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Test-drive crossover Ford EcoSport 2018-2019

Positions “2018-2019 Ford”, once the most successful carmaker in western Russia for a couple of years pretty shaken.
At the end of , the year the company’s sales fell by 18 percent, and for the first nine months of  – almost double.

The reasons are clear – the best-selling Focus rose markedly and can no longer deal with the Korean youngsters, the Mondeo is stuck in the past, and the third most popular model in Russia – the Fusion – long since removed from sale, without offering anything in return.
Now the market goes EcoSport model – a compact crossover, which will try to complete just two holes in the line of 2018-2019 Ford.

Marketers “2018-2019 Ford” – even those optimists.
They sincerely believe that the EcoSport 2018-2019 will be able to compete for customers not only with the Nissan Juke and of Opel Mokka (in it is still possible to believe), but also with the major bestseller segment crossover Renault Duster and his twin brother, the Nissan the Terrano .
The “Reno” has tightened?

First 2018-2019 Ford EcoSport 2014 may seem homely car, but Nissan Juke first caused panic attacks unprepared motorists.
In addition to the exterior “Ekosporta” get used quickly, and soon other SUVs – without a “spare wheel” attached to the tailgate – seem unreal.

With the spare wheel, by the way, the designers came almost by accident.
Crossover 2018-2019 Ford EcoSport was originally designed for markets with poor road conditions, where a full spare wheel is optional.
But in the back to find a place it was not possible for it, so the rear wheel is attached, making Swing fifth door instead of the lift.

A handle to open this gate right hid flashlight, stylized it under section reversing lamps.
It turned out originally.
Externally, the compact 2018-2019 Ford EcoSport 2014 – a typical “citizen”, but with an American accent.

If you look closely, feel kinship with the Explorer , EcoSport only much more modest in dimensions: length – 4060 mm, and with a spare wheel suspended on the fifth door, 4240 mm;
height – 1750 mm.
At the same time he has a decent ground clearance – 200 mm.

And the design of the machine is quite simple, even conservative, if you want, but in the good sense of the word.
Neither near nor far away it does not seem like much, but solid – completely.
This is due to the external signs of the city “robust fellow” – a large radiator grille and new headlights.
The short hood and located at an angle A-pillars give the model deliberately sporty character.

By the way, say, that this silhouette was designed also to reduce fuel consumption.
This is not just a “sport”, but also “Eco”!
It is difficult to say whether such a way of the Europeans like it, but the current EcoSport bet on them almost does not.
The car needs more developing markets, where demand for large crossovers, and purchasing power is still low.

And if the first 2018-2019 Ford EcoSport, built on the base hatchback the Fusion , produced only in Brazil exclusively for the local market, the new has become truly global and made ​​at several plants in different parts of the world.
The Russians offered localized EcoSport, let out on a conveyor belt 2018-2019 Ford Sollers plant in Naberezhnye Chelny.

The Russian EcoSport 20-inch ground clearance, fuel AI-92 and mandatory electric heating element in the interior heating system.
Yes, and a very decent set of equipment: air-conditioning and stabilization system – in the base, heated windscreen – from the second set.

Another thing is that even in the maximum version of the Titanium Plus, where there are engine start button, and the system MediaSync, EcoSport interior seems rather poor: prostetski monochrome displays, inexpensive decoration materials, hollow plastic.

Inside the cabin is much more spacious than it seems from the outside.
It turned out economically, but quite comfortable.
The multifaceted console and instruments borrowed from the Fiesta , quite logical, compact wheel fits nicely in your hands, and it is easy to adjust the chair under him, even taking into account the adjustment step.
MediaSync understands Russian, and even able to read aloud incoming phone SMS, and to communicate with the system can be intuitively without special training.

Capacity and cupholders traditionally around a lot, but the trunk (310 liters) praise is not for nothing.
Partly it helps except a small underground and deep notch in the inner panel of the back door, although in itself convenient swing door barely – in the crowded parking fully open it will be possible not always.
Another thing is that the rear seats can not simply add up, and tilt forward, extending the luggage compartment.

Behind the wheel the driver can conveniently get any height: seat has three adjustments with sufficient range and the steering column is adjusted and the angle of inclination, and on the flight.
Still the seat cushion a bit longer.

As I mentioned above, with ergonomics in order.
Can not be said about visibility.
Massive pillars, small mirrors and a small loophole in the stern (which is even less because of hanging on the tailgate chute) comfort is not added.
Ah, here would be a rearview camera, because parking backwards requires restructuring the usual coordinate system, forcing to make allowances for sticking out the spare wheel.

A set of engines for the Russian version of the crossover 2018-2019 Ford EcoSport 2014 utterly banal: a pair of proven gasoline atmospheric “fours” with fuel injection volume of 1.6 and 2.0 liters and output of 122 and 140 horsepower.

The base unit can be operated with either a five-speed “mechanics”, or with the dedicated six “robot» PowerShift dual-clutch (as in “Focus”).
A more powerful engine is only available bundled with a six-speed “mechanics”.
But only such a “Ekosportu” put all wheel drive with a multi-plate electromagnetic clutch to drive the rear wheels while the car with the engine 1.6 will be sold exclusively monoprivodnom.

It should be noted that in Europe the crossover EcoSport 2014 is offered with a modern 1.5-liter petrol and diesel engines with capacity 112 and 90 horsepower, respectively, as well as a three-cylinder turbo engine with a liter EcoBoost.
His output is 125 horsepower.

EcoSport Dynamics with a motor of 1.6 is acceptable and nothing more.
The motor spins up after a bad 3000 rev / min, so that in urban environments is no problem – if you leave the idea of ​​participation in the race traffic lights, move around the metropolis can, in no way behind the traffic.

With preselektivnoy “robot» PowerShift is even convenient – thinks box fast transmission selects adequately.
Twitching at the beginning it does not allow, and when starting on an incline electronics holds the brakes the car.
It feels it seems that there is a complete hydro-mechanical machine.

The two-liter version goes more briskly, allowing the driver to more consciously relate to the transmission choice.
The move is not that something that would be faster – just a little simpler and more convenient.
In any case, the low-speed two-liter engine pulls steadily.
Particularly relevant it becomes a mountain serpentines.

Yes, and turns a two-liter car says, feeling a little more confident.
Especially where the asphalt is uneven – it affects the work back mnogoryichazhka.
Less powerful versions nervously react to irregularities in the rotation, almost leaping from the trajectory, but still within the acceptable.

Structurally, crossover 2018-2019 Ford EcoSport 2014 – the closest relative of the Fiesta.
The traditional front suspension MacPherson struts, rear – Easy semidependent bar.
True, all-wheel drive versions with electronically controlled clutch is used more sophisticated rear mnogoryichazhka.
However, the rear brake drum anyway.
But so it is cheaper.

Well, that same “2018-2019 Ford!”
Rudder at EcoSport 2014 measure acute and with a natural force.
Reactions are quick, minimal body roll and suspension travel confidently work out irregularities of all sizes.

On streamer with good asphalt after a few kilometers you forget that you go to the crossover with an impressive ground clearance of 200 millimeters, “Ekosport” agile as a small hatchback.
No wonder it is built on a global platform.

Same story on the primer – with a completely off-road body geometry (angles of entry and exit is an impressive 22 and 35 degrees) EcoSport goes over the wells without sit-ups and easily boost ford deep and 55 centimeters.
Moreover, a small 2018-2019 Ford without consequences can dive deeper than the Volkswagen Touareg with spring suspension.

But why crossover, albeit “urban”, there is no protection of the bottom?
The second oddity off-road vehicle – too caring electronics.
When you try to move uphill on slippery surfaces (mud, wet stones) traction control so much brake clamps, preventing slippage of the car just stays in place.

And to disable the electronic dog collar, have to dig into the menu multimedia system SYNC – a separate button on the front panel for this purpose are not provided.
The stabilization system with no disabled.
But the crossover 2018-2019 Ford EcoSport 2014 copes with diagonal display.

Thanks to electronics, “bites” stalled wheel, EcoSport easily passes where monoprivodnom car will almost certainly require the driver increased the courage and bravery.
Moreover, all five doors with the car wheels dangling in the air normally is opened and closed, and hence with the rigidity of the body at a small crossover that’s all right.

And in general, 2018-2019 Ford EcoSport 2014 leaves a very good impression.
Good handling on asphalt, have no skills off-road driving on the average and a fresh appearance.
The interior, with the exception of minor drawbacks such as the lack of handles on the ceiling, unpretentious display SYNC system and imperfect finishing materials, an order of magnitude more pleasant Duster and Terrano interior and only slightly inferior to the Juke and Mokka.
But the price …

Basic EcoSport Trend with 1.6 engine and 5-speed “mechanics” will cost from 699 000 rubles.
Surcharge for Trend Plus version with climate control, alloy wheels, heated seats is 60 000 rubles for “robot» PowerShift – more than 40 000 rubles.

EcoSport wheel drive with two-liter engine and 6-speed manual gearbox will cost already 899 000 rubles.
Titanium Performance with extended airbags and MediaSync system more expensive for another 60 000. And exactly the same 899 000 rubles, you can buy the top version of the Titanium Plus is a leather-trimmed seats and engine start button, but only in front-wheel version with motor 1,6 and “robot”.

The 2018-2019 Ford Motor Company expects that the EcoSport will choose brand loyal to motorists, but judging by the statistics of the year is getting smaller each year.

Recall that the crossover EcoSport second generation on the basis of the current Fiesta was released in 2012, the year already as a global car, designed almost all the markets, except the US.
The first production run Brazilians, followed EcoSport launched in the India, China and Thailand.

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