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Terrain crossover 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz M-Class (W166)

Third-generation 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz M-Class (factory index W166) was officially presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in autumn . The new 2018-2019 Mercedes ML has appeared in Russia in the spring of . Our review will try to deal with the technical specifications of the crossover 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz ML (engine, gearbox, four-wheel drive 4Matic, air suspension Airmatic), to assess the dimensions of the body, the possibility of equipment wheels and tires, pick up color color SUV, sit in the lounge , look in the trunk, test drive, find out the prices and figure out the nuances of operation and fuel consumption. Our traditional helpers will be photo and video materials, analysis of numerous reviews of the owners 2018-2019 Mercedes M-class sample year.

When the change of generations German premium crossover SUV 2018-2019 Mercedes ML (W166) platform retains the previous generation model (W164), but slightly increased in size. External dimensions of the body of the new ML are: 4804 mm long, 1926 mm (with mirrors 2141 mm) in width, 1796 mm in height, 2915 mm wheelbase.

  • Clearance 2018-2019 Mercedes Benz ML – 191 mm or 202 mm at crossovers with spring suspension, in cars with air springs adjustable ride height from 180 mm to 255 mm.
  • Depending on the wishes of the vehicle owner car can be shod in tires on alloy wheels of different sizes: 235/65 R17, 255/55 R18, 255/50 R19, 265/45 R20, 265/40 R21 and even possible to install rubber 265/35 R22, 285/30 R22, 295/30 R22.

To paint finishes offer a wide color palette: nemetalliki – black and white calcite, and metallics – obsidian black, blue tanzanite, Gray tenor, iridium silver, palladium silver, pearl beige, brown citrine color value is included in the price of the car. For special metallic white diamond requires a surcharge of 53789 rubles.
We estimate the appearance of a new Mersa Emel visually. It’s no secret that the crossover is focused on the North American market and, of course, the German designers have tried to make the car a truly American – plump, with a lot of chrome elements. The front end 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz M- klasse (W166) is similar to the design of larger and more expensive the 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz the GL-klasse (x166) . Neat almond-shaped headlamps (Xenon) are located high up on the ledges of the front wings, a large grille with three horizontal crosspieces and large 2018-2019 Mercedes logo, a huge front bumper air inlets with multi-level, bright chrome inserts and stylish ribbons LED daytime running lights. Hood rises above the general architecture of the front part, giving the appearance of a solid machine haughty look.
In reviewing the body from side to witness the familiar proportions of the previous generation M-Class, but the body side is now prescribed more pronounced vyshtampovki, window-sill line became higher, and the original decision of the roof rack and rear increase the area of ​​the stern glass body gives monumentality. The rear part is a bit heavy, but at the same time solid. Huge chandeliers overall lighting go far on the sidewalls, a large tailgate with panoramic glass, powerful bumpers trimmed from the bottom and decorated with chrome insert.
We would like to point out that the body of the crossover SUV is made from high-strength and ultra high strength steels, aluminum (hood and front fenders) and parts of magnesium alloys (cross between the front uprights). The construction of the power frame (interior capsule) became tougher, with increased crumple zones designed to minimize the impact on passengers in case of accident. As standard the new ML is equipped with an active bonnet that can be lifted at a collision with a pedestrian. Also, developers have managed to reduce to 0,32 Cx drag coefficient of air flow.

Interior of the new 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz ML welcomes its five passengers with high-quality finishing materials (fabric, soft plastics and artificial leather, wood or aluminum inserts), a great number of variations. Front seats with electric drive and heating (ventilation option) convenient and comfortable, but with a lack of lateral support. Grip steering wheel with four spokes, instrument panel consisting of two dials in deep wells, only black-and-white multifunction screen seems somewhat not relevant in the premium car.
Controls are placed on mersedesovsky traditionally: the steering column on the left-hand multi-function lever (turn signals, windshield wipers, high beam), underneath cruise control knob. On the right side of the joystick of an automatic transmission. At first glance it seems that the deal with the switch is very difficult, but you know how things right and logical placed in a couple of days. Making the front dashboard and center console echoes the GL-Class.
The basic version of the top of the console crowns monochrome 11.4 cm screen audio system Audio 20 CD (CD MP3 AUX USB Bluetooth), extra charge will establish an advanced multimedia system Comand Online with 17.8 cm color screen (navigation, DVD) and Harman Kardon Logic acoustics or Bang and Olufsen Beo Sound. Below is a block dual zone climate control (optional three-zone), the console becomes a high tunnel, which is conveniently located and well configuration management goals suspension and electronic systems. Designated front in all directions with an enviable reserve driver and the passenger of a large body type will not interfere with each other. The rear row of seats can comfortably accommodate three passengers, separate back changes the angle of inclination, as additional equipment rear fares can install a multimedia system with two color screens. Legroom, over the head and width may not be a record-breaking results, but will stay comfortable without difficulty.
Impressive huge luggage compartment of the new ML. With five crew members car trunk is able to absorb 690 liters of cargo in the transformation of the back row is formed flat load platform width of 1034 mm and a length of 1700 mm to 1833 mm (depending on the position of the first row of seats), the maximum possible volume of 2010 liters.
Interior bright, comfortable and cozy, well thought-out interior pleases, a mass of tanks for storage of small items and a rich level of equipment. But, alas, the main comfort functions and systems to facilitate management of the car are available as options. And the order is what: Distronic Plus (active cruise control with the ability to stop the vehicle), Intelligent Light System (adaptive lighting system), Night Vision Plus is, the automatic parking attendant, a rearview camera, a tracking system for road signs, the state of the driver (Attention Assist ), the intersection of the center line and blind zones, Keyless-go (keyless access and engine start button), a panoramic glass roof with sliding roof and, of course, for the 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz ML accessories.

Technical characteristics of the 2018-2019 Mercedes M-class in : M-Class crossover basic equipment (W166) is equipped with permanent four-wheel drive 4Matic, its correct operation provide ESP, 4ETS, ABS and ASR. Suspension is fully independent, front double wishbone, rear multi-link circuit (arms, steering knuckles and hub of an aluminum alloy), applied electric power steering control the ZF, there is a mode Offroad, with which the driver can confidently move outside of paved roads (electronics adapts engine, automatic transmission, suspension and all-wheel drive off-road). Optionally available air suspension Airmatic and advanced package On & Offroad, which increases the maximum clearance of 285 mm with a choice of the value of clearance (Auto – standard mode, Sport, Offroad 1- sandy soil or light off-road, Offroad 2 – heavy off-road, snow mode, towing mode), also provides complete 100% cross-axle locking differential, hill-climbing gear. All engines are paired with an automatic transmission – automatic 7G-Tronic Plus and can be equipped with ECO start-stop system. For the version of the ML 63 AMG special automatic AMG Speedshift Plus 7G-Tronic.
In Russia, the 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz ML is available with one diesel and three petrol engines.

  • Diesel V6 ML 350 CDI 4Matic (258 hp) accelerates the car weighing 2175 kg to 100 kmh in 7.4 seconds, top speed of 224 mph, fuel consumption in the combined cycle, according to the manufacturer will be 6.8-7.4 liters. The analysis reviews the owners says the real fuel consumption in a city at the level of 11.5-12 liters, and mixed-mode 8.5-9.5 liters.

Petrol engines

  • V6 ML 350 4Matic (306 hp) provide a dynamic vehicle weighing 2130 kg to the first hundred in 7.6 seconds at a top speed of 235 mph. Passport fuel consumption of 7.4 liters on the highway to 11.3 liters in the city, in the real world engine consumes 13-14 liters of mixed mode, and the flow rate may rise up to 15-16 liters in city driving conditions.
  • V8 ML 500 4Matic (408 hp) shoots crossover weight from 2130 kg up to a hundred in 5.6 seconds, acceleration will slow down when it reaches a maximum value of 250 mph. Based on the reviews of owners can conclude that the actual engine consumes 12-13 liters on the highway and in urban conditions not less than 17-18 liters of gasoline.
  • 5.5-liter V8 Biturbo ML 63 AMG (525 hp) AMG catapulting the car from up to 100 mph in 4.8 seconds, top speed is electronically limited to 250 mph, you can remove the stopper and then the maximum speed is 280 mph. Factory fuel consumption from 9.6 liters on the highway to 15.7 liters in the city, under real operating conditions translate into an average fuel consumption, rarely drop below 17 liters in the city can be more than 22 liters.

Test drive 2018-2019 Mercedes M-class in : the new Emel ride calm and measured simply not possible, even the power of the diesel engine with an excess, a fast and automatic switches up willingly, suspension settings – sport pronounced. Weighing more than 2 tonnes of Crossover obedient and adequate – drive, speed and adrenaline in the blood gives new ML. The most interesting thing is that in spite of the correct and stable behavior on the roads paved Merce has not lost its off-road potential, though, and lost the rear differential lock. Of course, to storm the roads to better crossover with air suspension and a package On & Offroad.
According to statistics, only 1% of the owners of 2018-2019 Mercedes Benz M-Class are ready to drive your beautiful and expensive car in the impassable mud, where thoroughbred 2018-2019 Mercedes will climb and go ahead until at least one wheel is able to find adequate support. Feel free to You can also force a crossing depth up to 60 cm. M-Class is certainly not Gelandewagen , but for the remaining 99% of the owners of off-road vehicle capacity will be enough with a vengeance.
A few words I want to say about the typical 2018-2019 Mercedes recent years typical breakdowns: the main challenges will bring elements of the air suspension, electronic automatic transmission control unit, engine sensors and electrical equipment. Given these possible shortcomings and faults, we can assume how much cost to buy spare parts, diagnose and repair a 2018-2019 Mercedes M-class. It is clear that a lot of money also spill over servicing and tuning of the ML, who usually spends Motor (authorized dealers).

I wonder how much is the new ML? Cost, for which you can buy a third-generation 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz ML in in Russia will start from 2.89 million rubles for gasoline ML 350 4Matic. Sale of diesel ML 350 CDI 4Matic – price of 2.99 million rubles. Quick 2018-2019 Mercedes M 500 4Matic estimated minimum of 3.89 million rubles, and the ML 63 AMG a hurricane devastate a purse at 5.22 million rubles.

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