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Test drive car 2018-2019 Nissan Juke

Stake worked – no one from the company car was not so much feedback.
I remember a couple of years ago, the same concept and punch of “ordinary» Citroen DS3 received no attention, and the share that fell on the share of “beetle”.
The excitement came the ladies and youth.
In the first place, “Juke” attracted compact accustomed to cramped urban resident, and lots of beautiful designs, and secondly – the presence of technological innovations and bright accessories.

Looking at the face of the “Japanese” and try to understand what motivated the designers, they relocated lights up and stretched dimensions of the bonnet.
whether Japanese cartoons “Manga”, or love for extravagant solutions.
Immediately we find a smiling “mouth” – a coarse grille and is arched back-compartment roof.
It turns out, we no longer have the car, but a real beast, but adds 5 to individuality.
in general, appearance – is the main advantage of this machine for the Juke, built on the hatchback Micra platform, already “Kashkai” (minus 110 mm wheelbase), it has less trunk (251 liters vs. 410), so his purchase – this is clearly not only and not so much the choice of the mind.

Leather steering wheel like a real spacecraft.
Sometimes it seems that it will be possible to fill the inside of the dashboard.
Proprietary pedal only reinforce a sense of what you sit behind the wheel of a computer simulator: everything is so bright, funny and cool.
exactly cool inside.
Krutilki also not born yesterday: only that you regulate the temperature – and suddenly the same buttons are responsible for the operation of transmission, steering and accelerator.
You sit, play D-MODE button and you even forget about the fact that you’re in the car, not in the department, which sells gadgets.

Oh yeah, in our version it was also a leather interior, which greatly simplifies the work of the imagination to obtain images “of cool car.”
However, the materials themselves, making up all these toys, do not shine any novelty or quality performance.

Plastic is buzzing like a tocsin in the bell tower, the ceiling is lined with some crafts on “tissue”, “grain” on the display is like watching a movie in a minimum quality.
In addition, there are ergonomic flaws, which, willy-nilly, you notice almost immediately.
For example, the fact that the steering column is adjustable in height only.

The boot capacity (251 liters) – the norm for the B-Class.
Expanding backseat will often, but we are confident that those who buy this car hardly measures the amount of luggage or bags of potato seedlings boxes, but despite this it is quite roomy and you can even carry a spare parts.

Price Juke starts with readily available 675,000 rubles (here and below, the rate is based on your benefit).
This 2018-2019 Nissan Juke in complete XE with 1.6 liter engine with a 5 speed manual.
There already has ABS, ESP, front and side airbags, heated front seats, lights and curtains in the luggage compartment, a trip computer and air conditioning.
Should a car on 16 wheels.
Surcharge of 60 000 rubles and get the CVT as the transmission.
for 821,000 rubles in equipment SE Sport is offered a car with a turbocharged engine with 190 hp.
under the hood.
Components, which was on our test drive, LE, beautifully costs 1 000 000 rubles.
It has a 1.6 liter turbocharged engine with 190 hp.
under the hood and four-wheel drive.
This adds a rearview camera with color display, leather upholstery, chrome finish door opening handles, pedals with aluminum trim, cruise control with steering wheel and a real multimedia system with 6 speakers.
Chrome lining on the exhaust pipe 17 and the car wheels will add chic.

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