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Test drive the crossover 2018-2019 Ford Kuga

For 2018-2019 Ford Kuga in a new generation of “2018-2019 Ford” even invented a new deciphering abbreviations SUV – not Sport Utility Vehicle, and Smart Utility Vehicle, ie smart crossover.
Of course, this does not mean that the car was implanted Einstein’s brain, but artificial intelligence and various electronic gadgets 2018-2019 Ford bustles heart.
And seasoned Russian assembly and a rich selection of complete sets.

His most compact crossover, which appeared in 2008, 2018-2019 Ford has implicated from different components.
Raised platform – from the C-the Max , the Haldex four-wheel drive – from then-sister of the Volvo , the interior – from the Focus, but with a “B maksovskoy” boarding the bus.
Even the name he came up with unnatural – Kuga.
It does not mean anything, but supposedly consonant with the “2018-2019 Ford’s” coupe Cougar.

But avid for crossovers Russian citizens for some reason not in a hurry to line up behind the car in place: only about 11 thousand cars were sold in four years.
For comparison, the VW the Tiguan only in 2012, 31,272 have chosen buyer.

In Russia, “Kugu” ruined suicidal marketing policy with the gradual withdrawal of the market of certain modifications: first was available with either a turbodiesel in the unusual in this class “handle” or a strong “gasoline” to “machine” – other alternatives appeared much later.
And, of course, the relatively high price.

Since the new year offers 2018-2019 Ford Kuga crossover in Russia with a simple “aspirated” and front wheel drive.
And as a result of sales of this version was one of the most popular: the market falls, 2018-2019 Ford sales are down, and the Kuga shows significant growth.
So crossover in Russia necessarily be all-wheel drive?

On the change of consumer preferences and the study says the agency “AUTOSTAT”.
According to him, now every fourth crossover buy without all-wheel drive.
However, in areas with difficult terrain, for example, in Vladivostok presence AWD still plays an important role.
To the extent that local imported from Japan exotic all-wheel drive Nissan Tiida with an electric motor.

But if you’re a resident of the metropolis with an acceptable quality of the roads, you do not sweeps snow all year round and you do not have to climb the dizzying ups, why not donate clutch for reasonable prices and the availability of “machine”?

Now the segment leaders in the Hyundai the ix35 , the Kia the Sportage , the Nissan the Qashqai , the Mazda the CX-5 , of Mitsubishi the ASX have versions with front-wheel drive and “Automatic”.
And all – with atmospheric engines.
By the way, naturally aspirated engine – is also an argument for the Russian buyer’s ability to drive motor warranty without problems is more important turbopodhvata and economy, which is actually still far from the values ​​referred to in the booklet.

Here’s a Kuga front-wheel drive, the usual “automatic” and the atmospheric engine 2.5-liter 2018-2019 Ford brought to Russia in the beginning of the year.
And now, when the experiment was a success and the success of version became evident, the company decided to gather journalists to test drive.

Utility uses a modified platform of its predecessor, it has retained a wheelbase of 2690 mm in width and 1840 mm.
At the same time it has grown to the length of 4524 mm, and height – up to 1684 mm.
As 2018-2019 Ford continues to develop its corporate identity, called kinetic.
second generation Kuga confirms this.

It looks very similar to the coupe previous 2018-2019 Ford Kuga, however, it looks fresh and modern.
Especially noticeable relationship when viewed in profile.
The car retains the familiar rapid profile with the falling roofline and a large angle of inclination of the windshield.

Dynamic design emphasize the athletic swollen wings, profiled bonnet and sides.
Game complex intricacies of lines and “fordovtsy ‘faces began another ” Fiesta ” and continue to this day.
Crossover 2018-2019 Ford Kuga looks quite harmoniously.

The familiar and the “face”: the large oval headlights combined with the narrow radiator grille and the front bumper is a huge trapezoidal air intake.
However, it was not without the traditional all-terrain attributes.

The bottom of the front and back covered with silvery protective plates and bumpers, sills and wheel arches of the body decorated with black plastic pads.
Slanted lights spaced out on the wings, and the fifth door is decorated with a chrome bar and a spoiler at the upper edge.

Elements of kinetic style visible in the cabin 2018-2019 Ford Kuga.
Many features on the newest know the Focus , with whom he shared a lot of crossover units.
In particular, it is a general steering wheel with chetyrehspitsevy excrescences on the rim in the region of the grip arms.
The dials of the instrument placed in separate wells, and between them have a color display of the onboard computer.

Another monitor, touch, crowns inclined central panel – it displays readings SYNC multimedia system.
It also includes a voice control function.
Switches audio blocks and climate control have a bright blue backlight.

The choice offered to ordinary seats or sports seats with integrated head restraints.
They are filled with environmentally friendly foam created on the basis of soy.
Finishing materials are improved in the cabin, and a portion obtained by plastic recycling.

At the rear is quite spacious, and no harm will be the third passenger.
The central tunnel is completely absent, and the backrest (40:60) can be changed in three fixed positions.
The driver’s seat with a simple little upholstery and manual adjustment is quite comfortable, although pillow short.

To press on the button located on the steering wheel, it is necessary from the top down, twisting his hand in a strange way.
The side air vents have two divergent sections.
From the bottom is constantly blowing.
And you can only close together.
Panoramic roof – awesome.
But it only moves the front part and at high speeds – a higher source of noise in a very quiet cabin.

Noise is gorgeous – over her experts “2018-2019 Ford” have worked on glory.
The “Kuga” improved aerodynamics, the exterior mirrors to change shape, re-elaborated insulation wheel arches, increased thickness of the side windows.
The result – significantly reduced noise levels.

At this point 2018-2019 Ford Kuga – the quietest of crossovers “nepremialnogo” segment.
At least, according to the figures.
The car with the panoramic roof is only slightly noisier.
But still talking to a fellow traveler can comfortably even at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour, or on bumpy road.

The fifth door is equipped with electric drive and can be opened automatically – a sensor mounted below the bumper responds to a simple movement of the foot.
Cargo capacity with the rear seats folded reaches 1928 liters mi.
2018-2019 Ford continues to offer gas tank EasyFuel neck without cork screw.
Very comfortably.

In the Russian market 2.5 engine for 2018-2019 Ford offered for the first time.
We had assumed that he had a lot to do with “mazdovskoy” Quartet 2,5 MZR, which is installed on Mazda6 and front-wheel drive CX-7 .
In particular, these motors have the same diameter of the cylinder, the piston stroke and displacement.
However, “fordovtsy ‘relatives denied.

This is the second engine “Kuga”, which develops 150 horsepower.
First – derated version of the supercharged power unit Ecoboost 1.6-liter.
This figure is not random, as the Russian cars to 150 liters.
subject to relatively low transport tax.

In the US, Escape ( “Kuga” American double) with a motor of 2.5 develops more power – 168 horsepower.
Incidentally, I wonder what prevents reduce power midsize crossover the Edge , the assembly which has recently started in Yelabuga?
However, this model have sold with an engine capacity of 288 horsepower.

Unfortunately, 2018-2019 Ford does not report dynamic characteristics Kuga crossover with a 2.5-liter “aspirated”.
But the real fuel consumption, despite the difference in terms of passport is unlikely to vary greatly.
“Aspirated” slightly inferior turbo torque: 230 against 240 Newton-meters.
And the thrust peak power unit comes at 4500 rpm, while the Ecoboost already “shot out” – he develops a maximum torque from 1600 to 4000 rpm.

These figures illustrate the difference in the characters of the motors.
By the way, 150-hp turbo engine is available only with “mechanics”, and the engine 2.5 – a six-speed “automatic”.
The difference in price – 10-15 thousand, depending on the configuration.

To aspirated engine responded livelier pedal made very sensitive.
Subjectively, it adds to the dynamics of the car, but in traffic suffers smoothness.
crossover speed dials quickly.
Feels for dispersal to “hundred” car takes about 10 seconds.

The ruts 2018-2019 Ford Kuga behaves not stable enough: accelerated sharply – and immediately feel the torque steer;
It slowed sharply – and prowl car significantly.
Moreover, during braking on a mixed doubles when the wheels are on surfaces with different adhesion, stability, even higher than at the asphalt.
This behavior, with the exception that the torque steer, was observed in all-wheel drive cars.

On dirt road the car goes well – enough energy intensity suspension.
The most difficult exercise for the front-drive Kuga – rise with ruts and holes.
The front wheels are hung, and electronics, podtormazhivaya them also cuts off the engine thrust.

Better to take an obstacle course, with the disconnected system of stabilization and fixed first transmission.
This tactic is more effective: a crossover, blowing from under the wheels of sand and clods of dirt, easily overcomes the most difficult obstacles: the rise of the bumpy and a deep puddle.

Limiter terrain on “Kuge” act fairly long overhangs, small corners of the Congress-entry (27-28 degrees), the ramp (17 degrees) and the highest ground clearance from 192 to 198 mm depending on the modification.
However, prior to giving FWD Kuga will take, and out of a snowdrift, most likely, will be selected, and the more of it is not worth much to be.

Russian assembly has allowed a little to reduce the base price to 899 thousand rubles.
2018-2019 Ford Kuga with a naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine and automatic transmission 2.5 – is now the second most popular version.
Most buy only four-wheel drive Kuga with the turbo engine of 1.6 in Titanium package.
But the price tag on them – more than 1 million 200 thousand rubles.
And, as a rule, buyers order and additional options.

The most in demand – tailgate opening system handsfree: a light kick in the bumper, and the fifth door slowly rises.
Quite popular and active assistance system in parallel parking – a car chooses the place, he rotates the wheel and tells the driver where to go.

Here they are, the two extremes of the nature of the Russian buyer Crossover 2018-2019 Ford Kuga: some appreciate the progress, others – conservatives are ready to put up with poor equipment version with 2.5-liter engine.
The bundling Trend only have air conditioning, climate control and other equipment are available for a fee.
Parking sensors mean extra equipment and Trend Plus.
Option is important, because the 2018-2019 Ford Kuga – is not the champion of visibility from the driver’s seat.

As for the brand “chips” such as opening the trunk without hands, parking assistance and emergency braking system, they generally can not be ordered for the version with the engine 2.5.
But experts stress it is the reliability of 2018-2019 Ford “aspirated” chain-driven timing, as well as the “machine» 6F35 – poured enough oil in it for life.

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