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Test drive 2018-2019 Subaru XV

Regardless of the appearance of complete sets 2018-2019 Subaru XV is equally beautiful.
New lights of complex shape, aggressive hexagonal radiator grille and the hood with original vyshtampovki became the most striking elements of the front of the vehicle.
Externally, the 2018-2019 Subaru XV, however, like all models of this brand, looks serious.
And if we see the side of the smooth shape of the car, the front and rear increasingly dominated by clean lines and square shapes.
In general, the body resembles a hatchback 2018-2019 Subaru XV large with high ground clearance.
That is the ground clearance of 220 millimeters indicates its off-road practicality and plastic kit is thought that the car is ready to conquer the terrain 2018-2019 Subaru XV certainly can not be called a full-fledged SUV, but this kit is very functional -. It protects the body from scratches, and the driver of the hassle.

Effectively look rims with brand pattern.
In general, the image of the 2018-2019 Subaru XV a holistic and in orange car looks especially bright and elegant.
The base and the top-end version of the machine significantly different interior design and equipment.
Obёdinyaet their only solid interior space, architecture and soft plastics.
The interior base crossover looks quite simply, as in the more expensive versions of mood lift light tone finish.
The main controls and the climate control unit is quite convenient to use.
At the central monochrome display shows information from the onboard computer.
For an additional fee in the car you can see the color display that shows information about the components and assemblies.

With ergonomics in the 2018-2019 Subaru XV’s all right.
Large seats though and do not have a pronounced lateral support, but it is quite comfortable.
The range of adjustment of the steering column and driver’s seat allows you to get perfect.
It is logical to see the basic version of a simple steering wheel, while the top-end configuration crossover mounted multifunction steering wheel with leather trim.
Due to the high landing in the car is very good visibility, and a small desk allow you to see everything in the corners.
Crossover 2018-2019 Subaru XV can be considered a practical car.
Shelves, cup holders, pockets, central box – all in stock.
If you want to shop transformed into a huge luggage compartment.
In standard form the trunk, which is hidden under the floor of a full-size spare tire, has a capacity of just over three hundred liters.

In the line of branded boxer Boxer powertrains includes two engines in volume of 1,6 and 2,0 liters capacity of 114 and 150 horsepower respectively. 1.6-liter engine mated to a CVT gives the car a calm balanced character.
Of course, this unit may not surprise Super Dynamic, and according to the manufacturer figures confirm this fact – more than 13 seconds is required ti 2018-2019 Subaru XV to the acceleration to the first “hundred”.
But even with such a measure of a complete outsider crossover on the road will not be.
Base 2018-2019 Subaru XV is perfectly suitable to the driver who appreciates reliable boxer engine, fuel economy and comfortable ride.
Suspension of the car soft and energy intensive.
Thanks to her, feels comfortable not only the driver but also the rear passengers.

A control system of permanent all-wheel drive, front – stand “McPherson”, rear – double wishbones, stabilizers and traditionally low center of gravity allow motorists to feel confident on any road.
Despite the soft suspension, the car does not have a buildup of body and frightening banks.
Suspension is fully cope with the irregularities of the road, and the steering is ideally isolated from unpleasant vibrations and shocks.
Even in spite of the high ground clearance, 2018-2019 Subaru XV in the corners behaves predictably.
The car responds well to steering and has a nice effort on the steering wheel, which is very useful and safe at high speeds.
In the merit of steering.
Even in the base version of the car is equipped with stability control, which helps to avoid critical situations.
In general, the behavior of the machine is no different from the usual hatchback.
Pleasantly surprised soundproofing 2018-2019 Subaru XV salon, which, in principle, is not peculiar to this class of vehicles.

Japanese automaker 2018-2019 Subaru XV has positioned as a separate independent model, and with it a new stage in the development of the legendary brand.

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