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Test drive Audi RS6 2018-2019

Compared to its predecessor, the new Audi RS6  2018-2019 a little lost in power, but significantly “thinner”, making traveling much faster.
The previous generation model had under the hood 5.2-liter 10-cylinder engine from the Lamborghini , which is specially equipped for the twin-turbocharged RS6.
The return from the power unit was appropriate – 580 hp
and 650 Nm.
Version sedan “catapulted” to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds, and the versatile performing this exercise at a slower 0.1.

New the RS6, at first glance, is technically more modest.
The engine lost two cylinders and reduced in volume to 4.0 liters.
However, the twin-turbo is still here.
Power at the same time dropped to 560 hp
But the torque due to a higher boost pressure even increased – to 700 Nm.
Plus, the car dropped a weight of nearly 100 kg thanks to the use of aluminum and high-strength steel structure.
As a result, the versatile dynamics has improved dramatically.
Sprint to “hundred” is now at 3.9 seconds, and top speed can reach 305 km / h.
And what a sedan?
And nothing – no longer the sedan.
The company Audi have decided to return to tradition, when the fastest model with the four rings were made ​​exclusively in the station wagon.
If listing the technical features of new items, then it is possible to devote a whole book.
Since writing the book in my plans is not included, I try to be brief.
The car is equipped as standard A range 8 “automatic”, the Quattro all-wheel drive transmission, air suspension (the first time for the RS series) and forged wheels.
As the options available to the active differential, carbon-ceramic brakes and a lot of stuff, useful and not.
We should also mention the half cylinder shutdown system at low engine loads, thus the fuel consumption in the combined cycle is unrealistic for the 560-strong engine of 9.8 liters, although it is clear that, in practice, this figure is unlikely to be achieved.
Over the appearance of new items and designers have worked very thoroughly – with conventional “A-Six” it will not mix.
Particularly impressive is the powerful front bumper with large air intakes.
Throw extended wings, diffuser with traditional RS oval tailpipes series, roof spoiler and baggy 20 -inch wheel.
If you see this wagon in the rearview mirror, just want to give way.
Inside, different from “ordinary» Audi A6 is less than in appearance, but some attributes do not allow fares to forget what they are in the car.
First and foremost it is worth noting sports seats with integrated head restraints and strong lateral support.
Noteworthy and the three-spoke steering wheel with a flattened bottom.
Among other differences – carbon inserts, special trim door handles in the form of double lanes, red arrows devices and logos «RS» throughout the cabin.
But the standard of quality finishing materials typical of all Audi brand vehicles.
Landing at the wheel as is typical for Audi.
This means that it will be convenient for people of completely different height and build.
Is that slim fares may seem that the lateral support rollers are placed too far, and they have no control.
But the shape of the seats in gorgeous – would not want to ask for more on a long journey.
Rear sofa standard has only two passenger seats, but the order is available and triple execution.
In any case, better to be here together – then you can sit comfortably.
Form cushions and backrests is good and legroom, and over his head enough for the average growth of man.
In addition, the services of passengers separate climate control for the rear air vents and ventilation system in the B-pillars.
But, no matter how good here, driving even more enjoyable.
Before you start moving, to deal with Audidriveselect system settings, with which you can choose the stiffness of the suspension, steering severity, responsiveness “gas” pedal, the rear active differential mode and even algorithm of active cruise control.
In modes Comfort, Auto and Dynamic these parameters tightened from comfortable to sporting, and in Individual mode, the driver can customize everything in its sole discretion.
I begin with “comfort”.
Suspension on good-quality German asphalt works in the suburbs of Munich very comfortable, and the engine is slightly porykivaet layers for sound insulation.
Accelerator pedal reacts to the movement of the right foot smoothly, even I would say with a slight delay.
But if you push it a little harder, automatic transmission quickly takes off a couple of gears, and touring under the dull roar of the engine “catapulted” to the horizon.
Handling on winding road is gorgeous.
Rudder poured a nice weight, strict and very accurate, and the suspension keeps the body in confident cornering, not allowing it to wobble and lurch.
“Auto” mode is switched.
The suspension gets a little harder, heavier steering and gas pedal a little livelier response when, though still no instant response.
Rudder, in my opinion, has become too heavy to the detriment of informativeness.
If you go into the “speaker”, the car starts to shake invisible eye on developments microprofile asphalt wheel becomes “oak” and only the gas pedal becomes necessary to me liveliness.
I go, perhaps, to “individual” mode, where leave the engine in the “dynamic”, and other settings are transferred to the “comfort”.
Now what we need.
In the meantime, I leave on unlimited autobahn.
Here’s where to Audi RS6 currently expanse.
If only cars in the left lane was smaller.
I push the accelerator pedal to the floor, and in seconds the speed reaches 280 km / h.
No longer allowed to be dispersed “creeping” ahead of the slug.
However, slug it can only be called with respect to the Audi RS6.
Even at this speed under the pedal remains outstanding stock of traction and driving stability at the same time amazing.
Universal “irons” the road to the stability of high-speed express train.

The elements of the new Audi RS6 – with good covering motorway.
And preferably without speed limits.
Here, with this versatile few beats.
So in Russia, he will constantly trigger its owner for exceeding the speed limit.
And as the car show itself in our ruts, it will become clear later – the novelty will be available in the summer of 2013.
At the same time they will be announced and the price.


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