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Test drive a minivan 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra

The Alhambra, by analogy with the principle of the name “2018-2019 Seat” on the city name, received its name in honor of the architectural and park complex in Granada, which in the Russian tradition called the Alhambra.
However, the name of the machine, at the insistence of the Russian representation of 2018-2019 Seat, transcribed as “Alhambra”.

Jeeps in Russia love.
But often people buy SUVs currently only for the reason that it is usual, but not because it is really justified.
In fact, with the Jeep functions in different situations where a better job “cousins” jeeps – minivans and station wagons, the winning and the volume of the body, and in comfort, and fuel consumption.

But the road, weather and stereotypes prevent these cars to compete with the Jeep.
If wagons still cause serious battles among the owners of cars – which is better and which is worse, the minivans – infrequent visitors on our roads.

Try to understand why this type of car is undervalued among Russians.
And is it worth so selflessly give in general love of the jeep?
Anyway, what is this “beast” is – a minivan?
Initially, a minivan – a car with one-volume and polukapotnoy (similar to minibus) layout of the body.

In some cases, a minivan can be completely cabover – wagon-type, when the hood is in the cabin.
However, these cars are rare because of the ever-increasing security requirements.
Unlike minivans, minivan – a passenger car class “B”.
That is, it is a car with the number of passenger seats, no more than eight (given the driver, then the total number of seats will be nine).

A more precise definition is not – in the fall and minivans “kids” and almost minibuses, so manufacturers are coming up with various subclasses and related classes to highlight your car among others.

The main purpose of the minivan – to be a family car.
Body in a minivan is always higher than the other cars are, providing passengers comfortable existence.
Just this can not always boast of jeeps, whose primary purpose – to drive on bad roads.

Therefore, even if the jeep will be visually the same height with the minivan, the last win in the volume of the internal space due to the lower landing.
A wagon next to a minivan is just an elongated passenger car, as its primary purpose – to carry more freight than can a conventional car.

The most popular minivans began in the ’80s, when the Paris Motor Show 1984 has been submitted of Renault the Espace .
The most popular minivans purchased in Europe and America at the beginning they have taken to heart.

True, as the jeeps have become increasingly turn to the “SUV”, losing the differences from conventional cars are and retaining only the brutality, size and appearance, the Americans are back to the old preferences, while Europe is still true to its attachment .

But the domestic auto industry minivans never really complain, preferring to immediately minibuses – the first minivan from AvtoVAZ “Hope” special popularity not received, and the market has not existed.
It’s funny that while technically one of the most famous and “long-playing” domestic cars UAZ “loaf” may well be attributed just to minivans and minibuses not to as it calls the automaker.

Only a few versions of this car fall into the class of buses ( «D» on the old classification, or “M2” for a new one), and the rest are ordinary passenger cars, ie minivans.

But who will turn the language to call this car a minivan, minibus, and if it is called a UAZ familiar with the specifics of the people?
Perhaps that is why something like that and went that minivans with Russian consumer is familiar enough: we have, as in America, in the course of the jeeps.

Most are familiar with the Russians minivans, preferring to “native” Japanese auto industry with the right wheel.
At home, the Japanese automakers provide enough rich selection of these vehicles, supplying at the same time in Russia the more popular SUVs.

And now, in the world of SUVs, station wagons, minivans and Japanese “right-handed” minivans invaded beginner: Spanish representative of the German company Volkswagen – 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra.
Let’s see what his prospects.

As already mentioned, minivans have a number of problems with the identification belonging to the class.
Visually minivans suffer excessive similarity with minibuses and jeeps.
It seems to be a jeep, but the ground clearance is not very good, and the door is most often at the same time open up in another.
And like this vehicle, but too small.

Some automakers manage to “beat” this time successfully, and some not so.
2018-2019 Seat attempt failed: the Alhambra is beautiful and elegant, even a minivan it identifiable and not all at once.
Alhambra current generation already sold in Europe since 2011, so that the new product is only for Russia.

Curious turns the situation in the Volkswagen family: MPV VW Sharan with the Russian market after the not very impressive first-generation sales was removed, and then decided to have it delivered in the third generation, but only in the form of copies of the Spanish brand 2018-2019 Seat, whose machines and so buying just barely.

The head of the Russian Roman Kuzmin brand representative explains: minivan niche we small, and fill the segment than it is necessary.
Like, great, “Volkswagen”, with its huge sales awkwardly agree to modest rates, but 2018-2019 Seat is not shameful to sell 400 minivans a year.

The main thing is that the German rival to Ford the Galaxy , which, incidentally, began as part of the overall project Volkswagen and Ford’s creation of large minivans, still available in the portfolio.
Yes, and “2018-2019 Seat” modest range does not stop to fill up.

Russian buyers of the “Alhambra” in the queue and will not be true – as for any other large, are not deprived of the luxury minivan cost more than a million rubles.
Most do not need as much per day of space and accordingly dimensions.
Especially because of the money you can keep an eye on the crossover, though it will be closer and easier …

And the price of Alhambra and all starts with 1.391 million rubles.
Front and rear 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra looks more like a massive high passenger car, not without at the same time a fair share of elegance.
But the massiveness and height of the body make people doubt what they see.

But the side of the minivan Alhambra already quite unlike the Jeep.
Long aristocratic forms, sliding doors – in short, nothing to do with the brutal crossovers.
Alhambra – not only the high car, he has a wide and long.

Dimensions 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra impressive: length of the car – 4854 mm, width – 1904 mm (with mirrors 2081 mm).
The length of the wheelbase with almost three meters – 2919 mm.
So even though a very good agility of movement in tight spaces – it’s not for the faint of heart.

Due to the impressive size getting used to the car difficult.
Not beveled situation eases down the hood and a long dash board even if a strong desire, you will not see the edge of the hood.
As a result of especially difficult to get used to the right.

In addition, the shape of the body is such that it is not very well understood, which ends with the car – despite the impressive size of the mirror, they have a lot of dead zones.
If the city 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra feels not very comfortable in the jungles and requires a skilled driver is on the road, he breaks free.

The long wheelbase and massive (1838 kg curb weight only) provide Alhambra excellent stability on the road, making it a perfect vehicle for long-distance travel.

Long Body 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra has a very high torsional strength, elegant suspension fulfills irregularities and rutting.
When you walk along the road, there is a feeling that you go by train: the machine is like a glove, and the wheels easy on the pits and potholes resembles the sound of the train wheels.

Inside 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra – a classic representative of the Volkswagen Group.
Well organized front space, spacious, comfortable, with a large range of amenities.
A similar arrangement can boast the Volkswagen the Amarok .

In contrast, of 2018-2019 Seat of Ibiza , Alhambra – sample consistency.
Here there is no hint of emotion Spanish – it is all turned into elegance.
The Alhambra normal raznumerovka speedometer, the font size of all the inscriptions and signs are well matched.

A rich set of seat adjustment allows you to feel comfortable with the driver and passengers comfortable and quite versatile chair suitable for both small and large people, and a full range of steering adjustments allows to choose the perfect fit.
Though I must admit that the choice of a comfortable position – it is not an easy job because of not very clear leverage schemes.

When you go at night, once again I want to thank the 2018-2019 Seat of the backlight paddle.
This is especially enjoyable when you sit behind the wheel for the first time at night, and even in an atmosphere of haste.
One can see where the petals, which is responsible for what and how to disable the manual mode, if the accident involved.

There are cup holders, niches, glove compartments, armrests.
In a niche for mobile devices freely placed not only to regular phones, but also great communicators.
At the same time multimedia and cigarette lighter ports are arranged so that the wires do not interfere with either the driver or passenger.

Red LEDs in the ceiling illuminated by the soft light of the center console, so it is not necessary to include general lighting for a HOS.
Although there can be commended Alhambra: with spacious and well thought-out lighting navigator seat passengers can not even stopping to read Tolstoy, without interfering with the driver.
But the illumination of the glove compartment of the armrest a little lacking – in a deep bay at night is difficult to find the necessary items without including general lighting.

“Folding the seatbacks separately, you can get 32 ​​variants of interior layout.
64, if we consider the front passenger seat.
It is enough to accommodate people and luggage “- touting his car automaker.

This is true, salon convertible Alhambra allows a very flexible approach to transport passengers and cargo on and the resulting flat floor is really smooth.

Each seat can be folded individually, in various forms and formats.
As a result, you can get the ideal car for long distance travel in a large company.
But before you’ll easily realize it, you will be painful remembering that as much as possible and it is necessary to lay down.

Each seat converts individually, so you can not only play Tetris with the load, but also easy to take a nap on the road, if we have to wait:. Across could easily accommodate a person growing up to 175 cm Although he will have to bend the legs a couple of hours so a nap is quite possible .
And it would be much easier than to sleep sitting in a chair.

Especially inconvenient to do so at the Alhambra on the navigator’s place – the chair has a limiter leaning back, half upright position, and it is impossible to achieve.
Besides the fact that seats are displayed, they have to leave, “stand up” and “bow”.
So do not remove far from the instructions in the car – it is seriously easier to experiment with loops and levers on the seats.

The only fat minus all this fabulous extravaganza transform the passenger compartment – no room for a spare wheel.
The seven-seater 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra is not a “spare wheel” in general, even in the “dokatki” format.
So here it is necessary to protect the rubber with renewed vigor.

2018-2019 Seat Alhambra 2,0 TSI engine with 200 hp
pleases pleasing dynamism: heavy minivan easily accelerated and allows you to feel very comfortable on overtaking.
But the dynamics of the car to get used.
The machine really is very heavy (1838 kg curb weight), and has a large inertia.

Engine power is more than enough, but the behavior of the car specifically, markedly different from the usual cars.
For example, if you drive economically and press gently on the gas pedal, the car in “drive” mode seems vyalovatoy.

This is due to the fact that the normal driving mode D «imprisoned” under economical driving – increased transmission hold as long as possible, and speed at the same time the lowest possible.
Thus, the sixth gear may be 50 km / h.
also have to give away the gas when driving uphill, otherwise the machine considerably “stunted”.
But as soon succumb to the gas, the car immediately “shoots” – Box DSG6 responsive to the wishes of the ruler.

However, to adapt himself, it takes time.
At the time of addiction is sport mode and paddle shifters manual mode.
However, they stop “messing” after calculating the fuel consumption at the first gas station – the price of a sports dynamic here is high.

Fuel consumption at the 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra is not small, but not frightening for such a large machine.
Manufacturer data indicates quite precisely: for the city of 11.5 liters per 100 km for the combined cycle – 8.5, on the road – 6.7 l.
Cunning in the data is small.
To achieve the claimed consumption on the highway is only possible on the plain – if there is a roller coaster, consumption will be more, but stay within the 9.5 – 9.8 liters per 100 km can be easy.

In the city in serious traffic increases fuel consumption significantly – and you can get up to 17 l / 100 km, but on average the stated data are close to the real situation.
Of course, gasoline consumption is highly dependent on driving style and the complexity of traffic jams.

The machine can optionally please flawless tracking system for road signs, easy to use cruise control, tracking systems for driver fatigue and retention in the band, as well as “avtoparkovschikom”.
The last struck in earnest: seeing the place and getting the driver good parking (reverse gear), machine, if it does not hold the brake, so quickly calls in a niche that is scary.

Well, that “avtoparkovschik” by 12 sensors around the perimeter accurately cope with the 4.8-meter minivan and is able to guess the place even among the trees, and a rear-view camera transmits a picture better than TV.

The system can put the car both parallel and perpendicular to the road, that for the achievement of a minivan.
In the first case, it works at speeds above 40 km / h, in which many competitors are dealt, and the second – up to 30 km per hour.
This passport – in the real world “avtoparkovschik” turning off and on the 50 km per hour.

retention system in the band is working on the conscience, confidently leads away from the drawn lines by turning the steering wheel, if you do not load indicator, and including the warning buzzer.
But constantly to go with it would not be desirable – on the steering wheel felt some self-will that prevents the car feel.

In normal mode, the information content of the electromechanical power steering is sensitive, psychic intuition, and nicely tucked into the curve of the serpentine “Titanic” with independent rear “mnogoryzhachkoy” – the pleasure is not worse than the Passat , which he built on the platform.
“Icebergs” in violation of the smoothness of the roadway, is also not a problem, dampers gently quenched in their hydraulic return from the depths of the cracks and irregularities.

So it would be possible to play the bends in the driver’s any of 2018-2019 Seat of Leon , if not long wheelbase “Alhambra”: on the line it allows successful balance between stability and high body, almost defeating the sail, and in the path of fast rotation is not always fit , because of what the back of the minivan little blows.

Test Alhambra minivan had a full-time multimedia system – a “technology package №2», which includes a Bluetooth interface, SEAT 2.2 media system with navigation, rear camera with optical parking system.
In general, the system is standard for Volkswagen.
It is convenient, but sometimes “buggy.”

Connect your phone to your entertainment system more opaque, but the resulting problems can be solved after some effort.
Using the phone book is done on weak chetverochku – so search for contacts organized in a way that is issued only the first contact from the list or similar.

As a result, if the names differ by one letter (and for Russia it is the norm for the female and male names), it is necessary to type the whole name.
Otherwise, you can not call the contact.
multimedia work normal, but “schools” are observed in some cases.
So if the music with Windows 8 is reproduced normally, Symbian Nokia is not perceived by the system – to make music could not tune.

Musical training in the 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra is good, but without any frills.
A bit “lame” sound distribution: for such a volume of the machine lacks proposed speakers.
So fans will Audiopreparation work to do.

All rear doors in 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra on the drive.
It would seem – one a pleasure.
But in the Russian conditions is fraught with the fact that the electric side doors can be damaged due to adhering to the slide of ice and snow – sliding door something.

Family seven-seater minivan 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra – a worthy alternative to the huge jeep, not to mention the universal. Вменяемый расход топлива, отличная управляемость и устойчивость на дороге, хорошая динамичность, высокий уровень комфорта. Да, к машине нужно будет привыкать, но с электронными помощниками сделать это будет не так уж и сложно.

Богатые возможности трансформации салона делают 2018-2019 Seat Alhambra действительно универсальным – и семейство возить можно, и вещи, и спортивное снаряжение. И просто путешествовать в автомобиле можно – просторный салон с ровным полом позволяет даже спать в машине с комфортом.

Но основное применение для него – хорошие дороги и хорошая погода. А когда все вокруг плохо – зима, холода, грязь – уровень комфорта автомобиля существенно снижается из-за быстрого загрязнения стекол, фар и зеркал, и недостатков в системе их очистки. Помимо этого неспокойно себя чувствуешь из-за отсутствия запасного колеса.

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