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Test-drive 2018-2019 Hyundai Genesis

I look at the new Genesis and notice it some line from BMW, something from Mercedes-Benz.
How could it all so well “srisovat” and combine?
Before me is a car that looks like a full-fledged premium sedan: intelligent, solid, dynamic.
And 2018-2019 Hyundai, heard already, probably, for the thousandth time a similar question with a firm Asian stubbornly claim that all they are doing today, is their own development.

The Koreans, as shown by their latest advances in technology – are excellent businessmen, who can see in the market the most promising solutions, and then to quickly and successfully implement their new 2018-2019 Hyundai Genesis -. It is not a fake, and the car created by prominent European engineers.
Once they have worked on models of Mercedes, plus now is serving in the Korean company.
It’s like alchemy, where gold is mined naturally not very time-consuming way out of the ground, and with clean hands in a quiet laboratory.

I pull over the driver’s door.
It’s heavy, like an armor.
No wonder, because the 2018-2019 Hyundai Genesis – a car that was almost the highest rating in the most difficult in the world NHTSA crash test.
I push the door by himself, but turns out to be not strong enough.
It does not close until the end, only one click.
But a few seconds later the door itself is pressed against the body.
But this technology for the first time I saw a 140-m Mercedes, which entered the market in 1994.
And then it was surprising.
Now I am also a little surprised because it happens to 2018-2019 Hyundai car.
Here it is, the stereotype perception.

I sit behind the wheel and somehow immediately look down on the back row.
In an amicable way, we would have to immediately squeeze the hand wheel, simultaneously looking for the engine start button.
And then, just being in the car, the first thing to think about, it’s how comfortable the couch in the background.
This is probably the effects of the first meeting with the Genesis, in which he appeared as the car in which I want to feel superior.

Again, I turn the steering wheel.
Starts with meticulous hand to knock on the door trim, dashboard.
The sound is dull, it can hear the quality.
Wooden lining, leather and substitutes, used throughout the interior, pleasant to the touch.
In the center of the dashboard under the color display in the extended width of the control console, shaped like the one in the “five» BMW.
In her four knobs – two on each side.
This overabundance of buttons and no controls.
Above in the middle of the square clock with arrows – a sign of good taste.
But still something there is not.
Yes, the interior of the 2018-2019 Hyundai lacks a unified compliance harmony or something.
Maybe the stereotype load again?

With the launch button 249-hp three-liter petrol V6.
The instrument panel comes to life, and the windshield appear red numbers projection speed readings.
I translate the selector “machine” and touch.
Slow food Parking, add a little bit more gas and car disproportionate force applied to the pedal suddenly jerks forward.
This inconvenience.
But it is probably in the settings.
We can not say that the engine has an explosive power, although in general the three-liter variant is unlikely to blush for the discrepancy premium appearance somewhere in the suburban highway.

2018-2019 Hyundai Genesis have a powerful 3.8-liter 315-hp engine.
He was noticeably livelier and more responsive, but it also lacks a intuiitivnoy due to the driver’s right foot.
A comfortable realization of engine power harm and insufficiently informative steering.
As the speed of the wheel set, as expected, heavier, but some smearing persists at the beginning of its rotation.
In general, according to its accuracy it is far from BMW.
But the work of automatic transmission timely, silent and invisible: under hard acceleration, it immediately switches to a lower gear, and on the highway to save fuel in a hurry to pick up the transmission of higher.
With this transmission, both motors in mixed mode consumes about the same amount of gasoline – 12-13 liters per hundred.

At nearly deserted winding road with asphalt is not the best quality Genesis behaves predictably: suspension to such places quite well adapted.
Instead of furious shaking here is pretty easy gentle rocking.
However, it is easy to feel in the cabin.
Ahead sure my colleague goes on the same machine.
Forages Genesis it goes up and down as if he is about to catch hold of the asphalt.
It looks scary.
Actually, the Genesis on the move reminded soft, slightly imposing Lexus ES, but are not collected “the Germans.”

I transplanted to where you can feel like the boss – in the back seat.
The back of the slope is not regulated, but is rather a comfortable angle.
Meanwhile, a colleague sitting in front, can not deal with the multimedia system.
For armrest control unit is a music system, and adjusting the seat, and I notice it all its key lock button.

And then I think about the 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris, it is easily scratched plastic interior.
Maybe here in the Genesis, everything is as it should be.
In its upper 2018-2019 Hyundai products called “affordable premium” in the model lineup.
Well, here it is!
Did you buy today a large sedan in the premium shell with an almost 250-horsepower engine of 1.859 million rubles?
Although, if it’s only beautiful wrapper premium, the options, of course.
For example, the rear-drive “five» BMW 8-speed automatic transmission and 184-horsepower engine of 1.898 million rubles.
Or all-wheel drive 204-strong Audi A6 with a 7-speed S-tronic.
And by the way, even though Koreans and say that even the initial configuration Genesis rich in listed German assembly also not poor.

Yet, perhaps, cunning in the 2018-2019 Hyundai.
As soon will bring its “affordable premium” to the mind, or rather, to full compliance with the German premium to which he remained not so much, so stop pronouncing the obscure slogan.
However, the price, of course, will raise.
Well, stereotypes will be less.

Specifications 2018-2019 Hyundai Genesis

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