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Test-drive SUV 2018-2019 SsangYong Rexton

While the classic off-road one after another, get rid of the frame, lower series and other attributes of off road, the Rexton remains true classics: in spite of the fresh design, it is as brutal as in the already distant 2006, when only appeared in Russia.

His name 2018-2019 SsangYong has won thanks to frame SUVs, but here’s the thing – a significant increase in “Koreans’ sales was observed only since 2011, when the model number” Two Dragons “(as translated from Korean name 2018-2019 SsangYong) appeared crossover Actyon with a monocoque body, and affordable both from the front and all-wheel drive.
On its share it is now accounts for about two-thirds of sales.

During the nine years that have passed since the release of 2018-2019 SsangYong brand in the Russian market has changed a lot.
Firstly, ever gone car prices in foreign currency, as was the custom in the 90th and the first half of “zero”.

Prices predictably increased.
Rose himself Russian market: despite the current downturn, sales increased approximately 2.5 times.
Second, he changed the brand 2018-2019 SsangYong.
Brand is now owned by the Indian corporation Mahindra & Mahindra.

The second generation of the Rexton, which replaced in 2006 the first generation of the car, not much different from its predecessor.
What to say about this facelift: the car just got new headlights with “daytime” LED lights, new bumpers and hood.
But this is a little secret venerable age model, the image of which was invented in ItalDesign back in 2001.

The first thing that catches your eye – a label with the letter W on the rear rack of the new 2018-2019 SsangYong Rexton.
Koreans explain: it is work of art – a work of art in our opinion.

Feed car is also improved.
Changed bumper, lights and over the tailgate has an additional spoiler with LED stop lamp.
At least more modern!
Although after the appearance of large seven-seat SUV Actyon withdrew into the shadows.

It is roomy and unpretentious but remained structurally and ideologically in the beginning zero.
Frame construction, continuous rear axle (rear suspension is available only to top-end version), uninformative steering.

Yes, the exterior design of 2018-2019 SsangYong Rexton W noticeably more modern predecessor, but the interior looks like a greeting from the 90s: a scattering of buttons on the steering wheel, inlays in wood, and the lack of a car for 1 100 000 rubles.
multimedia system with screen diagonal of at least seven inches in 2014, seems surprising.
Although ergonomic no major complaints: Power seats allows comfortable enough to stay in the driver’s seat.

In general, the cabin without revolutions.
A completely new – only the design of the center console.
It is quite convenient: here and convenient cup holders, and a large box, combined with armrest.
There socket for connecting devices via USB and AUX.

It is a pity that the huge steering wheel is not changed to something more decent.
But to use the audio system and “climate” has become more convenient, although the location of some keys is still beyond human logic.
Materials become “civilized.”

By the way, the Koreans promised that after restyling in the decoration is used natural wood and aluminum.
And if a natural wood inserts you can still bet on the “winged” metal even say nothing: banal painted plastic.
Still salon began to look richer and more civilized.

But from a technical point of view, almost everything remains the same: and engines (petrol and diesel), and transmission.
It is logical: from well – well enough alone.
Serious complaints about the operation of the unit has never been.
But the claim to the suspension, alas, remained.
Why at a speed greater than 90 km / h the car begins to sway significantly on any irregularities?

However, in fairness it should be noted that to break even on its serious pothole easy.
Obviously, the case in the settings – Koreans want more comfort, yet the Rexton – the flagship of the brand.

Frame 2018-2019 SsangYong Rexton comes with a turbodiesel in volume of 2,7 liters (165 hp or 186), or petrol “six” 3.2 combined with five-step “automatic”.
But gasoline 2018-2019 SsangYong Rexton is so greedy that they buy only the owners of the gas station.
Therefore, the test we were given only diesel versions.

The “machine” has two additional algorithm: S (sport) and W (winter).
Manual switching performed using awkward “flag” on the left side of the lever.

A more powerful version of the five-cylinder turbodiesel – the most advanced.
On it is installed the turbine increased productivity with variable vane geometry, it has a special system of exhaust gas recirculation.
However, in reality the extra 21 horsepower weather does not – according to subjective feelings, the speaker 186-strong version (it is called XVT) are not much better than the 165-strong XDi.

There is not much difference in noise and vibration loading.
Both engines that are still rooted in the past century – a five-cylinder turbo diesel Mercedes-Benz, can hardly be called Tikhonov.
they tambourine loud and unpleasant – not voice caresses the ear because of the “odd”.

The most noticeable difference between 186-horsepower engine – a little more traction, which is especially felt at 100 kilometers per hour speeds.
Surprisingly, the torque from the diesel good – 340 and 402 Nm, but the mass of two tons and too lazy five-step “automatic machine” made from any 2018-2019 SsangYong Rexton slug.

Depending on the type of motor vehicle equipped with different rear suspension and drive types.
On a more powerful version is installed mnogoryichazhka independent and permanent all-wheel drive system.
On the other, that the weaker – a continuous bridge and plug Torque On Demand.

This suspension runs rough.
It does not just collect all the bumps – she seemed multiplies their own unsprung masses, accompanying the whole process of unpleasant sounds.
Especially on the roads of Volgograd region, who do not from the rubble, bitumen and asphalt, but only out of the pits and patches.
They 2018-2019 SsangYong Rexton constantly trembled, lost stability and bounced like a ball.

With the independent rear suspension 2018-2019 SsangYong Rexton rides more pleasant, but not enough to talk about radical changes.
Yes, it is not so much interchanges over the potholes, but otherwise it is still severe: remains of rolls in the corners and on the nervous “over a hundred” speeds.
Add to this a completely desinforming steering and will not very hopeful option.

“Rexton” in the dirt.
Here comfort and driving pleasure fade into the background, and on the first cross-out.
Limp mold, slippery descents and ascents, tough primer, track, sand – on our itinerary was all.
And all this 2018-2019 SsangYong Rexton swallowed with pleasure.

Particularly pleased with the modification XDi down-side, simultaneously with the inter-axle differential lock – in a more powerful version of XVT «ponizhaykoy” No, and this limits its capacity.

Components quite rich: there are front and rear Parktronic, cruise control, sunroof, rear and front and rear leather seats, as well as all possible actuators – the front seats, side mirrors, glass.

But some obvious options Rexton clearly lacking: for example, the trip computer to figure out how much is left to pass to the next refueling.
Guided on a scale with four divisions very uncomfortable, although nearly 80-liter tank allows you to not think about it.

However, do not think about how to manage it is impossible.
Large 2018-2019 SsangYong Rexton have to carefully lay the turns, struggling wielding a steering wheel that has nearly four turns from lock to lock.
Sometimes it even makes sense to switch to manual operation manual.

Complete sets with the third row of seats is called Family.
Access opening back fairly wide, but it can comfortably accommodate only children.
A big plus seven-seat Rexton, the existence of separate ducts for “the most back” passengers.

In general, 2018-2019 SsangYong Rexton remained himself.
Uncouth SUV that can show itself only where the road ends.
a masterpiece of Interior did not become.
Manageability – at the same low level.
The arguments for buying it – it is proven “mersedesovskie” units, high throughput and an affordable price.
But in the XXI century – sparsely.

And finally the price.
After restyling 2018-2019 SsangYong Rexton rose about 100 000 rubles.
The most accessible version (with four-wheel drive) is now worth a little more than 1 100 000 rubles. And for the car in the top configuration will be asked to have 1.459 million rubles.

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