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SUV Land Rover Freelander 2018-2019

The supreme achievement of car design is restyled, after which the appearance of the car changed, and it has remained the same recognition.
British engineers Refreshing 2018-2019 SUV Land Rover Freelander, seems to have achieved it.
The car got larger exterior mirrors, grille and new bumpers.
Updates, seemingly insignificant, but it was enough that he would have rejuvenated and become more like a luxury SUV in the lineup Land Rover.

The fastest way to distinguish the updated Freelander from its predecessor can be by looking at the logo.
Recently, the company name is not written with golden letters, as before, and silver.
But the interior has been updated only slightly, its design has remained virtually unchanged.
Although the salon to rejuvenate, frankly, it would not be amiss.
First and foremost, this relates to a color display, instead of the previous monochrome.

In the car, which cost about half a million rubles, they seem somewhat out of place.
After restyling power base 2.2-liter engine SUV Land Rover Freelander 2018-2019, not risen, and even did not remain the same, it has dropped from 160 to 150 hp
However, the engine torque is increased slightly.
Therefore slowdown in the dynamics have arisen, for the same reason accelerated Freelander is not worse than its predecessor.

In the bustle of the city and well proven automatic 6-speed gearbox.
Due to the reduction of internal friction and updated electronic brain to disperse it shifts gears faster and smoother than ever before.
And in country conditions, it works perfectly, without switching unnecessarily to and fro.
Land Rover cars have gained fame because of its first-class all-terrain qualities, even the little Freelander off-road transcend.
It can be safely move down the road.

There, where most of the competitors would not even dare to turn up, this compact car, thanks to a decent ground clearance and the course of a long suspension, feels quite well.
Good handling and smooth ride make Freelander like rather soundly on a passenger car than a bulky all-terrain vehicle.

The company Land Rover – once again recalled that the issue of the Land Rover off-road vehicles, with her, few people can argue, however, as to the price increases on the restyled vehicles.

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