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Test-drive 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan crossover

Since its inception, agile 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan tried to be like his brother.
And profiles, and looks, and he repeated the elder arrangement the Touareg , while possessing its own unique charm.
Pritemnennymi caps of front headlights with a scattering of the LED elements in them similar to the 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan “brother.”
After restyling of simplicity and playfulness was gone.
Tiguan is now a serious guy.

More than an adult relative to the machine and promotes modified false radiator grille, solid stretching from the headlights to the lights.
By the way, the bumpers are too different, and, as in the urban version Sport & Style, and in all-terrain Track & Field.
Sideways updated version can be distinguished except by wheels, which received a new design.

again reminiscent of the second generation Touareg behind the car.
And all thanks to similar lamps.
To please them slightly changed the tailgate and rear wings.
Once in the interior, it seems that there are no changes.
In fact, they have enough in the interior.
For example, the steering wheel completely changed its design, it is now similar to the model of Golf of the sixth generation.

Front panel with six round vents of the ventilation system and a large interactive display on the center remained virtually intact.
Changed handle dual-zone climate control Climatronic (again in the Golf VI style).
Upgrade and the lever of an automatic transmission.
The front seats are made with a sporty accent, they got a new profile.

Planting dense and at the same time welcoming.
Adjusting the driver’s seat electric drive expensive versions in charge, among other things, you can adjust the intensity and height of the lumbar support.
The backrest of the front passenger seat folded, turning into a practical table, and driving out the secret hidden compartment under the pillow itself.

Interior lighting and lighting of the dashboard 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
Soft warm red light of minor features and a pale moon lights the main features enjoyable for both driver and passengers.
The crossover 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan boasts a good musical training.
Very good radio, which is outside the Moscow region easily catches the Moscow radio station.
Four speakers provide quality sound pleasant.

The multimedia system has AUX output and supports Bluetooth, but does not have USB output.
Somehow concern VAG categorically do not like this format of communication in their cars, persistently releasing iPhone owners as a separate caste.
AUX connector in the 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan is located in the glove box with the cigarette lighter.
The lid of the glove compartment is thought – in the closed state it is not snacking wire if mobile devices are outside.

Rear sofa is designed for three seats, but in the cabin width 1459 mm This part will be more comfortable here alone.
The height of the pillow to ceiling 991 mm makes it possible not to feel discomfort even very tall people.
For more comfort, you can change the backrest and push seat completely backward / forward (in a ratio of 40:60).

From the “benefits” of this series is available for passengers large soft center armrest, personal vents blowing and vast pockets in the doors.
The trunk can boast ease of use.
Loading height a little, and the opening sufficiently wide (maximum width of 1053 mm, the width between the wheel arches – 1008 mm).
For securing cargo on its walls are special hooks.

When completely folded down rear seatback, the usable space with 470-year-liters will rise to 1510 minute.
The depth of the trunk in the stowed position is 936 mm, and with folded backrest reaches 1679 mm.
Its maximum height – 1025 mm.
But under the hood floor is traditional and not very practical in our environment “dokatka”.
However, judging by the height of the flanges, a full try to put the wheel as possible.
But for some money.
As a consolation prize – a clamp position and cover the floor with convenient niche for tools and small things.

Naturally, the design of the car has not changed.
At its core is a monocoque body with independent spring suspension all wheels (McPherson front and “mnogoryichazhka” rear), the engine is located in the front cross.
But in transmissions, there are some innovations.
Now 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan crossover and can be purchased in monoprivodnom performance.
In this case, leading to the front axle.

It remains available and proprietary transmission 4Motion, which transmits torque to all four wheels.
By coupling Haldex type normally distributed point between the axes as follows: 90 percent to 10 percent of the front and the rear.

If slippage occurs rapid redistribution down to 0: 100 in favor of the rear axle.
Transmission is Off Road mode, which is activated by pressing of the interior.
The main trump card in this case – the presence of the shutter control system from Mount Hill Descent Control (car yourself moving down to no more than 16 km / h speed).
Also, when you activate this mode algorithms all auxiliary electronic systems are rebuilt to a more adequate off-road driving.

For European customers 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan is available with one of the seven engines, three of which are brand new (four-cylinder with direct fuel injection).
This is primarily a gasoline engine, developing power from 122 to 210 liters.
and three diesel units ranging from 110 to 170 liters.

In a couple of them can run automatic or manual gearbox, both 6-speed.
As an option you can get the brand “folksvagenovsky” transmission with dual-clutch DSG.
In addition, all variations BlueMotion equipped with a system of short-term stop Start / Stop the engine, which saves up to 0.7 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

During braking the vehicle dynamics meet powerful disc brakes (front ventilated) and fear of electronics available anti-lock braking system ABS, the BA brake assist, Electronic Stability Program ESP, EDS electronic locking differentials and engine braking control MSR.

Airbags in the car six: the front for driver and front passenger, side and inflatable “curtains” for front and rear passengers.
Also standard equipment includes fastening IsoFix child seat.
As an option you can order a tracking system for marking and Lane Assis system Dynamic Light Assist automatic light control.

When tested according to the European methodology EuroNCAP crossover 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan proved himself at the highest level, he received a final grade of five stars.
This solid five for adult occupant protection and four – for the protection of child passengers.
Despite the rise in popularity of automatic transmissions, “mechanics” are still the most in demand among Russians.

Although the major cities managed to grow a whole generation of those who have “toad strangling” leads only to “automatic”, many people in Russia to spend money on more expensive gear, what they look like the thrifty Europeans.
Therefore, to our test-drive hit mechanical version 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan crossover with an engine 1.4 liter TSI 122 hp
in picking Trend & Fun.
In principle, the automaker profitable to sell cars with automatic transmission.
They are difficult to maintain, and corporations earn more than their after-sales service.

This is to some extent beneficial to the consumer and if the service network development, their services are transparent and adequate for the price, the service independently engage in their cars are not so attractive.
As a result, if all is well in the dealer network, the more people pass the care of the technical condition of the cars in the hands of professionals, leaving himself only the pleasure of driving.
As a result, the difference between the servicing of automatic and manual transmissions leveled.

You can, of course, sigh for those blessed times when the driver was a master of all trades, but driving a car with automatic transmission for many is really convenient, and learning to drive much easier.
America, for example, large quantities leads “machines”, leaving the “mechanics” lovers of antiquity.
We also try to be sent by way of the Americans.
And these are busy at the moment, almost all automakers.
Concerns are on the way Soft economic coercion.

Now a variety of complete sets and engines for the “mechanics” – a rare case.
2018-2019 Volkswagen is no exception.
Especially since the group has its own development of new-fangled automatic DSG box with two clutch discs, which, according to the idea of ​​its creators, should be a sentence to all existing “mechanics”, “robots” and “automatic”.
It is also necessary to sell, gently but insistently to convince the consumer that it is better.

Therefore, as expected, that in our market, “Tiguan” MCP offers a variety can not boast.
At the moment, “handle” for the 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan crossover will be available in a single version of the Trend & Fun.
However, it is equipped with a front-wheel drive version, and all-wheel drive.
Curiously, the more “sharpened” under the off-road version of the VW Tiguan Track & Field is only with an automatic transmission.

Therefore, choose a car the driver will enjoy not only the benefits of the best geometric cross, but forced to buy automatic transmission.
Russian citizen such logic is not very clear.
Off-road, according to the national driver submits solely on the “mechanics”.

However, as practice shows, the Germans know what they are doing, producing SUVs with automatic transmissions.
The stereotype of the Russian off-road enthusiasts to break hard, but it is quite possible – many modern “machines” today really allow much, including the infamous exit “to swing”.
But the argument about the impossibility of Departure “in the build-up” without damage to the car – one of the last strongholds of the apologists of the “mechanics” on the roads.

But the tested version of the crossover 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan is not even all-wheel drive.
This front-wheel drive city car, and not in the most expensive equipment.
Why to market a car like this?
Is not it easier to put the automatic transmission and is aimed at young and active citizens, have long forgotten about the third pedal under foot?
Apparently, the emergence of the “mechanics” it is in this configuration due to price considerations.

The resulting car is quite an attractive price for the machines of this class.
This allows “2018-2019 Volkswagen” to compete for the attention of Russian buyers, stare at affordable crossovers Chinese and Russian production.
The rate then made to traditional German quality and reasonable price, which is a serious application in the fight against Chinese companies, whose products have not the best reputation in terms of reliability.

In fact, on the market monoprivodnom machines with a large clearance in Russia is justified.
In contrast to the well-off, “Europe”, where crossover often in demand (there is much more popular minivans and station wagons), in the Russian machine with a large clearance is only gaining in popularity.

Roads made on innovative technologies Avtodora pit, broken yards, suddenly high curbs and potholes winter due to uncollected snow and ice – these are the true causes of the love of the Russians to crossovers.
Clearance size of 20 cm, which has the 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan – a definite plus for him.
While the joy of a large clearance marred somewhat smallish front overhang, providing a total of 18 degrees of the angle of entry (the more expensive trim levels – 28 degrees, which is much more profitable).

However, this form of the bumper improves the aerodynamic characteristics of the car, it should reduce fuel consumption and improve the stability of the machine on the road, thereby making the machine more attractive to citizens.
But the lack of all-wheel drive in a test 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan – point is twofold.

Sure, it substantially reduces the off-road vehicle quality, but at the same time reduced and fuel consumption.
Therefore, if the bulk of the travel accounts of the city, with its regular traffic jams, economy is beginning to play a significant role in the choice of car.
The opinion that the four-wheel drive – a panacea for all ills during the winter, is exaggerated.

Monoprivodnom cars ceteris paribus often are more predictable behavior, especially in critical situations.
Print four-wheel drive vehicle from skidding significantly more difficult.
That is why the all-wheel drive cars today are crammed with different technologies designed to ensure driving safety.
So front-drive crossover has a right to exist.
This is quite an adequate response to our road builders and officials.

The laws of the market dictate the rules here: wishing to get our money automakers are far more concerned about our comfort, rather than those which it is laid on the status and duties assigned to them.
So how do you behave on the road test front-wheel drive 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan?
This easy to operate machine, with its sporty nature and firm suspension.
Comfortable steering wheel adjustable for height and flight lies comfortably in the hand.

“Tiguanom” nice control.
Expect power of behavior should not be from him, this car is designed to go fast.
Fortunately the engine is not too strong, so the summonses are not regularly devastate the purse of its owner.
As part of a dynamic “Tiguan” speeds allowed in Russian soul will delight in the city and on the highway – the car has a really easy and spirited temper.

But special achievements on German autobahns to expect it is not necessary – ordinary 122 hp
do not let you feel the joy of racing achievements.
A comfortable smoothness, softness and silence too expect from the “Tiguan” should not be.
Soundproofing cabin is average, but very resilient suspension may seem bumpy.

But 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan is well on the road – and wants to rev once again.
As a result, the older generation of car drivers and passengers can irritate your tetchy, while the younger will receive a true pleasure from driving.
But manual transmission requires habits.
It begins with the actual stroke of the lever, and ends with the moment of switching.

Fortunately, “Tiguan” helps the driver, suggesting to display dashboard transfer the desired number.
This greatly facilitates the development of the intricacies of driving.
But what is interesting: typically manual gearbox allows you to show a much more dynamic handling than the “machine”.
In the case of the 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan, this will not work: the maximum that can be achieved, so it is to catch up on the dynamics with the DSG gearbox.

Bustle in the same breath in the “mechanics” will be much more.
To reduce the consumption of fuel crossover “Tiguan” with the “mechanics” is equipped with “Start-Stop”, which turns off the ignition during stops.
The impression of the work of this strange system: dergotnya cars in traffic jams annoying and unnerving, so you have to learn to press the brake pedal right in dense traffic, so that it did not fire.

If, on vehicles with automatic transmission this behavior of the machine makes only nervous at first, then on the “mechanics” is really “gets” and confusing.
As a result, in most cases, in a traffic jam, I simply shut off the system – the good, it can be done easy by pressing a button on the dashboard.

But that requires praise, so it’s light – it is at the 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan crossover is good.
Lights at it – with a warm light.
Excellent lighting the way, they are well snatch the roadside, and the absence of sharp boundaries of light provides comfort during long driving at night.
During maneuvering lights illuminate the direction of rotation, which is very convenient at night in Moscow courtyards.

In general, the car is well-trained in the delicate Russian climate and roads.
There headlight washers, heated windshield washer nozzles, heated mirrors.
However, the mirror can be heated at a temperature below 20C, so during the summer rain drops can not be dry, slightly annoying – large “mugs” in the shower quickly covered with drops of water, and the beauty of a great visibility fizzles.

Despite the BlueMotion technology with high environmental performance, the system of “start-stop” and regenerative braking, a small turbocharged motor 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan crossover very much responds to driving style.
Although he lets go very fast, but also show a very decent behavior at speeds of price – fuel consumption.

Indulging the character of the car, sports dynamic riding – it’s almost two liters of fuel per 100 km.
When the car came to a test drive, average fuel consumption according to the computer than 10 liters per 100 kilometers.
Suffice it quickly managed to banish consumption to 7.9 l / 100 km, and after a few tens of kilometers to reach the quiet ride of 7.2 l / 100 km.
But the combined cycle expect these numbers do not need to – the fuel consumption will be about 8 liters.

А вот в пробке расход начинает расти: через полчаса стояния расход дорос до 8,6 л / 100 км. Еще полчаса в пробке, и к моменту заправки расход топлива составил уже совсем неспортивные 9,2 л на 100 км. Так что в отличие от приятной умеренности в потреблении топлива за городом, в городских условиях переднеприводный 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan сверхвыдающейся экономичностью похвастаться не может.

Summary. Кроссовер 2018-2019 Volkswagen Tiguan – обладатель задорного характера. Это автомобиль молодых и энергичных людей. «Тигуаном» легко и приятно управлять, а высокий дорожный просвет позволяет чувствовать себя комфортно на любых дорогах. Хорошая маневренность и обзорность, достаточно широкий и гармоничный набор дополнительных функций – все это делает поездки легкими и комфортными.

Но ожидать степенности и плавности хода от автомобиля не приходится – это энергичный автомобиль с жесткой упругой подвеской. Отсутствие полного привода в городских условиях не повлияет на комфорт вождения, зато снизит расход топлива. Ну да, придется чуть аккуратнее заезжать на дачу зимой и в межсезонье, зато не придется обучаться тонкостям вождения полного привода.

А вот выбор механической коробки передач позволит сэкономить деньги, но добиться большей динамичности, чем у собратьев с коробкой DSG, не даст. Стоимость тестовой комплектации Trend&Fun составляет 964 790 рублей.

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