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Test drive the Chevrolet Cobalt 2018-2019

Not satisfied with the quality of roads, and the SUV has no money?
Then you need a low-cost sedan, the benefit of them in Russia divorced abound.
Every company that comes in this segment, knows that to be successful enough to make the suspension of such a machine from a bullet-proof steel.
His version of “not killed” car for Russia and the company introduced the Chevrolet.

A more convincing held a presentation where the road surface is in a worse state than ours.
In Uzbekistan.
The former Soviet republic of the Uzbek SSR, and now just the Republic of Uzbekistan – a paradise for these vehicles the test.
Or hell?
The whole country – a continuous tank testing ground.
The fact that there are called roads, in fact, is a set of different-sized holes, each of which can be fatal for most cars.

Why Uzbekistan?
Firstly, here in Asaka, GM UZbekistan factory and produce Chevrolet Cobalt 2018-2019.
Including those sedans, which in January sold in Russian showrooms.
Secondly, they say that the houses and walls help.

Demonstrate safety margin “Cobalt” helped inimitable way: after the Uzbek Russian hell seems this machine cakewalk.
Over 300 kilometers of rough roads in Uzbekistan, we really became friends with the new sedan Chevrolet, named after the 27th element of the periodic table.

Suitability Cobalt to the harsh conditions of developing countries have already demonstrated the Brazilians, who sold the car last year.
There, in the GM Design Center in São Caetano do Sul, and came up with looks Chevrolet Cobalt, and the concept of the same name in 2011, presented at the International Motor Show in Buenos Aires.

Looking at friends under a microscope – a thankless task.
But sometimes it is necessary.
And what do we see?
Connoisseurs frills design, soft plastic in the interior, fine leather tanning leather, as well as the consortium, devices, compensating defects of the driver of gray matter can immediately page through these pages.

On the exterior of low-end models, both of the dead: or good, or nothing.
And Chevrolet Cobalt is no exception.
The massive grille looks bad, but exaggerated lights spoil everything.

Traditionally boring for all small sedans appearance designers tried to brighten tricky vyshtapovkami – on the bumpers, hood and side walls, but they are not made of “Cobalt” handsome.
However, let’s be honest, among his competitors also no winners of the competition of elegance.

At first glance, the interior of the car looks no worse than the cave of Ali Baba, after the removal of its “cache” and other good.
Only the original dashboard-gem adds color to the dominant palette that perfectly matches the description of natural cobalt as the gray metal.
However, all is not gold that glitters.
Plenty of room in all directions – one of the values ​​of Chevrolet Cobalt in any configuration.

“Passed” and for ease of selection of comfortable driver’s landing, though the high-mounted seat cushion on a par with the steering column is adjustable for tilt only.
Mirrors in both sun visors.
However, without light, but acceptable glove compartment roominess electrified.

Front all pretty quite simply: materials, as in all “state employees” very modest.
But the chubby comfortable grip steering and dashboard of the Chevrolet the Aveo , with a large tachometer and digital speedometer, significantly quickens gray interior.
There are a large number of containers for small items – even the door pockets are divided into convenient compartments.

But it’s made of cheap plastic, and therefore any thing laid to issue an infernal roar on every hole.
Uzbekistan – permanently.
It remains only to make a loud “music” (audio system with AUX and USB inputs available in the “top-end” configuration for LTZ 530 000 rubles).
It sounds, though, as the old radiogram, in which more recently listened to secretly “Voice of America”.

But from the “Cobalt” external noise sources is protected well.
Especially well-insulated constantly working in extreme conditions, and a new suspension for Russia 1.5-liter 105-hp engine, which is produced right there, at the factory in Tashkent (part of engines exported, for example, in Indonesia).
Noise underbody and wheel arches worse, but tolerant.

From the pleasant pleasures provided in the “base” (for 444 000 rubles), it is worth noting heated front seats and mirrors and the presence of the driver’s airbag.
Seats are comfortable, but with a clear focus toward comfort: the body in turns they hold mediocre.

The steering column is adjustable only in height, which can create certain problems tall or, conversely, low drivers.
Air conditioning is available for an extra charge of 26 000 rubles.
But the most curious thing that will have to pay more and for ABS that goes along with the second front airbag in the so-called “security package” 20 000 rubles.

A car without brakes “in the database” Now seems to be something out of the ordinary, but, nevertheless, it happens, for example, the time-to-market Hyundai Solaris his initial grade was also without ABS.
Most likely, over time, the ABS will include in the basic equipment “Cobalt”, slightly increasing the starting price.

The size of the luggage compartment Chevrolet Cobalt – champion among budget sedans.
Volume of luggage compartment is 545 liters.
back sofa backrest folded in the ratio of 1: 2.
In the “underground” – full reserve.

In the basic configuration on the Chevrolet Cobalt installed stamped wheels with tires of the dimension 185/75 R14.
In the “top-end” LTZ versions “Cobalt” are already light-alloy 15-inch wheels (tire size – 195/65 R15).

Suspension Chevrolet Cobalt – its main trump card.
It is impenetrable, it is, at the same time, able to withstand banks and does not drive the car like a sail on a yacht.
An excellent compromise to Russian realities.

It must be a very strong desire to break through the suspension Cobalt.
Tougher than the Brazilian namesake dampers safeguard against seasickness, a clearance of 160 mm (152 mm with fixed crankcase protection) – from the bottom contact with hummocks.
The active steering shows how well matched the sensitivity of “donut” (2.5 turns from lock to lock) and adjustment of the hydraulic booster.

At the height of slowdowns and predictability, while at the rear brakes are drum and running barely begun.
Of course, there is always the question of what life in such way, without exaggeration “combat” conditions.

Anyway, Chevrolet Cobalt did not flinch, recalling that the natural cobalt alloyed steel become super strong.
Moreover, the 27th element, unlike many other metals hardly loses its magnetic properties by shaking.
What am I doing?
The fact that the latest version of the EM 1 Gamma platform is suitable not only to prance on potholes.

On a much more smooth roads of republican importance Cobalt limes to cover tires ContiPremiumContact 2 at speeds close to the maximum.
Services that are not behind mnogoryichazhka, like yielding powers of the Lacetti, and a torsion beam.
By the way, less onerous repair.

And that Chevrolet Cobalt under the hood?
For the model in the “Russian” version is reserved petrol 1.5-liter engine (105 hp).
The organizers of the test and saved us from the puzzle with a choice of transmissions – only AKP6 known as MKP5, in other Chevrolet models.
Generously metered to “state employees’ number ranges explained simply: the atmospheric” Quartet “is laid out to the maximum at high speeds.

Bored with the silence?
The engine will go to meet you, we need only take the tachometer to 5000 rev. / Min.
1.5-liter engine family Ecotec B-DOCH (codenamed B15D) second generation developed in Korea and is available only at the GM Powertrain Uzbekistan plant.

From its predecessor featuring a large number of sensors and the presence of “black box” in the control unit.
Unpretentious motor fuel, consuming as the 95th and 92nd gasoline.
Place on a Cobalt engines Chevrolet Lacetti did not make sense, because their potential is limited to modernization.
But based on the B15D version may appear to the intake manifold with variable path length and deactivation of the system of two cylinders at partial loads.

Automatic transmission – another big plus Cobalt.
Well it at least because, unlike its competitors, has six steps instead of four ( the Volkswagen the Polo does not count as a version with “automatic” is more expensive – from 576 800 rubles).

And let the gear box Cobalt does not possess adaptability and speed change, but change step smoothly and predictably.
Due to the additional two gears to overtake it is not necessary to go to the “second” a frantic roar of the engine.
Another would remove this uncomfortable tab on the side of the arm, which is responsible for switching to manual mode.

But the ability to change gears manually – it’s good.
sometimes we have to use this button – to quickly drop a few gears to tight overtaking.
“Below” weak engine and accelerates the “Cobalt” very sluggish.
Revive the sedan is only possible with the help kick-down or manual shift, throwing the arrow tachometer 4000 rpm.
Below this level of Cobalt – «a vegetable.”

No severity and controllability “Cobalt”.
Given the ease with which the suspension dampens shock and vibrations, and how calmly Cobalt flies through Uzbek parody of the highway, one would assume that the car will be in the corners complete weakling.
But no precise steering wheel, power, and there is no excessive bends banks.
All in the “budget” of the genre.

While in Russia there is no plant to produce engines for cars assembled in our models of foreign brands.
Meanwhile, in Uzbekistan for the second year running GM Powertrain Uzbekistan company (share of GM – 52%, UzAuto – 48%).

The plant, designed by experts from Germany and the United States, one of the read in the global GM structure, where in the same area taken by foundry and assembly production.

Sterile cleanliness in workshops (liteyka during our visit was not working, but it is hardly kicked a specially gloss) no less impressive than the latest technological line.
Today the plant produces aluminum head block for 1.2 / 1.5-liter gasoline engines.

Billets crankshafts and cast iron blocks for subsequent machining on the GM Powertrain Uzbekistan come from South Korea.
From the same, and 90% of attachments.
Fuel injection equipment from Bosch.
Use a high-tech system for monitoring production processes.

After a year or two, the company should reach the 3rd level of quality on a five (5 th level of marriage in general is not allowed) scale GM.
This means that the defective item will be released from the site.
GM Powertrain Uzbekistan is already exporting head varying degrees of readiness units.

Moreover, in the 2012-th, the first full year of operation the plant produced 12,000 engines, of which the 7500 1.2-liter shipped to Korea for installation on the Chevrolet Spark for the North American market!
None of the kind on the “Varyag” aircraft engine plants not heard in Russia.

In the future, GM Powertrain Uzbekistan will be able to produce up to 360,000 engines per year, and by 2018-2019 it is planned to establish and release INC / ACT.
Russia’s participation in the production process is reduced to the supply of aluminum ingots …

The “Chevrolet” expect “bite” of the market competitors – of Renault of Logan , the Nissan Almera , the Hyundai the Solaris and the Kia the Rio .
But a very small part – for this year is planned to sell only 30,000 “Cobalt”.
The cost of the car is from 444 000 to 530 000 rubles.

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