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Test drive 2018-2019 Honda CR-V 2,4 x 400 “cubes” are not redundant

In life, it happens that in the morning wake up with a headache, it is very difficult to understand, little was drunk last night or many.
As the saying goes, Nedopil or drunk?
In order to determine the cause of headache, it is necessary to recall the previous evening, and then it becomes clear, as there were last 400 milliliters superfluous.
2018-2019 Honda Company has delivered to its customers as a difficult task, presenting the familiar CR-V in the Russian market, but with a more powerful engine of 2.4 liters.

Currently, the background of sales decline in the passenger car segment is growing interest in compact krososveram.
In order to attract more attention from the customers, 2018-2019 Honda expands engine iconic line CR-V models for the Russian market, which is quite a natural step.
In public court presents a new generation of models produced in the US, with an engine of 2.4 liters capacity of 190 hp
Appearance of the car has not undergone much change except for the front bumper, which lost aerodynamic skirts and received a beveled cut.
This increase Delete the entry angle up to 28 degrees.
From invisible to the eye of differences worth noting increased by 20 mm ground clearance and the course of the rear suspension is 100 mm.
All these changes have significantly improved the quality of off-road 2018-2019 Honda CR-V.
Those areas of rough terrain with which new modification cope effortlessly, steel for the familiar 2.0-liter version of the severe test.
The car touched the ground at the bottom of the movement in a rut, and hitched her skirt front bumper cover at overcoming the steep descents and ascents.
test route has been traced in such a way that there was an opportunity to test and performance in addition to off-road qualities.
Accurate feedback, not without steering than ever famous cars 2018-2019 Honda, left on top.
The feeling of complete control of the vehicle at any speed gives the driver confidence.
This helps him have already proven their best all-wheel drive system Real-time AWD, instantly responsive and virtually eliminates wheel slippage when road conditions change.
Which also contributes to dynamic stabilization system (VSA) and Adaptive Electric Power Steering (MA-EPS).
All these assistants have performed well in the wet grass when slippage is inevitable.
The timely connection of the rear axle and the required load distribution between the axles at the right time allows you to stay on the path selected by the driver.
However, for the sake of good governance had little sacrifice comfort because of tighter suspension settings, small potholes, joints and unevenness is quite palpable spine.
However, even large waves swallowed with extraordinary ease.
Banks 2018-2019 Honda CR-V 2,4 l turns insignificant.
And despite the fact that this is a crossover, it appears that the Governing sedan.
The automatic transmission and all-wheel drive were not changed and is identical to the version 2.0.
Engine power is added to 40 “horses” (190 hp), which during acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h the advantage 2.
The torque increased by 30 Nm (220 Nm) and is achieved with the same 4300 vol. / Min.
revolutions of the crankshaft.
Can realize maximum traction in a fairly wide speed range from 2,500 to about 4,700. / Min., And then there is the rate of acceleration process.
Feed for the herd of 190 horses will not hit the pocket of the owner, as
the combined cycle fuel consumption will be 8.4 liters, and gasoline with an octane rating of 92.
It has undergone changes and salon.
Like most American cars “hammer” (handbrake) transformed into pedal “nozhnika”, releasing on the central tunnel to accommodate a place for different things.
finishing materials have become a little rougher, but not diminished by this feeling of comfort.
Conveniently situated in the cabin can people of different heights on both the front and rear,
It is particularly important that the CR-V has not only spacious interior, but also a spacious luggage compartment, which amounts to an impressive 589 liters.
The main thing is that the total mass of “no baggage” did not exceed 501 kg.
Shipping belongings helps low loading height of the luggage compartment, reducing to “Troxevasin” costs.
2018-2019 Honda with an updated engine on the Russian market in four versions: Elegance, Sport, Executive and Premium.
Already in the initial configuration Elegance model is equipped with dual-zone climate control, heated front seats, electric and heated mirrors and cruise control with speed limiter.
The multimedia equipment includes a CD / MP3 -magnitolu with remote control on the steering wheel, USB -razem with support for iPod, AUX jack, rear-view camera and Bluetooth.
The price of this version starts from 1,299,000 rubles.
Also standard equipment includes eight airbags, central locking with remote control and immobilizer.
For active safety answer:
ABS and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD);
– Help system during the descent / ascent (Hill Start Assist);
– Adaptive Electric Power Steering (MA-EPS).
The complete set Sport crossover will receive an additional light sensor, steering wheel and automatic transmission lever with leather trim, fog lights, aluminum roof rails, vinyl and book Body, insulation and xenon, and more make avtostilisty professional tuning center.
The price of this version starts from 1,379,000 rubles.
The Executive modification of new CR-V is equipped with the optional leather interior, sunroof with electric drive, a subwoofer and electroresettings driver’s seat including lumbar support.
The price of this complete set starts from 1,459,000 rubles.
The Premium version crossover will get a navigation system with DVD support and the ability to monitor traffic congestion, a video and an intelligent climate control that adjusts the air conditioning in the cabin depending on the temperature in the cold.
The price of this configuration starts from 1,529,000 rubles.

The company is positioning the new 2018-2019 Honda CR-V with a motor of 2.4 liters as the off-road car.
The increased power and torque, increased ground clearance, suspension travel, of course, a good help in the fight against one of the Russian troubles.
But one can argue with that, and, as an additional 40 “horses” in terms of urban evolutions surrounded by the main Russian trouble will not be denied.

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