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Test drive 2018-2019 Citroen C4 sedan

Somehow, it is believed that a budget car – it certainly gets up on his toes creature with the appearance of the fish and the grace of a hippopotamus.
Yes, even with the handling of the school bus and the interior of a military truck.
In short, a machine that every trip is trying to remind you that your life is not that too failed.

And then the French offer for 580,000 rubles stylish car called the 2018-2019 Citroen C4 with a modern interior and normal handling.
What’s the catch?
Of course, for the amount you buy the aforementioned “empty” machine.
But the bucket: soft plastic, such as lifts informed decisions when opening the boot lid, futuristic steering wheel is not very round shape, allegedly concave rear window.
On such a car ride and not be ashamed!

Simple, reliable and cheap.
The harmonious silhouette, solid look of large headlights with LED “daytime” lights.
Lovely line turned up side glass, interesting vyshtampovki exterior.
He has good proportions, worked details and a lot of tsatsok.
Chrome moldings, podshtampovki tricky, swirling vortex spokes on wheels and spectacular chrome window-sill line.

What else would like – fashionable LED dimensions?
Yes please!
2018-2019 Citroen C4 Sedan – a solid, stand-alone product, and not hastily concocted hack.
It is believed that this model – only slightly modified S4L, designed initially for the Chinese market.

But this is not quite true: the Russian version at the time of the start of production in China (the end of December 2012), has already been fully prepared;
they have designed in parallel, in December of 2009.
In principle, 2018-2019 Citroen C4 sedan could start collecting in Kaluga at the same time with the Chinese, but the French took a little time out for additional finishing and location.

At the beginning of 2009 “2018-2019 Citroen” tried out quite yet raw and pre-series product – the prototype of the future sedan – to potential buyers from Russia: men and women aged around 38 years old, every second of which have children.
The car they were shown within the framework of a focus group, which took place in Moscow.
The research results surprised even the French.

As it turned out, 31 percent of respondents when choosing a new car in the first place puts its design.
But the build quality and reliability of the potential buyers are already pushed to the third place: only 16 percent of participants in focus groups have focused on this indicator, although not the most positive image of French cars.

However, the head of the marketing department of the Russian office of 2018-2019 Citroen Serge Montiel assures that the company carefully monitors not only all production processes in Kaluga, but closely monitors the quality of service from dealers throughout Russia.

But with the style of the “2018-2019 Citroen” I have always been a full order!
Even against the backdrop of major competitors like the Honda the Civic , of Opel the Astra , the Mazda3 , of Skoda the Octavia and Ford Focus, the new 2018-2019 Citroen C4 Sedan is not lost: it is larger, more solid and it does not seem to surrogate product as Peugeot 408. At C4 harmonious silhouette and complex, by no means “budget” plastic body panels.

And what kind of budget are we talking about when the French sedan, for example, in the “base” is a fully digital instrument panel and stylish “concave” rear window, both the C5 and the C6 !
This sedan 2018-2019 Citroen C4 promises to be also one of the most practical cars in its class.

Firstly, it has a huge ground clearance: 176 mm based on full-time protection of the metal casing!
It is 12 millimeters higher than that of “Octavia” and 16 millimeters higher than that of the Chevrolet the Cruze .
C4 Sedan is longer, taller and wider than most of its competitors, but thanks to the wheelbase extended by 10 centimeters (compared to the five-door hatchback), it is also the most spacious in the class.
Apart soplatformennogo Peugeot 408 , of course, grown up in size Skoda Octavia.

In favor of “off-budget” 2018-2019 Citroen C4 sedan and said a list of options available to customers: separate climate control, bi-xenon headlights, the stabilization of the system, expensive accessories and even a navigation system with a large display.

There is a purely Russian options: heated windscreen, capable of completely defrost the surface for ten minutes, heated washer nozzles, more powerful starter motor and battery, fluid tank of a washer larger volume (more than six liters!), Upgraded air ducts, lead-in hot air at the feet of the rear passengers , updated the “brains” of engines and transmissions.

Salon meets cool design and soft seats.
Heated windshield, engine start button, digital speedometer and instruments from which to choose the backlight color – from white to blue-nuclear.
And no matter what normal looks like only the white version – to have such a toy in your car cool!

Interior decoration materials in general are inexpensive, but not consumer goods.
A salon looks just great in the maximum configuration.
Kaluga assembly neat, even an amateur can not try to find flaws in manufacturing.
But to collect the car – this one, and to create a pool komponentschikov, each of which will stand the required quality – another, more complicated case.

Localization at the start of the project is 34 per cent – there almost all the punching, a significant portion of plastic, wheels, interior elements … And all this is not inferior in quality to foreign parts, even the traditionally vulnerable plastic, which in Russian is always somehow a problem.
The feeling of merit in the cabin exactly the same as in the cars of the French assembly.

Front seats, ergonomics, fit – all meticulously redrawn from the classic C4 hatchback.
The ergonomics of the driving position is good, except that chetyrehspitsevy “obschesitroenovsky” wheel tradition overloaded keys and manage the navigation system comes with the help of buttons on the center console – the screen is not touch here.

Speedometer shows speed both on an analog scale (round) and on the digital display.
engine start button is located to the left of the steering wheel.
Block microclimate and “music” is also borrowed from the hatchback C4 .
heated front seats control unit was moved to the center console, but stuck in an uncomfortable niche for selector gearbox.

But the rear seats … For ten centimeters to the wheelbase French used for rear passengers – now you can even throw a leg over the other.
Only it’s not so easy to do: the slope of the back is increased to 29 degrees, and was such a kind of landing a limousine, in which, if you do not rest on the floor legs, you can move out and in a half state.

Probably, it is convenient in a long journey, but the city is unusual, we always want to lift the back.
And it is not lifted.
The trunk is released modest in absolute terms (440 liters), but it is quite convenient in practice.
Staff rubber mat with a high flare will allow here to throw something off-wet, and two side niches will “set the motorist.”

Yes, the boot lid hinges “eat” some space, but it’s hard to imagine how you can download the most under the trunk hinges.
A trifle, but nice: the trunk illumination light is shifted in depth and diffused light illuminates the entire space.

As is known, 2018-2019 Citroen C4 sedan comes with three engine choices, all petrol, 1.6-liter.
The weakest – 115-strong TU5JP4, created on the basis of a fairly old 110-horsepower engine PSA Group.
Together with him is only a five-speed manual box.

The second level – the engine of 120 hp.
pp., from a cohort developed in alliance with the BMW.
He relies archaic four-step “automatic» AL4 / AT8, good (and a little sad) known from other models of Peugeot and 2018-2019 Citroen.
And on top of the hierarchy of the turbocharged engine, 150 hp, also with the “automatic”, but much more modern – a six-speed Aisin.

“Sitroenovtsy” acted with foresight, not to say slyly: a test provided initial and top-end configuration on power agregatam¸ and “intermediate” 120-strong reined.
Meanwhile, she is on all estimates, should form the basis of 2018-2019 Citroen C4 sedan sales.

Overclocking 115-strong car is more or less smooth, torque characteristic flattened system of change of the intake phase.
Motor high-torque was more than a “torsion”, which by the way is not very clean for feedback setting on the pedals.
The clutch has to “catch” the moment of switch spread over half pedal and it seems that this moment every time you run away from Lo priotpustil pedal is about, here it is already going to work … No.

It turns out, you need to choose a couple of centimeters of free running and running into a dramatic closure clutch and flywheel.
Equally slurred and the gas pedal, but it is forgivable: electronic ballasts, by definition, is inert.
The feeling that the valve is opened by a long rubber band stretched between it and the pedal.
Though unpleasant, but nothing can be done with it.
But what hurt more clearly adjust clutch?

But with the wheel speeds and switch everything 2018-2019 Citroen C4 sedan in order – clear, informative, as it should be.
On this machine, fortunately, did not alter electrohydraulics to drive the steering mechanism on the “pure electrics” – probably 5-10 grams of CO2 it and lost, but left the driver transparency reactions.

Who is steering with a high-quality feedback will meet infrequently.
Ten extra centimeters in the base transformed 2018-2019 Citroen C4, making it smoother and finer.
It is not only in relation to the changed track to the base, but also in the fact that the mass of the sedan positioned between the axles: hatchback tailgate hanging heavy in the rear overhang, and then the rear window is exactly above the axis.

Therefore, the controllability of the car more neutral and less pronounced tendency to slip the front wheels.
But if we let the car “plow”, then pull it out of plain harder than korotkobazny hatch, a reaction to the discharge gas is not instantaneous – are almost guaranteed to have to slow down.
One hundred and fifteen “horses” is quite enough for rapid movement.
The machine is equally interesting and actively steer, and go strictly right, squeezing out all his motor kilowatts and Newton-meters.

And how stable and smooth car goes at this rate for the Russian province of potholes!
Here there is a fantastic energy capacity of Renault of Logan , but there is something else: perfectly tuned balance between comfort, handling and recurrent reactions, which does not change with increasing speed.

This balance – the prerogative of the relatively long wheelbase cars.
If we focus on the “loganopodobnye”, the closest competitor 2018-2019 Citroen C4 sedan for the ride on bad roads will vazovskoy the Nissan Almera .
In general, Almera in the course of this test is to commemorate indecent often as ideologically close machine: it is also established on the basis of the extended hatchback and also marks leaders in its price segment.

Only segments of these different models – Almera in comparable “2018-2019 Citroen” bundling cheaper by more than 100 000 rubles.
But it is in the class, more intimate, with a weaker engine.
And to match the design and completely indecent …

In 2018-2019 Citroen C4 sedan revealed and one unpleasant feature: shock absorbers do not like the long high-load (when going fast on a bad road).
For some time they have successfully quenched parasitic oscillations, but after two or three hours damper characteristics markedly “swim”, the machine becomes more rigid.
It seems as if the compression buffers lengthened and become more rigid.
Although, of course, the case in the shock absorbers themselves: they are prohibitively early “boil”.
And after an hour “rest” suspension properties bounce back.

After 115 liters.
and “mechanics” car with “automatic” did not appear “cosmically other.”
Yes, of course, everything is faster and easier, hydro-box works wonderfully and blocks the converter as soon as possible, without going quite so early in the higher gears, as is now customary in vehicles with Euro-5.

The mechanical connection between the crankshaft and the wheels, there is almost always, and it allows you to feel confident when overtaking and other maneuvers associated with acceleration.
Predictability of response – at the highest level, even the “rubber” nature of the gas pedal becomes secondary (though not disappear altogether).

But here’s the strange thing: 35 additional “horses” appeared even slightly excessive, especially at maximum speed when the machine is no longer holding a corridor for this chassis, and power grows disproportionately during taxiing.
And, alas, the same tendency to shock fatigue ambulance …

You know, with all the love of speed, I would personally did not pay 143 thousand rubles.
150-strong version.
This machine turbo do not close ideologically, the target audience of the C4 sedan accustomed to aspirated.
So 115 liters.
“On the mechanics of” yes to a good set – that’s the “right» 2018-2019 Citroen C4 sedan.

Why not 120 liters.
If the six-speed Aisin is beautiful, the four-AT8 paired with 120-horsepower engine running, to put it mildly, not quite in unison – then tries to extract from notes of sportiness, holding the lower gears, where it’s time to move on for a long time at the top, then, on the other hand, it strikes a graceful phlegm during critical overtaking.
And I understand “sitroenovtsy” does not show this complete set C4 sedan reporters on car reviews would have turned out not so enthusiastic.

Let with decorations in the 2018-2019 Citroen C4 overdone: half the buttons on the steering wheel you click once in your life, and change the color of the instrument – no more than a toy.
But the main thing – driving characteristics – the “2018-2019 Citroen” honest, not ostentatious.
All the other stuff he can be forgiven.

In the meantime, there is a feeling that the French have turned out very interesting product that is capable of not only destroying the nerves leaders segment “C”, but also take away some buyers have blockbuster sedans class “B +” – the Hyundai the Solaris and the Kia the Rio .
Still, the size and status of the case with the 2018-2019 Citroen C4 matter.

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