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Test drive 2018-2019 Ford Ranger

Consistent with the end of 2010, with the latest self-acting box which only transformation Ranger with a double cab Double Cab in the configuration Limited, koiya worth 1.2 million rubles .. However, probably taking into account bonuses, koiya composes 80 thousand. Rub.
and runs to December 31.
As if on?
In response to this test episode voprosets has not been, however, 2018-2019 Ford already taught, though because of the promotions has the same opportunity to follow different.

Besides Limited owns 2 pickup configuration easier – XL and XLT 1 and most precious – Wildtrak.
If this is supposed to Ranger tre-bedroom cabin variations.
Extremely free – Double Double Cab, which has 4 full-length doors and 5 seats.
Follow-up option – one and a half Rap Cab.
It has 2 rear door- “halves”, which are disclosed Contrary movement and free passage to another row seats.
Specifically, the data of the body 2 is currently sold in the Russian market.
3rd, single cabin Single Cab, in no way has a different number of seats, will give in 2011. As long as there was no way Single Cab, very easily accessible version with the “three-quarter” cabin worth 898,500 rubles ..

The engine at the Ranger Wotan – turbodiesel engine size of 2.5 liters and power of 143 hp
With 5-step “mechanics” pickup accelerates 100 klm / h due to the 12.5 and develops the largest 158 ​​klm / h.
Pyatidiapazonnaya ACP enhances acceleration time “weave” at 14.7, but the “maximum speed” remains constant.
Normal fuel consumption version with “automatic” increases from 9.3 at 10.4 liters per 100 km.
A drive from Ranger connected causative selector on the center console and in the “all leading” allowed to travel not more 100 klm / h.
If in fact use the downshift, the annotation forbids accelerate above 40 klm / hr.
However, more languid crossroads and did not need to.
And how on the highway?
The appeal had to give analysis, we first luminary to go according to the asphalt almost 400 klm from the capital on the Rybinsk Reservoir.

Last year, Ranger has undergone small restyling, thanks to what has become noticeably more modern look.
In general, for a utilitarian workhorse outer discharge does not as a main, but the convenience of the driver is required to exist on the sky.
Despite the rather flat seat, and even the lack of its regulation according to the sky, happy in the absence of problems.
It is a pity only, if the steering wheel is adjusted only according to an angle of heel – I would like to extract it slightly toward you.
Ergonomics is good, you need to get used to just extraordinary, “the poker” hand brake which has to stretch out in front of the control column, the truth to the Japanese wiper control method (top down).
Another chided heated seats, tucked away at the bottom left of the steering wheel, and then, if it acts immediately on the 2 chairs: if, for example, the passenger was frozen, “rouge” and need the driver.

Diesel, in spite of the expectations, on unmarried tarahtit speed does not quickly, and small ripple.
I drive selector “machine” to “On” according to the inertia and slipped further in the Wotan of the modes of transmission constraints inflated.
With grip at times purchased, rather look for a pointer to the dashboard mode.
Consistent with the comparison with the manual, according to the feelings slower car does not.
Turbodiesel aggressively accelerates the heavy truck, and “robot” echoes obscure work.
When this box is brisk enough – including in reducing the transmission breather is small.
On vospreschёnnyh speeds thrust picks rules did not take it, but if there is time, the speedometer needle slowly, but firmly overcome the mark of 160 klm / h.
In fact permissible forces speeds fairly and allowed to use the “South American” key “overdrive”, intercepting the highest transmission for overtaking.

Consistent highway, where not enough steep turns, pickup roll firmly, not paying interest on the potholes and rutting.
The driver feels quite relaxed thanks “longish” control management – from an emphasis on the steering wheel lock makes it almost 4 turns.
Truth is, this stiffness “donut” means sideways into tight corners, as soon as it accounts for almost tired.
With this in the back of the bumps unloaded strives podskaknut, though fraught with sudden skid.
However, I see it, forgotten, though probably pick, and not a sports car, and if its forepeak freight to fill, the problem is removed.

Energy intensity in the suspension stunning.
Including a large pit with sharpened edges can not create on the Ranger slightest recollection.
With this chassis roll thanks RAMS body works very quietly.
On the road shakes the bat, but felt jolts riders in the “smoothed” form.
The only thing that did not pick adores – perhaps the “wave” of road surface – at a speed of 100 klm / h and more body begins to not moos and calves, like a boat in a storm, causing passengers attacks seaworthy condition.
However, again, in fact, probably not a passenger car, and should reduce the pace significantly reduced turbulence.
In this Ranger absolutely quiet: I did not hear any engine or tires, however, and the roar of the incident light flux is especially did not care.

In the end portion thaw.
Include reduced, and forward, in the field – according muddy dirt road with big puddle-E, in which the car falls according lights.
However, probably not terrible – the deep fording composes 750 mm (not any Jeep has the ability to boast of such a sign).
Later, it was sand saves and road in the forest, where the pit with puddles take root even more significant jitter than the first.
But not for nothing pickup dubbed “Ranger” – virtually no obstacles were not prepared to suspend it, including and in spite of inappropriate road racing tires.

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