has become a modern – the front part of Ibiza and before looked good. Probably, this is the case when “tightening” the person is not because of its “aging”, but simply because they need to offer something new. But there is another reason. 2018-2019 Seat cars still do not have a corporate “facial expressions”. But, apparently, the Spaniards it is actively looking for.

When we were shooting the footage, we were approached by the venerable age Aboriginal and began to give advice on how best to photograph the car.
He spoke in Spanish, see that we do not understand, but to attempt to convey their ideas.
And after five minutes of dialogue we still understand!
In a country where the sense of beauty in people’s blood, just can not do “no” Cars.
And Ibiza confirmation

On the design of its vehicles Spaniards can talk for hours, as the aesthetics and style for them – all of 2018-2019 Seat -. Company from the suburbs of Barcelona. Fantastic city, where there are no two identical houses, where every building is fine, flamboyant, modern style, unusual. There is no place for anonymity and greyness, so it is impossible to do in Barcelona ugly car and seatovtsy trying in every way to prove it. And for engineering (at least basic) even meet the Germans: in 1982, Volkswagen bought the first shares 2018-2019 Seat, in 1986 the German company became a major, and in 1990 – the sole shareholder of the company.

2018-2019 Seat Studies show that the main reason for the purchase of Spanish cars is exactly design

Body in Ibiza still three: Hatch is about three (SC) or a five-door and wagon ST. The most harmonious, in my opinion, – muscular trёhdverka that looks equally good on all sides, especially in a spectacular green. From it does not lag behind and wagon, which is also okay tailored and good, that in a very simple “villa” version of that in the form of “pre-heated shed» ST FR. But pyatidverka in profile and from the stern looks a little dull – all because of the ponderous rear lamps featureless and steeply climbing to the roof of the window line. But let subjectivity and move on to the facts.

Changes little. In addition to the front (due to different bumper Ibiza added 9 mm in length) have inner and metamorphosis. Among the most significant: the other “tidy”, which looks more sporty, but almost transfigured climate control unit. Increase the volume of “glove box” – it has more than doubled and now stands at 10.7 liters vs. 4.7 previously. In addition intererschiki 2018-2019 Seat changed color and material finishes.

Ibiza has always been a major messenger 2018-2019 Seat in the international market, and in general the company has developed, mainly due to the compact models.
The car made since 1984 and his current generation – is “the fourth and a half” in a row, and all the world was sold 4,650,000 Ibiza different years

According to the technique of the car is also slightly improved: the modified aerodynamics and updated engines had a positive impact on fuel consumption. Cupra versions in the updated body is not – it is worth waiting for the end of this or early next year. Around the same time, probably, will be updated and the “black zёv» Bocanegra.

Since the restyling in units not seriously interfered with, it goes Ibiza as before. That is a little more interesting and more exciting soplatformennogo Volkswagen Polo. This is explained by the fact that seatovtsy themselves developed suspension for Ibiza and the dampers and springs have different characteristics. By the way, in addition to the chassis independently Spaniards engaged in body design and interior (special thanks for usb-input). But back behind the wheel.

Sit comfortably, all at your fingertips. Although I want to chair a little lower, but it just pochёtche profile. With an average growth of adjustment allow you to customize everything in 10 seconds, but colleagues – both more and less tall – in one voice talking about comfort fit. We get the keys to the 105-horsepower diesel engine and forth. Services that will be offered at us a motor – even to dream. A dream is something to, because at speeds up to 100 km / h in traction motor 150 for all forces! Not a gun, of course, but very lively, and easy to manage urban machine. Chassis to match – not exactly standard, but nice to rotate the wheel when cornering. Roll and pecks just enough to ensure the smooth progress of the balance (feels very similar to Polo) and management information content.

By brakes no complaints.
Once accustomed to a little over-sensitivity of the pedal

Although I prefer the suspension FR – more rigid and collected. We tried this on a machine in a station wagon with a 105-strong petrol 1.2 TSI with manual transmission DSG7 (Now that’s our market). FR version has a more rigid suspension and collected by 1 mm thicker stabilizer bar, as well as other tires. The difference between the “vegetable» Pirelli Cinturato P6 on conventional versions and tenacious Bridgestone RE050A on the FR-versions clearly visible in the first spirited cornering. And let comfort traditionally sacrificed handling: if the usual Ibiza manage just nice, the FR – is interesting. Turbomotorchik about 105 forces has long been well known to us for a variety of models of the group Volkswagen, so no discoveries associated with it. Its thrust fits well with the weight of Ibiza, and the efficiency is higher than the “aspirated” 1.6 of the same capacity. Therefore, such an engine is as optimal for this model.

Fashion LED optics are an option, but not every one of the competitors they are even at a charge – in the compact segment, the decision has not yet become a standard.
By the way, they form in common with the Audi 2018-2019 Seat.
The hint is clear: sports style at a more affordable price

What is it that prospects are trends in Russia? In the last year, 2018-2019 Seat has decided to completely change the model of their presence in our market. Private importer Iberia Motor Rus has been replaced by the official representative within the Volkswagen Group. But although 2018-2019 Seat and does not aspire to premium prices for low Ibiza can not be named: in Russia Reference bundling model with three doors worth 549,990 rubles, and pyatidverka – almost 560 thousand.. The cost of cars in the Style equipment with the “climate”, power accessories and “foglights” – 599 990 rubles.

But, for example, can be purchased tysyachi 554 Volkswagen Polo in complete medium Comfortline same 1.4-liter engine, and the “mechanics”. And there will also be a pair of airbags, ABS, “Power windows” and height adjustment of seat. And at Polo steel wheels are an inch longer (15 vs. 14), and in the presence of the electric mirrors.


Built on the same platform Skoda Fabia looks more interesting proposition. For comparable with starting money can buy Ibiza five-door hatch performance in an expensive Elegance, with the aggregate portion is similar to Ibiza. By paying 554 thousand, Skoda client receives climate control, leather steering wheel, colored mirrors, alloy wheels and other pleasant “free” stuff, which is not present at the base 2018-2019 Seat Ibiza.

Opel Corsa with a 85-horsepower engine and the “mechanics” costs between 514,000 and missing options can be reached in equipment package. And for the 607,000 to buy 101-strong Corso expensive version Cosmo, while Ibiza in the same equipment would cost 630 thousand.

In Russia, the Ibiza will be sold with the “aspirated» 1.4MPI and 1.6MPI capacity of 85 forces and 105 respectively, as well as a turbo engine 1.2TSI (105 troops) and dvuhnadduvnym 1.4TSI (150 troops).
Diesels traditionally expected.
Transmissions, depending on engine and the buyer’s choice – “mechanics” of the gears 5 or 7-step “robot” the DSG

The top 2018-2019 Seat Ibiza today – is a version of FR for a lot of 899 990 rubles. Of course, Ibiza FR is solidly stuffed with: more aggressive bumpers and a different grille, very comfortable (though optional) seats with leather upholstery and sporty profile, slightly sloping bottom “bagel”, the system stabilization, LED modules to the optics. And most importantly – more interesting suspension combined with good tires. However, for comparison, Skoda Fabia RS is from 815,000. And that, given that it has under the hood of 180, rather than 150 hp And the 192-strong Opel Corsa OPC is not much more expensive – 915 000.

the question was asked at the presentation by one of the Russian colleagues about how cars will take our southern cold.
The answer was simple: first, almost all units created by the Germans, and most southerners have to refine themselves under the cooling system than Northerners to worry about frost, and secondly, 2018-2019 Seat cars are quite popular in Finland Nežárkou

2018-2019 Seat In this year plans to sell about 7,000 cars in more than six times more than last year. The 2018-2019 Seat believe that their cars will buy a younger audience than the one that becomes a customer-brand counterparts on concern. One of the trump cards against rivals Ibiza is the availability in the range of wagon body (it is more expensive trehdverki 50 thousand).

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